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Metronome - Label Discography

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  Sweden  374
  Denmark  343
  Norway  33
  Netherlands  22
  Finland  7
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  UK  2
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Boolsen Kvartetten

A1: Bamses Fødselsdag
A2: Sejle Op Ad åen
B1: Ole Lukøje
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10001953EP1 
Boolsen Kvartetten

Boolsen Kvartetten Vol. 2

A1: Skuld' Gammel Venskab Rejn Forgo
A2: Jeg Elsker Den Gamle, Den Vaklende Rønne
B1: In einem kühlen grunde
B2: Sandmännchen
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10021953EP0 
Osvald Helmuth

A: Nu Er Det Vår
B: Familieportrætter
Metronome DenmarkMEP 100619547"0 
Jørgen Ingmann - Birthe Buch

A1: Kære John
A2: Indiana
B1: Oh
B2: Bella Musica
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10071954EP0 
Boolsen Kvartetten

Boolsen Kvartetten Volume 4

A1: Skamlingsbanken
A2: Skriv Til Mor
B1: En Stille Bøn
B2: Hvert Et Venligt Ord
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10081954EP0 
Blue Boys

A1: Giv mig dit hjerte
A2: Den Tomme Stald
B1: Den rigeste i verden
B2: Ricochet
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10091954EP0 
The Okey Dokies

"Dagens Melodier" Vol. 2

A1: Marinus
A2: Vær Sød Mod Mig
B1: Hvis Du Elsker Mig Højt
B2: Skind Og Ben
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10101954EP0 
Jørgen Ingmann - Birthe Buch

"Dagens Melodier" Vol. 4

A1: Hvem Er Løbet Med Bryllupsklokken
A2: Manden Med Banjoen
B1: American Patrol
B2: Når Vi To Bli'r Eet
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10111954EP0 
Jørgen Ingmann

A1: Twilight Time
A2: Blue Moon
B1: Old Moon
B2: Moonlight Cocktail
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10201955EP0 
Harry Felbert Sextet

A1: Im Tiefen Keller
A2: The Wedding Of The Painted Doll
B1: Die Mühle Im Schwarzwald
B2: Nola
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10211955EP0 
Jørgen Ingmann - Birthe Buch

"Dagens Melodier" Vol 5

A1: Her I Vores Hus
A2: Et Brev Med Tre Kærlige Ord
B1: Den Lille Skomager
B2: Rosen Fra Milano
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10221955EP0 
Frank Barcley

Evergreens Of 50 Years, Vol 1, 1905-1915

A1: Medley
A2: Medley
B1: Medley
B2: Medley
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10231955EP0 
Frank Barcley

Evergreens Of 50 Years 2 1915-1925

A: Medley
B: Medley
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10241955EP0 
Frank Barcley

Evergreens Of 50 Years 3 1925-1935

A: Medley
B: Medley
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10251955EP0 
Frank Barcley

Evergreens Of 50 Years Vol. 4, 1935-1945

A: Medley
B: Medley
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10261955EP0 
Frank Barcley

Evergreens Of 50 Years 5 1945-1955

A: Medley
B: Medley
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10271955EP0 
Orchester Der Wiener Staatsoper

Konzert Für Trompete Und Orchester, Es-Dur (1796)

A1: Allegro
B1: Andante
B2: Spiritoso
Metronome DenmarkMCEP 30381956EP1 
Frank Barcley

Dancing With Fred Astaire, Vol. 2

A1: Medley
A2: Medley
B1: Medley
B2: Medley
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10381956EP2 
Al Stefano And His Latin-American Orchestra

A1: Tico-Tico
A2: Vision De Venus
B1: Jai-Jai-Jai
B2: El Aguacero
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10521956EP0 
Chris Barber's Jazz Band

Chris Barber Plays The Music Of Clarence And Spencer Williams Vol. 2

A1: You Don't Understand
A2: Tishomingo Blues
B1: Wild Cat Blues
B2: Ugly Child
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10621956EP010.0
Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Ottilie Patterson

Echoes Of Harlem Vol. 3

A1: Magnolia's Wedding Day
A2: Dixie Cinderella
B1: New St. Louis Blues
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10651956EP0 
Frank Holder

A1: Watermelon
A2: He Like It, She Like It
B1: Ugly Woman
B2: Murder In The Market
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10791956EP0 
Frank Holder

Calypso Time - Vol. 2

A1: Tomato
A2: Kitch
B1: Rum And Coca Cola
B2: Victory Test March
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10801956EP0 
Josh White

A1: Oh Lula
A2: St. Louis Blues
B1: I Know How To Do It
B2: Good Morning Blues
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10811956EP0 
Lonnie Donegan´s Skiffle Group

Backstairs Session

A1: Midnight Special
A2: New Burying Ground
B1: It Takes A Worried Man
B2: When The Sun Goes Down
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10861956EP1 
Al Stefano And His Latin-American Orchestra

A1: Ana La Polacca
A2: Bei dir war es immer so schön
B1: Lecuona Melodies
B2: Anema E Core
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10891956EP0 
Johnny Parker's Washboard Band

Barrel House

A1: Canine Stomp
A2: Number 69
B1: The Fox's Tail
B2: Up There
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10921956EP0 
Fernando Trio

A: So Klingt's Am Rhein
B: So Klingt's Am Rhein
Metronome DenmarkMEP 109419567"0 
Mahalia Jackson

A1: Silent Night
A2: The Last Mile Of The Way
B1: The Lord's Prayer
B2: Go Tell It On The Mountain
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10981956EP0 
Mahalia Jackson

A1: In The Upper Room
B1: Walking To Jerusalem
B2: What Then
Metronome DenmarkMEP 10991956EP0 
The Flying Saucers

Rock 'n' Roll

A1: Rockin' The Blues
A2: Square Dance Rock
B1: Rock 'n' Roll Boogie
B2: Jalousi
Metronome DenmarkMEP 11001956EP0 
Joseph Haffner

A1: Tölzer Schützenmarsch
A2: Egerländer Polka
B1: An Den Schönen Grünen Isar
B2: Der Weg zum Herzen
Metronome DenmarkMEP 11071956EP0 
Frank Barcley


A1: Lullaby Of Birdland
A2: Smile
B1: Somethings Gotta Give
B2: Lullaby Of The Leaves
Metronome DenmarkMEP 11181956EP0 
Chris Barber's Skiffle Group

A1: Can't You Line 'em
A2: Doin My Time
B1: Where Could I Go ?
B2: Gipsy Davy
Metronome DenmarkMEP 11251956EP23.0
Chris Barber's Jazz Band

Chris Barber Plays Vol.4

A1: Sweet Georgia Brown
A2: Petite Fleur
B1: Bugle Call Rag
Metronome DenmarkMEP 11271956EP2 
Lonnie Donegan

Backstairs Session

A1: Midnight Special
A2: When The Sun Goes Down
B1: New Burying Ground
B2: Worried Man Blues
Metronome DenmarkMEP 1086Nov 1956EP0 
Lonnie Donegan And His Skiffle Group

Skiffle Session

A1: Railroad Bill
A2: Stackalee
B1: The Ballad Of Jesse James
B2: Ol' Riley
Metronome DenmarkMEP 1087Nov 1956EP0 
Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann

A: Slentre Gennem Regn
B: Kun En Drømmer
Metronome DenmarkB 45-114619577"0 
Birthe Buch

A: Med Musik Går Det Hele Meget Bedre
B: Kom Hjem I Mine Arme
Metronome DenmarkB 45-115319577"0 
Birthe Buch

A: Mr. Wonderful
B: Jorden rundt
Metronome DenmarkB 45-116219577"0 
Mahalia Jackson

A: Silent Night
B: The Lord's Prayer
Metronome DenmarkB 45-116519577"0 
Chris Barber's Jazz Band

A: High Society
B: Brownskin Mama
Metronome DenmarkB 45-116819577"0 
Petula Clark

A: Alone
B: To You My Love
Metronome DenmarkB 45-117019577"0 
Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann

A1: Slentre Gennem Regn
A2: Kun En Drømmer
B1: Avant De Mourir (Livets Sang)
B2: Jitterbug-Vals
Metronome DenmarkMEP 11161957EP0 
The Lord Invader

Kings Of Calypso - Vol.2

A1: You Don't Need Glasses To See
A2: I'm Going Back To Africa
B1: Me One Alone
B2: New York Subway
Metronome DenmarkMEP 11331957EP0 
The Magnolia Jazz Band

Jazz Salon Dortmund 1957

A1: Sugar
A2: When You And I Were Young, Maggie
B1: Chinatown
B2: Rose Of The Rio Grande
Metronome DenmarkMEP 11371957EP0 
Nicholas Brothers

Calypso-Time With Nicholas Brothers

A1: The Foggy, Foggy Dew
A2: Johnny Gone
B1: Hey Liley, Liley, Lo
B2: One Meat Ball
Metronome DenmarkMEP 11401957EP0 
Nina And Frederik

A1: Day-O
A2: Come Back, Liza
B1: Man Smart, Woman Smarter
B2: Jamaican Farewell
Metronome DenmarkMEP 11461957EP08.0
Nina And Frederik

Nina & Frederik - Vol. 2

A1: Eden Was Just Like This
A2: When Woman Say No She Mean Yes
B1: Happy Days
B2: Maladie D'Amour
Metronome DenmarkMEP 11481957EP4 
Nina And Frederik

Nina And Frederik - Vol. 3

A1: Mango Vendor
A2: Limbo
B1: Hold 'Im Joe
B2: Choucounne
Metronome DenmarkMEP 11491957EP1 

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