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Montel Michelle - Label Discography

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Bobby Loveless

A: Night Owl
B: You Are Doing Me Wrong
Montel Michelle USAMX 93219647"0 
The Boogie Kings

A: The Crying Man
B: Two Steps From The Blues
Montel Michelle USAMX93919657"0 
Mohawk And The Red Necks

A: Short Rows
B: Enchanted Forest
Montel Michelle USAMX-94019657"0 
Gene King And His Mecaton Band

A: T.V. Show
B: It's Allright
Montel Michelle USAMX-94119657"0 
Bobby Loveless And The Nite Owls

A: No Hair
B: Do The Bobby
Montel Michelle USAMX-94519657"1 
Gee Gee Shinn And The Boogie Kings

A: Devil Of A Girl
B: Fever
Montel Michelle USAMX-94619657"1 
Bonnie Fussell

A: Ting A Ling
B: I Hear My Baby Calling
Montel Michelle USAMX-95119657"0 
Bill Compton

A: Ballad Of Tom Barker
B: Big Man
Montel Michelle USAMX-95419657"0 
Dale And Grace

A: What Am I Living For
B: Something Special
Montel Michelle USAM-942May 19657"78.0
Lee Tillman

A: Kiss Tomorrow Good-Bye
B: One Kind Of Love
Montel Michelle USAMX-953Dec 19657"0 
The Dry Grins

A: She's A Drag
B: You're Through
Montel Michelle USAM-95919667"1 
The Tempos [Louisiana]

A: I Gotta Make A Move
B: It Was You
Montel Michelle USAMX-95519667"0 
Dale And Grace

A: Make The World Go Away
B: Stranger
Montel Michelle USAMX-95819667"08.0
Lee Tillman

A: Tossin' And Turnin'
B: I Can't Forget Your Love
Montel Michelle USAMX-96319667"0 
The Mersey Sounds

A: Honda Holiday
B: Get On Your Honda And Ride
Montel Michelle USAMX-96619667"0 
Rick Levatino And The Coachmen

A: Blue Eyes
B: My Poor Heart
Montel Michelle USAMX-96719667"0 
Larry Brasso

A: Find Me Someone To Love
B: Big Mistake
Montel Michelle USAMX-96819667"0 
The Canebrake Singers

A: I Don't Really Like You
B: Another Day
Montel Michelle USAMX-96919667"0 
The Inn Crowd

A: You Must Believe Me
B: Sun Arise
Montel Michelle USAMX-97119667"0 
Bill Compton

A: Big Black Ball
B: Going Nowhere
Montel Michelle USAMX-97219667"0 
Dynamic Duke Royal

A: Let Me Prove My Love
B: I Wanna Know
Montel Michelle USAMX-97319667"0 
Marty Collins

A: Pictures From The Past
B: Recipe For A Heartache
Montel Michelle USAMX-97519667"0 
Larry Brasso

A: I Just Can't Live (If You're Really Gone)
B: These Empty Arms
Montel Michelle USAMX-97719667"0 
Bob Henderson

A: A Million Tears
B: So Long
Montel Michelle USAMX-97819667"0 
The Mersey Sounds

A: More Wrong Than Right
B: Two Lips
Montel Michelle USAMX-98119667"0 
The Inn Crowd

A: Baby You're So Fine

Cookie And The Inn Crowd

B: Someday After Awhile (You'll Be Sorry)
Montel Michelle USAMX-98219667"1 
Jerry "Count" Jackson

A: I Can't Stop Loving You
B: Change Gonna Come
Montel Michelle USAMX-961Feb 19667"0 
The Greek Fountains

A: Buy You A Chevrolet
B: What Is Right
Montel Michelle USAM-983Dec 19667"1 
The Greek Fountains

A: I Can't Get Away
B: An Experimented Terror
Montel Michelle USAMX-97619677"1 
(Ye Olde) Inn Crowd

A: Go Away
B: Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
Montel Michelle USAMX-98619677"1 
Bobby Loveless

A: I Always Will
B: Woa No No No No (Return Of The Nite Owl)
Montel Michelle USAMX-98719677"0 
Yesterday's Children [New Orleans]

A: Take Your Time
B: Last Clean Shirt
Montel Michelle USAMX-98819677"0 
John Fred And The Playboys Band

A: Shirley

The Playboys Band

B: High Heel Sneakers
Montel Michelle USAM-99819687"0 
The Boogie Kings

A: The Boogie-Loo
B: Don't Make Me Feel Cheap
Montel Michelle USAMX-99719687"0 
Horace Nowell

A: My Precious One
B: That's Where My Money Goes
Montel Michelle USAMM-11007"210.0
Sid Linard

A: Look Out
B: I Felt The Blues
Montel Michelle USAMX-9497"0 
The Boogie Kings

A: Philly Walk
B: When She Touches Me
Montel Michelle USAMX-9847"0 
Dale And Grace

A: It Keeps Right On A Hurtin'
B: So Fine
Montel Michelle USAMX-9897"0 
The Boogie Kings

A: Elaine
B: Philly Walk
Montel Michelle USAMX-9957"0 
Chris Kilgore

A: It's Such A Lovely Day
B: Just Tell Me You Love Me
Montel Michelle USAMX-9997"0 

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