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Mojo - Label Discography

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Bobby Byrd

A: I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone) Part 1
B: I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone) Part 2
Mojo UK2001 11819717"09.0
Vicki Anderson

A: Super Good Part 1 (Answer To Super Bad)
B: Super Good Part 2 (Answer To Super Bad)
Mojo UK2001 150Apr 19717"0 
The J.B.'s

A: These Are The J.B.'s Part 1
B: These Are The J.B.'s Part 2
Mojo UK2001 155Mar 19717"0 
The Formations

A: At The Top Of The Stairs
B: Magic Melody
Mojo UK2027 00119717"18.5
The J.B.'s

A: The Grunt (Part 1)
B: The Grunt (Part 2)
Mojo UK2027 00219717"0 
Bobby Byrd

A: I Know You Got Soul
B: If You Don't Work You Can't Eat
Mojo UK2027 00319717"010.0
The Fantastics

A: Baby Make Your Own Sweet Music
B: Who Could Be Loving You
Mojo UK2027 004Aug 19717"2 
Kool And The Gang

A1: Funky Man
B1: Kool And The Gang
B2: Let The Music Take Your Mind
Mojo UK2027 00529 Oct 19717"0 
Kool And The Gang

A: Love The Life You Live
B: The Penguin
Mojo UK2027 00617 Dec 19717"0 
Kool And The Gang

A: Music Is The Message (Part 1)
B: Music Is The Message (Part 2)
Mojo UK2027 0097 Jul 19727"0 
Jean Battle

A: Love Making
B: When A Woman Loves A Man
Mojo UK2027 01026 May 19727"0 
Jimmy Dawkins

A: Things I Used To Do
B: Put It On The Hawg
Mojo UK2027 01119 Jan 19737"0 
Timmy Thomas

A: Why Can't We Live Together
B: Funky Me
Mojo UK2027 0129 Feb 19737"19.8
The Blossoms

A: Touchdown
B: It's All Up To You
Mojo UK2027 0132 Mar 19737"0 
Timmy Thomas

A: People Are Changing
B: Rainbow Power
Mojo UK2027 01518 May 19737"0 
Joe Simon

A: Help Me Make It Through The Night
B: Most Of All
Mojo UK2066 09819717"0 
Tami Lynn

A: I'm Gonna Run Away From You
B: The Boy Next Door
Mojo UK2092 001May 19717"59.0
The Three Degrees

A: You're The One
B: Rose Garden
Mojo UK2092 00219717"1 
The Fuzz

A: I Love You For All Seasons
B: I Love You For All Seasons (Instr.)
Mojo UK2092 00319717"08.0
The Fascinations

A: Girls Are Out To Get You
B: You'll Be Sorry
Mojo UK2092 004Jun 19717"1 
Doris Duke

A: To The Other Woman
B: I Don't Care Anymore
Mojo UK2092 005Jul 19717"010.0
Oscar Weathers

A: The Spoiler
B: You Wants To Play
Mojo UK2092 00619717"0 
The Delfonics

A: He Don't Really Love You
B: Without You
Mojo UK2092 007Jul 19717"1 
The Fuzz

A: Like An Open Door
B: Leave It All Behind Me
Mojo UK2092-00819717"0 
The Three Degrees

A: There's So Much Love All Around Me
B: Maybe
Mojo UK2092 00917 Sep 19717"0 
Chuck Wood

A: Seven Days Too Long
B: Soul Shing A Ling
Mojo UK2092 01017 Sep 19717"0 
Doris Troy

A: I'll Do Anything (Anything He Wants Me To Do)
B: But I Love Him
Mojo UK2092 011Jun 19717"39.0
Tami Lynn

A: That's Understanding
B: Never No More
Mojo UK2092 0121 Oct 19717"1 
Jamo Thomas And His Party Brothers Orchestra

A: I Spy (For The FBI)
B: Snake Hip Mama
Mojo UK2092 0138 Oct 19717"5 
J. J. Jackson

A: But It's Alright
B: Do The Boogaloo
Mojo UK2092 01412 Nov 19717"0 
Jesse James

A: Don't Nobody Want To Get Married (Part 1)
B: Don't Nobody Want To Get Married (Part 2)
Mojo UK2092 01622 Oct 19717"0 
Doris Duke

A: If She's Your Wife (Who Am I?)
B: It Sure Was Fun
Mojo UK2092 0171 Oct 19717"0 
The Fascinations

A: I'm So Lucky He Loves Me
B: Say It Isn't So
Mojo UK2092 01822 Oct 19717"0 
Z. Z. Hill

A: Faithful And True
B: I Think I'd Do It
Mojo UK2092 0197 Jan 19727"1 
Freddie North

A: She's All I Got
B: Ain't Nothing In The News (But The Blues)
Mojo UK2092 0205 Nov 19717"0 
Fabulous Counts

A: Get Down People
B: Lunar Funk
Mojo UK2092 0211 Oct 19717"0 
Ray Barretto and His Orchestra

A: El Watusi
B: Ritmo Sabroso
Mojo UK2092 02229 Oct 19717"0 
Jean Wells

A: After Loving You
B: Puttin' The Best On The Outside
Mojo UK2092 02312 Nov 19717"0 
The People's Choice

A: I Likes To Do It
B: Big Ladies Man
Mojo UK2092 02429 Oct 19717"0 
Willie Tee

A1: Thank You John
B1: Walking Up A One Way Street
B2: Teasin' You
Mojo UK2092 02519 Nov 19717"1 
Ponderosa Twins + One

A: You Send Me
B: Hey Girl
Mojo UK2092 0273 Dec 19717"0 
B. J. Arnau

A: I Want To Go Back There Again
B: I Love You
Mojo UK2092 0287 Jan 19727"07.0
The Orlons

A: Spinnin' Top
B: Anyone Who Had A Heart
Mojo UK2092 02921 Jan 19727"0 
Betty Lavette

A1: Let Me Down Easy
B1: I Feel Good (All Over)
B2: What I Don't Know (Won't Hurt Me)
Mojo UK2092 0303 Mar 19727"210.0
Oliver Sain

A: St. Louis Breakdown

Shirley Brown

B: I Ain't Gonna Tell
Mojo UK2092 03121 Apr 19727"0 
Fontella Bass

A: Who You Gonna Blame
B: Hold On This Time
Mojo UK2092 03211 Feb 19727"0 
Little Johnny Taylor

A: Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Part 1)
B: Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Part 2)
Mojo UK2092 03325 Feb 19727"0 
Bobby Powell

A: Peace Begins Within
B: Question
Mojo UK2092 03425 Feb 19727"0 
Toussaint McCall

A: Nothing Takes The Place Of You
B: Shimmy
Mojo UK2092 03517 Mar 19727"0 
The Elephant Band

A: Stone Penguin
B: Groovin' At The Apollo
Mojo UK2092 03625 Feb 19727"02.0

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