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Monument - Label Discography

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  USA  757
  UK  110
  Australia  84
  Canada  72
  New Zealand  64
  Germany  56
  Netherlands  53
  France  35
  Italy  8
  Japan  6
  South Africa  4
  Argentina  2
  Belgium  2
  India  2
+ More Countries (22 Total)
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The Truetones

A: Honey, Honey
B: Whirlwind
Monument USA450119587"5 
Alec Houston

A: After Graduation Day
B: A Boy With A Dream
Monument USA450219587"2 
Billy Grammer

A: Gotta Travel On
B: Chasing A Dream
Monument USA45-400Oct 19587"0 
Billy Graves

A: The Shag (Is Totally Cool)
B: Uncertain
Monument USA45-401Dec 19587"2 
Stan Robinson

A: Boom-A-Dip-Dip
B: My Heart Beats
Monument USA45-402Feb 19597"2 
Billy Grammer

A: Bonaparte's Retreat
B: The Kissing Tree
Monument USA45-403Mar 19597"2 
Billy Graves

A: Midnight Bus
B: Long Journey Home
Monument USA45-404Mar 19597"0 
Stan Robinson

A: N-U-T-H-I-N-G
B: If I Were A Fool
Monument USA45-405Mar 19597"1 
Billy Grammer

A: Bonaparte's Retreat
B: The Kissing Tree
Monument USAS-45-403Mar 1959Special Edition 7"1 
Billy Grammer

A: Willy, Quit Your Playing
B: It Takes You
Monument USA45-407Jul 19597"4 
Dick Flood

A: The Three Bells (The Jimmy Brown Story)
B: Far Away
Monument USA45-408Jul 19597"2 
Roy Orbison

A: Paper Boy
B: With The Bug
Monument USA45-409Sep 19597"3 
Paul Clayton

A: Pretty Peggy-O
B: Pharaoh's Army (Got Drownded)
Monument USA45-410Nov 19597"0 
Jerry Byrd And His Steel Guitar

A: China Night (Shina No Yoru)
B: Torn Sarong (Pereu Mutumutu)
Monument USA45-411Nov 19597"2 
Roy Orbison

A: Up Town
B: Pretty One
Monument USA45-412Nov 19597"59.7
Billy Grammer

A: Loveland
B: On The Job Too Long
Monument USA45-413Jan 19607"0 
Dick Flood

A: It's My Way
B: It Only Cost A Dime
Monument USA45-414Feb 19607"1 
Billy Grammer

A1: War Paint
A2: The Three Caballeros
B1: Little Joe's Guitar
B2: Waltz Of The Waterfull
Monument USAMEP-15002Feb 1960EP0 
Jack Le Banc

A: Boogie Woogie
B: Tammy
Monument USA45-415Mar 19607"0 
Paul Clayton

A: This Land Is Your Land
B: Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons (When I'm Gone)
Monument USA45-416Mar 19607"0 
The 88's

A: Chasing A Dream
B: I'll Never Be Free
Monument USA45-417Apr 19607"0 
Billy Graves

A: Right Or Wrong (I'll Be With You)
B: Mount Fujiyama
Monument USA45-418Apr 19607"0 
Jerry Byrd And His Steel Guitar

A: Theme From Adventures In Paradise
B: Indian Love Call
Monument USA45-419Apr 19607"0 
Kathy Linden

A: Allentown Jail
B: That's What Love Is
Monument USA45-420Apr 19607"0 
Roy Orbison

A: Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel)
B: Here Comes That Song Again
Monument USA45-421May 19607"79.6
Kathy Linden

A: The Willow Weeps
B: Midnight
Monument USA45-423Jul 19607"0 
Roy Orbison

A: Blue Angel
B: Today's Teardrops
Monument USA45-425Aug 19607"510.0
Grandpa Jones And His Grandchildren

A: The Ladies Man
B: The Thing
Monument USA45-422-VSep 19607"0 
Robin Wilson

A: Close To Me
B: The Nervous Auctioneer
Monument USA45-426Sep 19607"1 
Paul Clayton

A: Last Cigarette
B: So Long (It's Been Good To Know You)
Monument USA45-424Oct 19607"0 
Dick Flood

A: Cowpoke
B: Carita
Monument USA45-427Oct 19607"1 
Kathy Linden

A: Take Me Home (To My Lover)
B: We Had Words
Monument USA45-428Nov 19607"1 
Jerry Byrd And His Steel Guitar

A: Dancing Under The Stars
B: Daydream
Monument USA45-429Nov 19607"1 
Grandpa Jones And His Swingin' Grandchildren

A: I Don't Love Nobody
B: Hip Cat's Weddin'
Monument USA45-430Nov 19607"0 
The Holidays

A: A Very Merry Christmas
B: The Merry Christmas Song
Monument USA45-431Nov 19607"1 
Paul Clayton

A: Wings Of A Dove
B: The Convent At Ronda
Monument USA45-432Nov 19607"0 
Roy Orbison

A: I'm Hurtin'
B: I Can't Stop Loving You
Monument USA45-433Nov 19607"010.0
Jack Eubanks His Orchestra And Singers

A: What'd I Say
B: Chiricahua
Monument USA45-434 VJan 19617"1 
The Velvets Featuring Virgil Johnson

A: That Lucky Old Sun
B: Time And Again
Monument USA45-435Feb 19617"4 
Bob Moore And His Orchestra

A: (Theme From) My Three Sons
B: Mais Oui!
Monument USA45-437Feb 19617"0 
Kathy Linden

A: Take Me Home, Jimmy
B: So In Love (With You)
Monument USA45-436Mar 19617"1 
Roy Orbison

A: Running Scared
B: Love Hurts
Monument USA45-438Mar 19617"49.5
Robin Wilson

A: Yvonne
B: Louisiana Man
Monument USA45-439Mar 19617"0 
Grandpa Jones

A: These Hills
B: Billy Yank And Johnny Reb
Monument USA45-440Mar 19617"0 
The Velvets Featuring Virgil Johnson

A: Tonight (Could Be The Night)
B: Spring Fever
Monument USA45-441May 19617"1 
Janice Ward

A: Double Crossin' Sweetie Pie
B: When A Girl Gives Her Heart (To A Boy)
Monument USA45-442-VJun 19617"1 
Boots Randolph And His Orchestra

A: Hey! Daddy, Daddy
B: Fancy Dan
Monument USA45-443Jun 19617"0 
Curtis And Del

A: I Went A-Walkin'
B: Selfish Lover
Monument USA45-444Jul 19617"1 
Bob Moore And His Orchestra

A: Mexico
B: Hot Spot
Monument USA45-446Jul 19617"210.0
Roy Orbison

A: Crying
B: Candy Man
Monument USA45-447Jul 19617"39.0

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