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Metromedia - Label Discography

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  USA  187
  Canada  14
  New Zealand  9
  Germany  8
  Australia  6
  Italy  2
  Jamaica  2
  France  1
  Rhodesia  1
  Spain  1
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Pastrami Malted

A: Wiwwian Wevy
B: Hello, Boston!
Metromedia USAMM-101Feb 19697"39.0
The Swamp People

A: The Swamp
B: Okafonokee
Metromedia USAMM-102Feb 19697"0 
Sunny Daze

A: Hawk
B: Work It Out
Metromedia USAMM-103Feb 19697"0 
Manny Kellem, His Orchestra And Voices

A: Jubilee Joe
B: Red, White And Maddox
Metromedia USAMM-104Feb 19697"1 
Cartoon Candy Carnival

A: Everything Is Mickey Mouse
B: Mickey Mouse Concerto In B Flat
Metromedia USAMM-105Feb 19697"1 
Herb Bernstein's New Crusade

A: Delilah (Inst.)
B: Land Of 1000 Dances (Inst.)
Metromedia USAMM-106Mar 19697"0 
Herb Bernstein's New Crusade

A: Bang Bang / If You Go Away
B: While You Were Out (Inst.)
Metromedia USAMM-107Mar 19697"0 

A: The Face On The Cutting Room Floor
B: Hieronymus Bosch
Metromedia USAMM-108Mar 19697"0 
The Three Degrees

A: Down In The Boondocks
B: Warm Weather Music
Metromedia USAMM-109Mar 19697"0 
The Velvet Night

A: Velvet Night
B: I'm Sure He'll Come Most Anytime
Metromedia USAMM-110Apr 19697"0 
Jessie Lee Ferguson And The Outer Limits

A: New Shoes
B: Puttin' It On, Puttin' It Off
Metromedia USAMM-111Apr 19697"1 
Edna Lee

A: Full House
B: Mama's Gonna Take Away Your Toy
Metromedia USAMM-112Apr 19697"0 
The Burris Young'Uns

A: Funny Papers From Bubblegum
B: Walk Along, Fall Down
Metromedia USAMMS-113Apr 19697"3 
Betty Jean Robinson

A: Lonely Figure
B: Blue Little Girl
Metromedia USAMMS-114Apr 19697"0 
Jamie Kaye

A: Sunshine Of Your Smile
B: I Don't Wanna Live
Metromedia USAMM-115May 19697"0 
The Experts

A: You're Bein' Brainwashed Baby
B: Wake Me When It's Over
Metromedia USAMM-116May 19697"1 
The Winstons

A: Color Him Father
B: Amen, Brother
Metromedia USAMMS-117May 19697"39.5
Lester Lanin And His Orchestra

A: Aquarius (Inst.)
B: Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet (Inst.)
Metromedia USAMMS-118Apr 19697"0 
Clay Hart

A: Spring
B: Child Of The Wind
Metromedia USAMMS-119May 19697"0 
The Carolyn Hester Coalition

A: Big City Streets
B: Magic, Man
Metromedia USAMM-120May 19697"0 
Bobby Sherman

A: Little Woman
B: One Too Many Mornings
Metromedia USAMMS-121May 19697"1 
Bobby Sherman

A: Little Woman
B: Love
Metromedia USAMMS-121May 19697"5 
Bambi McCormick

A: Come Back And Shake Me
B: Why Can't I Walk Away
Metromedia USAMM-123Jun 19697"0 
Gene Crawford

A: If You Were Never Here
B: Double Life
Metromedia USAMM-124Jun 19697"1 
The Good Ship Lollipop [US]

A: Girl On The Subway
B: Love Any Way You Want It
Metromedia USAMM-125Jun 19697"2 
Terrell And Dahrouge

A: Baby Now There's Two Of You
B: I'm Happy Making You Happy
Metromedia USAMM-126Jun 19697"0 
Herb Bernstein's New Crusade

A: Ode To Wes
B: Infinity Blue
Metromedia USAMM-127Jun 19697"0 
The Three Degrees

A: The Feeling Of Love
B: Warm Weather Music
Metromedia USAMM-128Jul 19697"1 
Jimmie Peters

A: West Coast Medicine Man
B: Sweethearts Everywhere
Metromedia USAMM-129Jul 19697"0 
The Mystics [Minneapolis]

A: Pain
B: But It's Alright
Metromedia USAMMS-130Jul 19697"0 
The Summer Winds

A: Another Time
B: High Horse
Metromedia USAMM 131Aug 19697"0 
The Stephen Crane Village

A: Hey Summer
B: (Let's Find A) Tropical Island
Metromedia USAMM-132Jul 19697"27.0
Wayne Fontana

A: Say Goodbye To Yesterday
B: Dayton, Ohio
Metromedia USAMMS-133Jul 19697"0 
Marc Copage

A: Popi
B: The Thank You Song
Metromedia USAMMS-134Aug 19697"010.0
Lester Lanin And His Orchestra

A: Dizzy (Inst.)
B: Ob La Di, Ob La Da (Inst.)
Metromedia USAMMS-135Aug 19697"0 
Durwood Haddock

A: When The Swelling Goes Down
B: California Hillbilly Bar
Metromedia USAMM-136Aug 19697"1 
Edna Lee

A: Men
B: Misery
Metromedia USAMM-137Aug 19697"0 
Gary And The New Travelers

A: Give A Damn
B: We Can Fly / Up Up And Away
Metromedia USAMM-138Aug 19697"0 
James Allen

A: Love Is
B: An Old Love Affair, Now Showing
Metromedia USAMM-139Aug 19697"1 
Clay Hart

A: Another Day, Another Mile, Another Highway
B: Penny
Metromedia USAMM-140Aug 19697"0 
The Golddiggers

A: It's Fun To Be Young
B: I Wanna Be Loved
Metromedia USAMMS-141Sep 19697"0 
The Winstons

A: Love Of The Common People
B: Wheel Of Fortune
Metromedia USAMMS-142Sep 19697"08.0
Alex Harvey

A: Louisiana River Rat
B: King Of Oak Street
Metromedia USAMM-143Sep 19697"0 
The McCormick Brothers

A: Bad Moon Rising
B: Jubilee Joe
Metromedia USAMM-144Oct 19697"0 
Chill Wills

A: Daddy's Girl
B: Broad Daylight
Metromedia USAMMS-146Oct 19697"0 
Jamie Kaye

A: Both Sides Of The Line
B: I Cry Inside
Metromedia USAMM-147Oct 19697"0 
Billy Carman

A: Dark Side Of Loving You
B: Morning Glory
Metromedia USAMM-148Oct 19697"0 
Kaye Hart

A: Hand Me Downs
B: I'll Catch The Sun
Metromedia USAMM-149Nov 19697"0 
Bobby Sherman

A: La La La (If I Had You)
B: Time
Metromedia USAMMS-150Nov 19697"1 
The Winstons

A: The Greatest Love
B: Birds Of A Feather
Metromedia USAMMS-151Nov 19697"0 

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