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Mercury - Label Discography

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  USA  4011
  UK  1904
  Netherlands  977
  Australia  923
  Germany  629
  Canada  520
  New Zealand  375
  France  264
  Sweden  193
  Ireland  127
  Japan  124
  Spain  108
  Norway  101
  Italy  85
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Billy Eckstine

A: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
B: If I Can Help Somebody
Mercury UK7MT 191Jan 19587"0 
Jimmy Edwards [USA]

A: Love Bug Crawl
B: Honey' Lovin'
Mercury UK7MT 193Jan 19587"310.0
Rusty Draper

A: Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
B: I Get The Blues When It Rains
Mercury UK7MT 194Jan 1958Unreleased2 
The Diamonds

A: The Stroll
B: Land Of Beauty
Mercury UK7MT 195Jan 19587"210.0
The Sheppard Sisters

A: Gettin' Ready For Freddy
B: The Best Thing There Is (Is Love)
Mercury UK7MT 196Feb 19587"0 
The Platters

A: Helpless
B: Indiff'rent
Mercury UK7MT 197Feb 19587"1 
Sarah Vaughan

A: My Darling, My Darling
B: Bewitched
Mercury UK7MT 198Feb 19587"0 
Del Vikings

A: Can't Wait
B: The Voodoo Man
Mercury UK7MT 199Feb 19587"2 
Patti Page

A: Bring Us Together
B: Belonging To Someone
Mercury UK7MT 200Feb 19587"0 
The Diamonds

A: Kathy-O
B: Where Mary Go
Mercury UK7MT 201Feb 1958Unreleased0 

A: The Last Drag
B: Wishing For Your Love
Mercury UK7MT 202Mar 19587"18.0
Miyoshi Umeki

A: Sayonara
B: On And On
Mercury UK7MT 203Mar 19587"0 
Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra

A: Tequila
B: Pop Corn
Mercury UK7MT 204Mar 19587"0 
Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra

A: Shish-Kebab
B: Tricky
Mercury UK7MT 158Apr 19587"2 
The Platters

A: Don't Let Go
B: Are You Sincere
Mercury UK7MT 205Apr 19587"0 
Patti Page

A: These Worldly Wonders
B: Another Time, Another Place
Mercury UK7MT 206Apr 19587"0 
The Diamonds

A: Straight Skirts
B: Patsy
Mercury UK7MT 208May 19587"25.0
Beverley Blair

A: With Love We Live
B: Tony
Mercury UK7MT 209May 19587"28.0
Georgia Gibbs

A: Arrivederci Roma
B: 24 Hours A Day
Mercury UK7MT 210May 19587"0 
Rusty Draper

A: Gamblin' Gal
B: That's My Doll
Mercury UK7MT 211May 19587"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Padre
B: Spin Little Bottle
Mercury UK7MT 212May 19587"0 
Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra

A: Night Stroll
B: Trombone Blues
Mercury UK7MT 213May 19587"0 
The Platters

A: Twilight Time
B: Out Of My Mind
Mercury UK7MT 214May 19587"710.0
The Voxpoppers

The Voxpoppers

A1: Wishing For Your Love
A2: The Last Drag
B1: Stroll Roll
B2: Guitar Stroll
Mercury UKMEP 9533May 1958EP0 
Chuck Miller

A: Ma Head's In De Barrel
B: The Auctioneer
Mercury UK7MT 153Jun 19587"1 
Chuck Miller

A: Down The Road A-Piece
B: Mad About Her Blues
Mercury UK7MT 215Jun 19587"0 
David Carroll And His Orchestra

A: Do You Ever Think Of Me
B: Ducky
Mercury UK7MT 216Jun 19587"0 
Glen Paul

A: Lifetime
B: Running Late
Mercury UK7MT 217Jun 19587"0 
The Sheppard Sisters

A: Eating Pizza
B: A Boy And A Girl
Mercury UK7MT 218Jun 19587"0 
Sil Austin

A: Rainstorm
B: Don't You Just Know It
Mercury UK7MT 220Jun 19587"0 
Eddie Layton

A: Bright Lights Of Brussels
B: Over The Waves
Mercury UK7MT 221Jun 19587"2 
Patti Page

A: Left Right Out Of Your Heart
B: Longing To Hold You Again
Mercury UK7MT 223Jun 19587"0 
Sil Austin

A: Hey, Eula
B: The Last Time
Mercury UK7MT 225Jun 19587"0 
Bill Clifton And The Dixie Mountain Boys

A1: Mary Dear
A2: Lonely Heart Blues
B1: Little White Washed Chimney
B2: Pal Of Yesterday
Mercury UKMEP 9546Jun 1958EP9 
The Diamonds

A: High Sign
B: Don't Let Me Down
Mercury UK7MT 207Jul 19587"0 
Sarah Vaughan

A: Too Much, Too Soon
B: What's So Bad About It
Mercury UK7MT 222Jul 19587"0 
Lou Stein

A: Got A Match
B: Who Slammed The Door
Mercury UK7MT 226Jul 19587"0 
The Platters

A: You're Making A Mistake
B: My Old Flame
Mercury UK7MT 227Jul 19587"0 
Frank D'Rone

A: Little Pixie
B: Our Summer Love
Mercury UK7MT 228Jul 19587"0 
Rusty Draper

A: June, July And August
B: Chicken-Pickin' Hawk
Mercury UK7MT 229Jul 19587"0 
Gino And Gina

A: Pretty Baby
B: Love's A Carousel
Mercury UK7MT 230Jul 19587"0 
Sarah Vaughan And Billy Eckstine

Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan Sing The Best Of Irving Berlin

A1: Alexander's Ragtime Band
A2: Isn't This A Lovely Day
B1: Remember
B2: Now It Can Be Told
Mercury UKMEP 9535Jul 1958EP0 
Sarah Vaughan And Billy Eckstine

Billy Eckstein And Sarah Vaughan Sing The Best Of Irving Berlin Vol.2.

A1: I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
A2: You're Just In Love (I Wonder Why)
B1: All Of My Life
B2: Cheek To Cheek
Mercury UKMEP 9536Jul 1958EP0 
The Danleers

A: One Summer Night
B: Wheelin' And A-Dealin'
Mercury UKMT 231Jul 1958Unreleased0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Vertigo
B: In The Rain
Mercury UK7MT 224Aug 19587"0 
Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra

A: Cha-Hua-Hua
B: Torero
Mercury UK7MT 232Aug 19587"0 
Eddie Heywood

A: Soft Summer Breeze
B: Heywood's Bounce
Mercury UK7MT 131Sep 19587"0 
The Diamonds

A: Where Mary Go
B: Kathy-O
Mercury UK7MT 233Sep 19587"1 
Muir Mathieson

A: Vertigo Prelude
B: Love Music
Mercury UK7MT 234Sep 19587"1 
Patti Page

A: Fibbin'
B: You Will Find Your Love (In Paris)
Mercury UKAMT 1000Oct 19587"2 

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