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Mooncrest - Label Discography

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MOON series

A: Broken Down Angel
B: Witchdoctor Woman
Mooncrest UKMOON 123 Mar 19737"58.8

A: Hold On To Your Fire
B: You Weren't Born A Man
Mooncrest UKMOON 223 Mar 19737"3 

A: Sunny Days
B: Lonely Places
Mooncrest UKMOON 320 Apr 19737"1 
A And A North

A: My Star
B: I Love You Because
Mooncrest UKMOON 420 Apr 19737"0 

A: Snoopy Versus The Red Baron
B: What Do You Say
Mooncrest UKMOON 54 May 19737"217.7
Rockmore Williams

A: It Was Her
B: I'm A Man
Mooncrest UKMOON 611 May 19737"1 
Octopus [Belgium]

A: Hey Na Na
B: Future Feelings
Mooncrest UKMOON 716 Jun 19737"1 
Donna Marie Newman

A: Born Too Late
B: Everybody's Saying Goodbye
Mooncrest UKMOON 815 Jun 19737"0 

A1: Bad Bad Boy
B1: Hard Living
B2: Spinning Top
Mooncrest UKMOON 96 Jul 19737"38.5

A: Sunshine Souvenirs
B: Living And Loving You
Mooncrest UKMOON 1027 Jul 19737"19.0
Steve Feldman

A: Waitin' For The Day To Come
B: Crystal Dawn
Mooncrest UKMOON 1110 Aug 19737"0 

A: Battle Of New Orleans
B: Knockin' On The Door
Mooncrest UKMOON 1214 Sep 19737"2 
Dandy Livingstone

A: Black Star
B: All Strung Out On You
Mooncrest UKMOON 1314 Sep 19737"2 

A: This Flight Tonight
B: Called Her Name
Mooncrest UKMOON 1421 Sep 19737"19.4
Rockmore Williams

A: Lady Rock
B: Junkyard Blues
Mooncrest UKMOON 1519 Oct 19737"0 
Donna Marie Newman

A: Daddy
B: Sing Me Songs
Mooncrest UKMOON 1626 Oct 19737"0 
Stu Nunnery

A: Sally From Syracuse
B: Madelaine
Mooncrest UKMOON 172 Nov 19737"1 
Cindy Miller

A: Dubious Circus Company
B: Baby I Need You Now
Mooncrest UKMOON 189 Nov 19737"0 
Spike O'Briens Circus

A: Poor Little Fred
B: Soggy Moggy Bogged Down Blues
Mooncrest UKMOON 1916 Nov 19737"1 

A: Yesterday Man
B: Jerusalem Rock
Mooncrest UKMOON 2023 Nov 19737"18.0

A: Saturday Woman
B: Zoo Baby
Mooncrest UKMOON 2114 Dec 19737"0 

A: Shanghai'd In Shanghai
B: Love, Now You're Gone
Mooncrest UKMOON 221 Mar 19747"09.0
Stu Nunnery

A: Madelaine
B: Sally From Syracuse
Mooncrest UKMOON 2312 Apr 19747"0 
Gordon Jackson [Actor]

A: On The Road To Munich
B: The Boardroom Reel
Mooncrest UKMOON 2426 Apr 19747"3 
Arnold Corns

A: Hang On To Yourself
B: Man In The Middle
Mooncrest UKMOON 2517 May 19747"2 
Tim Moore

A: When You Close Your Eyes
B: Aviation Man
Mooncrest UKMOON 2631 May 19747"1 
Ian Matthews

A: Met Her On A Plane
B: Knowing The Game
Mooncrest UKMOON 277 Jun 19747"0 
Jonny Summa

A: Seventeen
B: Young Girl
Mooncrest UKMOON 287 Jun 19747"0 

A: Rock ´N´ Roll Boogie Man
B: Witchy Witchy Lady
Mooncrest UKMOON 295 Jul 19747"0 

A: Caribbean
B: Together
Mooncrest UKMOON 3019 Jul 19747"0 
Rockmore Williams

A: Roll Me Over Again
B: Junkyard Blues
Mooncrest UKMOON 3126 Jul 19747"0 
Tim Moore

A: Charmer
B: Second Avenue
Mooncrest UKMOON 324 Oct 19747"1 
Johnnie Ricco

A: Run Around Sue
B: Scamp Stamp
Mooncrest UKMOON 334 Oct 19747"1 

A: Rock And Roll Away
B: Twinset And Pearls
Mooncrest UKMOON 3425 Oct 19747"0 
The Angelettes

A: I Surrender
B: Goodbye Jon
Mooncrest UKMOON 351 Nov 19747"0 

A: Anything I Want To
B: Bournemouth Rock
Mooncrest UKMOON 368 Nov 19747"2 

A: Love Hurts
B: Down
Mooncrest UKMOON 378 Nov 19747"09.0
Scott English

A: Brandy
B: Lead Me Back
Mooncrest UKMOON 3931 Jan 19757"3 
Chilli Willi And The Red Hot Peppers

A: Breathe A Little
B: Friday Song
Mooncrest UKMOON 407 Feb 19757"1 
Tim Moore

A: A Fool Like You
B: Aviation Man
Mooncrest UKMOON 4121 Feb 19757"8 

A: Darlin'
B: The Band Played On
Mooncrest UKMOON 4228 Feb 19757"0 

A: This Old Man
B: Always Friends
Mooncrest UKMOON 4321 Mar 19757"0 

A: Hair Of The Dog
B: Too Bad, Too Sad
Mooncrest UKMOON 4414 Mar 19757"1 

A: Breakdown Of The Song
B: Twinset And Pearls
Mooncrest UKMOON 4511 Apr 19757"1 
Arlan Green

A: Rock Hotel
B: ?
Mooncrest UKMOON 461975Unreleased0 

A: My White Bicycle
B: Miss Misery
Mooncrest UKMOON 4725 Apr 19757"37.7
Gary Benson

A: Don't Throw It All Away
B: This House
Mooncrest UKMOON 496 Jun 19757"3 
Magnificent Mercury Brothers

A1: New Girl In School
A2: Why Do Girls Fall In Love
B1: What About Us
B2: I'm Not A Juvenile Deliquent
Mooncrest UKMOON 5027 Jun 1975Unreleased5 
Steeleye Span

A1: Rave On
A2: The King
B1: False Knight On The Road
Mooncrest UKMOON 50Sep 19767"4 
The Fortunes

A: These Are The Good Old Days
B: Holly Roller
Mooncrest UKMOON 5120 Jun 1975Unreleased11 

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