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Mushroom - Label Discography

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Ray Brown

A: Steel Guitar
B: Covered Wagon
Mushroom AustraliaK 527219737"0 
Ayers Rock

A: Rock And Roll Fight (Going On)
B: Sorrowful Eyes
Mushroom AustraliaK-535919737"010.0

A: Goodbye Lollypop
B: Bumper Bar Song
Mushroom AustraliaMRK-49868 Feb 19737"2 

A: I Thought You Weren't My Friend
B: Elephant
Mushroom AustraliaINK-5147Aug 19737"0 
Madder Lake

A: 12-lb.Toothbrush
B: Country Blues
Mushroom AustraliaMRK-5230Aug 19737"0 
Matt Taylor

A: I Remember When I Was Young
B: Krishna Loves You Too
Mushroom AustraliaK-5251Sep 19737"010.0

A: I'm Gonna Miss You, Babe
B: Hey, Baby
Mushroom AustraliaK-5320Nov 19737"26.0

A: Way Out West
B: Shine A Light
Mushroom AustraliaK-5331Nov 19737"0 
Sid Rumpo

A: The Riddle
B: Jump Down, Step Aside
Mushroom AustraliaK-546219747"1 
Matt Taylor

A: Fair Dinkum Aussie Blues
B: Alone
Mushroom AustraliaK-551419747"110.0
Madder Lake

A: Booze Blues
B: One Star And The Moon
Mushroom AustraliaK-5516May 19747"0 
The Dingoes

A: Boy On The Run
B: The Last Place I Wanna Be
Mushroom AustraliaK-5540Jun 19747"2 
Buster Brown [Australia]

A: Buster Brown
B: Rock And Roll Lady
Mushroom AustraliaK-5558Jul 19747"0 

A: Livin' In The 70's
B: You're A Broken Gin Bottle, Baby
Mushroom AustraliaK-5628Aug 19747"0 

A: Smooth Sailing
B: Dingoes Lament
Mushroom AustraliaK-5673Oct 19747"0 
Madder Lake

A: It's All In Your Head
B: Slack Alice
Mushroom AustraliaK-5732Nov 19747"0 
Ayers Rock

A: Lady Montego
B: Goin' Home
Mushroom AustraliaK-5741Nov 19747"210.0

A: Horror Movie
B: Carlton (Lygon Street Limbo)
Mushroom AustraliaK-5753Dec 19747"1 
Jo Jo Zep And His Little Helpers

A: Run, Rudolph, Run
B: Guess Who
Mushroom AustraliaK-619419757"1 
Buster Brown [Australia]

A: Something To Say
B: Let Me In
Mushroom AustraliaK-5731Jan 19757"3 

A: Ego Is Not A Dirty Word
B: Every Chase A Steeple
Mushroom AustraliaK-5891Apr 19757"1 

A: All My Friends Are Getting Married
B: Saturday Night
Mushroom AustraliaK-6021Jun 19757"2 
Split Enz

A: Maybe
B: Titus
Mushroom AustraliaK-6076Sep 19757"0 
Ol' 55

A: Diana
B: Goodnight Sweetheart
Mushroom AustraliaK-6091Sep 19757"0 
Phil Manning Band

A: Train To Ride
B: Tend To My Friend
Mushroom AustraliaK-6141Oct 19757"1 

A: Million Dollar Riff
B: Forging Ahead
Mushroom AustraliaK-6159Oct 19757"4 
Ayers Rock

A: Little Kings
B: Get Out To The Country
Mushroom AustraliaK-6162Nov 19757"010.0

A: (I Want A) Rockin' Christmas
B: Little Saint Nick
Mushroom AustraliaK-658719767"2 
Shirley [Skyhooks]

A: Every Little Bit Hurts
B: Cruisin' Out On You
Mushroom AustraliaK-658819767"0 
Ol' 55

A: Xmas Promo
B: Xmas Promo
Mushroom AustraliaMX 4644319767"0 

A1: Let It Rock
B1: Revolution
B2: Saturday Night
Mushroom AustraliaK-6293Mar 19767"0 
Split Enz

A: Late Last Night
B: Time For A Change
Mushroom AustraliaK-6300Mar 19767"0 
Captain Rock

A: Steamed Vegetables
B: The Shape I'm In
Mushroom AustraliaK-6319Mar 19767"0 

A: On The Prowl
B: This Little Girl
Mushroom AustraliaK-6372May 19767"1 
Stars [Australia]

A: Quick On The Draw
B: Straight Life
Mushroom AustraliaK-6409May 19767"2 
Madder Lake

A: I Get High
B: Rodney's Birthday
Mushroom AustraliaK-6425May 19767"0 

A: This Is My City
B: Somewhere In Sydney
Mushroom AustraliaK-6487Jul 19767"0 

A: Looking For An Echo
B: Doin' Fine
Mushroom AustraliaK-6504Aug 19767"0 

A: Blue Jeans
B: Mumbo Jumbo
Mushroom AustraliaK-6542Aug 19767"1 
Stars [Australia]

A: With A Winning Hand
B: Drift Away
Mushroom AustraliaK-6531Sep 19767"0 
Split Enz

A: Matinee Idyll
B: Lovey Dovey
Mushroom AustraliaK6627Dec 19767"2 
The Ritz

A: Can't Get Enough Of You
B: A Diamond As Big As The Ritz
Mushroom AustraliaK-684019777"0 
Split Enz

A: Another Great Divide
B: Stranger Than Fiction
Mushroom AustraliaK-6658Jan 19777"0 
OL '55

A: C'mon Let's Do It
B: Teenager In Love
Mushroom AustraliaK-6659Jan 19777"4 
Marty Rose [Australia]

A: Memories Of You
B: Get Back
Mushroom AustraliaK-6672Jan 19777"1 
Scandal! [Australia]

A: Best Deal In Town
B: Mountain Legend
Mushroom AustraliaK-6714Mar 19777"0 
Frankie J. Holden

A: My Right Of Way
B: Chartered Accountant Blues
Mushroom AustraliaK-6748Apr 19777"1 

A: Party To End All Parties
B: Hot Rod James
Mushroom AustraliaK-6761Apr 19777"1 
Geoff Duff

A: Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me
B: Where Will I Be? (Tomorrow)
Mushroom AustraliaK-6764May 19777"4 

A: My Little Girl
B: You've Got It
Mushroom AustraliaK-6811May 19777"0 

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