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MGM - Label Discography

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  USA  2363
  UK  946
  Australia  316
  Germany  273
  Canada  265
  New Zealand  240
  Japan  158
  France  136
  Netherlands  128
  Italy  127
  South Africa  91
  Norway  78
  Spain  75
  Philippines  70
  Denmark  61
  India  58
  Ireland  55
  Mexico  55
  Belgium  42
  Sweden  40
  Greece  39
  Chile  30
  Finland  27
  Brazil  22
  Peru  22
  Argentina  20
  Costa Rica  17
  Hong Kong  16
  Rhodesia  16
  Venezuela  11
  Israel  9
  Portugal  7
  Switzerland  5
  Bootleg  4
  Colombia  4
  Austria  3
  Malaysia  3
  Uruguay  2
  Yugoslavia  2
  Jamaica  1
  Lebanon  1
  Pakistan  1
  Singapore  1
  Thailand  1
  Turkey  1
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Connie Francis

A: Valentino

Conny Francis

B: It Would Be Worth It
MGM Belgium45-MGM 106019607"1 
Connie Francis

A: Jamais (Your Love)
B: Lili Marlene
MGM BelgiumMGM-SPF 109219617"8 
Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs

A: Ju Ju Hand
B: Haunted House
MGM Belgium6151519657"0 
Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs

A: Juimonos (Let's Went)
B: Sorry 'Bout That
MGM Belgium6151619657"5 
Barry Ryan

A: Eloïse
B: Love I Almost Found You
MGM Belgium61 20719687"0 
Barry Ryan With The Majority

A: Love Is Love
B: I'll Be On My Way, Dear
MGM Belgium61 21119697"0 
Barry Ryan With The Majority

A: Love Is Love
B: I'll Be On My Way, Dear
MGM Belgium61 21119697"0 
The Osmonds

A: Down By The Lazy River
B: He's The Light Of The World
MGM Belgium2006 09619727"1 
Donny Osmond

A: Puppy Love
B: Let My People Go
MGM Belgium2006 10419727"16.0
Jimmy Osmond

A: Long Haired Lover From Liverpool
B: Mother Of Mine
MGM Belgium2006 10919727"15.0
Donny Osmond

A: Too Young
B: Love Me
MGM Belgium2006 11319727"0 
The Osmonds

A: Crazy Horses
B: That's My Girl
MGM Belgium2006 14219727"0 
Connie Francis

A: Jamais
B: Lily Marlene
MGM Belgium2006 170Dec 19727"0 
Donny Osmond

A: The Twelfth Of Never
B: Life Is Just What You Make It
MGM Belgium2006 19919737"0 
The Osmonds

A: Goin' Home
B: Are You Up There?
MGM Belgium2006 28819737"18.0
Donny Osmond

A: A Million To One
B: Young Love
MGM Belgium2006 30019737"16.0
Marie Osmond

A: Paper Roses
B: Least Of All You
MGM Belgium2006 31519737"0 

A: One Way Ticket To Anywhere
B: Let Me In
MGM Belgium2006 32119737"17.0
The Osmonds

A: Movie Man
B: Traffic In My Mind
MGM Belgium2006 35719737"4 
The Osmonds

A: Hold Her Tight
B: Movie Man
MGM Belgium2006 43819737"1 
Little Jimmy Osmond

A: Tweedlee Dee
B: Mama'd Know What To Do
MGM Belgium2006 175Mar 19737"1 
Johnny Bristol

A: Hang On In There Baby
B: Take Care Of You For Me
MGM Belgium2006 44319747"0 
The Osmonds

A: Love Me For A Reason
B: Fever
MGM Belgium2006 45819747"18.0
Gloria Gaynor

A: Never Can Say Goodbye
B: We Just Can't Make It
MGM Belgium2006 46319747"0 
Johnny Bristol

Discotheque Special 6

A: You And I
B: Memories Don't Leave Like People Do
MGM Belgium2006 47719747"0 
Donny And Marie Osmond

A: I'm Leaving It (All) Up To You
B: The Umbrella Song
MGM Belgium2006 446Jul 19747"1 
Donny And Marie Osmond

A: Morning Side Of The Mountain
B: One Of These Days
MGM Belgium2006 474Nov 19747"0 
The Osmonds

A: The Proud One
B: The Last Day Is Coming
MGM Belgium2006 52019757"0 
Gloria Gaynor

A: How High The Moon
B: My Man's Gone
MGM Belgium2006 55819757"0 
Connie Francis

A: Many Tears Ago
B: Senza Mamma (With No One)
MGM Belgium45-MGM 11117"0 
Connie Francis

A: Jamais (Your Love)
B: Lily Marlene
MGM Belgium61 5017"0 
Connie Francis

A: Second Hand Love
B: Gonna Git That Man
MGM Belgium61 5027"0 
Connie Francis

A: Danke Schön
B: Oh Oui, J'En Ai Rêvê
MGM Belgium61 7027"0 
Connie Francis

A: Tango Della Gelosia
B: Capatosta Sweet
MGM Belgium61 7057"0 
Connie Francis

A: Chitarra Romana
B: Aiutami A Piangere
MGM BelgiumMGM HK 50727"1 
Connie Francis

A: Eine Insel Fur Zwei
B: Das Ist Zuviel
MGM BelgiumMGM SBP 30017"0 
Connie Francis

A: Dont Break The Heart That Loves You
B: Drop It Joe
MGM BelgiumMGM-SBP 30037"0 
Connie Francis

A: Where The Boys Are
B: No One
MGM BelgiumMGM-SPF 10797"0 
Connie Francis

A: Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart
B: Someone Else's Boy
MGM BelgiumMGM-SPF 10877"0 
Connie Francis

A: Hollywood
B: (He's My) Dreamboat
MGM BelgiumMGM-SPF 10917"0 
Connie Francis

A: You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You
B: Dat's Love
MGM BelgiumMGM-SPF 10957"0 
Connie Francis

A: High Noon
B: Moonglow And Picnic
MGM BelgiumMGM-SPF 10967"1 

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