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Minit - Label Discography

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Originally owned and operated by Jack Banashak in New Orleans (600 series). Later revived as a subsidiary of Liberty with offices in Los Angeles (32000 series].
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600 Series
Boogie Jake

A: Bad Luck And Trouble
B: Early Morning Blues
Minit USAMR-60119597"0 
Nolan Pitts

A: What Is Life
B: Middle Of The Night
Minit USA603Oct 19597"0 

A: Make You Love Me
B: There's A Will There's A Way
Minit USA604Dec 19597"1 
Doyle Templet And The Starlighters

A: Betty Jane
B: Is It Really Love
Minit USA605Jan 19607"0 
Benny Spellman

A: Life Is Too Short
B: Ammerette
Minit USA606Jan 19607"1 
Jessie Hill

A: Ooh Poo Pah Doo Part 1
B: Ooh Poo Pah Doo Part 2
Minit USA607Feb 19607"49.0
Mathew Jacobs

A: Chance For Your Love
B: Loaded Down
Minit USA60819607"0 
Allen And Allen

A: Tiddle Winks
B: Heavenly Baby
Minit USA609Apr 19607"3 
The Del Royals

A: Who Will Be The One
B: She's Gone
Minit USA61019607"0 
Jessie Hill

A: Whip It On Me
B: I Need Your Love
Minit USA611Jun 19607"0 
Arron Neville

A: Over You
B: Every Day
Minit USA612Jul 19607"6 
Benny Spellman

A: Darling, No Matter Where
B: I Didn't Know
Minit USA613Jul 19607"0 
Ernie K-Doe

A: Hello My Lover
B: ´Taint It The Truth
Minit USA614Aug 19607"08.0
Allen Orange

A: Forever
B: Just A Little Love
Minit USA615Nov 19607"7 
Jessie Hill

A: Highhead Blues
B: Scoop Scoobie Doobie
Minit USA616Aug 19607"0 
Lee Diamond

A: It Won't Be Me
B: Please Don't Leave
Minit USA617Oct 19607"1 
Aaron Neville

A: Show Me The Way
B: Get Out Of My Life
Minit USA618Nov 19607"1 
Roy Montrell

A: The Montrell
B: Mudd
Minit USA619Nov 19607"0 
The Del Royals

A: Close To You
B: Got You On My Mind
Minit USA620Dec 19607"0 
Awood Magic

A: It's Better To Dream
B: Pretty Pretty Waitress
Minit USA621Jan 19617"0 
Jessie Hill

A: I Got Mine
B: Oh Me Oh My
Minit USA622Feb 19617"1 
Ernie K-Doe

A: Mother-In-Law
B: Wanted, $10,000.00 Reward
Minit USA623Feb 19617"710.0
Aaron Neville

A: Don't Cry
B: Reality
Minit USA624Mar 19617"1 
Irma Thomas

A: Girl Needs Boy
B: Cry On
Minit USA625Apr 19617"4 
The Five Knights

A: Let Me In
B: Times Are Getting Harder
Minit USA626May 19617"0 
Ernie K-Doe

A: Te-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta
B: Real Man
Minit USA627May 19617"4 
Jessie Hill

A: My Love
B: Oogsey Moo
Minit USA628May 19617"0 
Diamond Joe

A: Moanin´ And Screamin´ Part I
B: Moanin´ And Screamin´ Part II
Minit USA629Jun 19617"110.0
Allen Orange

A: When You're Lonely
B: True Love Never Dies
Minit USA630Jul 19617"0 
Aaron Neville

A: Let's Live
B: I Found Another Love
Minit USA631Jul 19617"0 
The Showmen

A: It Will Stand
B: Country Fool
Minit USA632Sep 19617"210.0
Irma Thomas

A: It's Too Soon To Know
B: That's All I Ask
Minit USA633Sep 19617"1 
Ernie K-Doe

A: A Certain Girl
B: I Cried My Last Tear
Minit USA634Oct 19617"3 
Tommy Taylor And The Five Knights

A: I Want Somebody
B: Polly Want A Cracker
Minit USA636Nov 19617"0 
Jessie Hill

A: It´s My Fault
B: Sweet Jelly Roll
Minit USA638Dec 19617"1 
Aaron Neville

A: How Many Times
B: I'm Waiting At The Station
Minit USA639Dec 19617"1 
Allen Orange

A: Miss Nosey
B: The Letter
Minit USA640Jan 19627"2 
Ernie K-Doe

A: Come On Home
B: Popeye Joe
Minit USA641Feb 19627"28.0
Irma Thomas

A: Gone
B: I Done Got Over It
Minit USA642Jan 19627"0 
The Showmen

A: The Wrong Girl
B: Fate Planned It This Way
Minit USA643Jan 19627"110.0
Benny Spellman

A: Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)
B: Fortune Teller
Minit USA644Mar 19627"49.0
Ernie K-Doe

A: Love You The Best
B: Hey, Hey, Hey
Minit USA645Apr 19627"0 
Jessie Hill

A: Can't Get Enough (Of That Ooh Poo Pah Doo)
B: The Pot's On A Strike
Minit USA646Apr 19627"2 
The Showmen

A: I Love You Can´t You See
B: Com´N Home
Minit USA647Apr 19627"0 
Eskew Reeder

A: Green Door
B: I Waited Too Long
Minit USA648May 19627"0 
Diamond Joe

A: Help Yourself
B: Fair Play
Minit USA649May 19627"1 
Aaron Neville

A: Humdinger
B: Sweet Little Mama
Minit USA650Jun 19627"2 
Ernie K-Doe

A: Beating Like A Tom Tom
B: I Got To Find Somebody
Minit USA651Jul 19627"2 
Benny Spellman

A: Every Now And Then
B: I´m In Love
Minit USA652Aug 19627"1 
Irma Thomas

A: I Did My Part
B: It´s Raining
Minit USA653Aug 19627"1 

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