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Musicor - Label Discography

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  USA  332
  Germany  12
  Italy  8
  Canada  4
  Australia  3
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Leo DeLyon And The Musclemen

A: Sick Manny's Gym

The Musclemen

B: Plunkin'
Musicor USAMU 1001Oct 19607"0 
Gene Pitney

A: (I Wanna) Love My Life Away
B: I Laughed So Hard I Cried
Musicor USAMU 1002Nov 19607"29.5
Jesse James

A: Dreams Never Hurt Nobody
B: Somebody Really Mine
Musicor USAMU 100819617"0 
Roger Wayne

A: Yes, We Have No Bananas
B: One, Two, Three Waltz
Musicor USAMU 101419617"0 
Chuckles Finnegan

A: Funny Bone
B: Sheik To Sheik
Musicor USAMU 1004Jan 19617"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Louisiana Mama
B: Take Me Tonight
Musicor USAMU 1006Mar 19617"110.0
Ernie Tucker And His Operators

A: Betty And Bobby
B: Telephone Me Some Lovin'
Musicor USAMU 1005Apr 19617"1 
The Darby Sisters

A: Don't Let It End
B: Ya' Gotta'
Musicor USAMU 1007May 19617"0 
Jennie Lee Lambert

A: Hey, Mister Scientist!
B: First Summer Of Our Love
Musicor USAMU 1010Jun 19617"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Every Breath I Take
B: Mr. Moon, Mr. Cupid, And I
Musicor USAMU 1011Jul 19617"410.0
Kenny Dino

A: Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night
B: Dream A Girl
Musicor USAMU 1013Aug 19617"210.0
Paul Greenwood

A: Outside Heaven's Door
B: Blue Ribbon For Love
Musicor USAMU 1012Sep 19617"110.0
Gene Pitney

A: Town Without Pity
B: Air Mail Special Delivery
Musicor USAMU 1009Oct 19617"210.0
Gene Pitney

A: Town Without Pity
B: Town Without Pity
Musicor USAMU 1009Oct 1961Promo Only 7"3 
Kenny Dino

A: Rosie, Why Do You Wear My Ring
B: What Did I Do
Musicor USAMU 1015Feb 19627"28.0
Jimmy Radcliffe

A: Twist Calypso
B: Don't Look My Way
Musicor USAMU 1016Feb 19627"0 
Paul Greenwood

A: Green Light
B: Cryin' Winds
Musicor USAMU 1017Feb 19627"0 
Bob And Jerry [1960s]

A: Chubby
B: Nursery Rhyme Folk
Musicor USAMU 1018Mar 19627"0 
Bonny Brooks

A: In America
B: Going To Church On Sunday
Musicor USAMU 1019Mar 19627"0 
Gene Pitney

A: (The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance
B: Take It Like A Man
Musicor USAMU 1020Mar 19627"09.0
Kenny Dino

A: What Good Are Dreams
B: What Did I Do
Musicor USAMU 1021Jul 19627"3 
Gene Pitney

A: Only Love Can Break A Heart
B: If I Didn't Have A Dime (To Play The Jukebox)
Musicor USAMU 1022Aug 19627"410.0
Jimmy Radcliffe

A: (There Goes) The Forgotten Man
B: An Awful Lot Of Cryin'
Musicor USAMU 1024Sep 19627"2 
The Fabulous Dinos

A: That Same Old Song
B: Where Have You Been
Musicor USAMU 1025Nov 19627"1 
Gene Pitney

A: Half Heaven - Half Heartache
B: Tower - Tall
Musicor USAMU 1026Nov 19627"410.0
Kenny Dino

A: Heartless Moon
B: Remembering Helps Me To Forget
Musicor USAMU 1027Jan 19637"19.0
Gene Pitney

A: Mecca
B: Teardrop By Teardrop
Musicor USAMU 1028Mar 19637"19.0
Gene Pitney

A: True Love Never Runs Smooth
B: Donna Means Heartbreak
Musicor USAMU 1032Jun 19637"39.0
Jimmy Radcliffe

A: Through A Long And Sleepless Night
B: Moment Of Weakness
Musicor USAMU 1033Sep 19637"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
B: Lonely Night Dreams (Of Far Away Arms)
Musicor USAMU 1034Oct 19637"78.8
Gene Pitney

A: That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
B: Who Needs It
Musicor USAMU 1036Jan 19647"29.5
Joey Brooks

A: Cry! Cry! Cry!
B: A Girl Wants To Believe
Musicor USAMU 1037Feb 19647"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Yesterday's Hero
B: Cornflower Blue
Musicor USAMU 1038May 19647"19.3
Gene Pitney

A: I'm Gonna Find Myself A Girl
B: Lips Are Redder
Musicor USAMU 1039Jun 1964Unreleased110.0
Gene Pitney

A: It Hurts To Be In Love
B: Hawaii
Musicor USAMU 1040Jul 19647"19.5
The Dahills

A: Michelle
B: Why Do We Have To Say Goodnight
Musicor USAMU 1041Sep 19647"1 
Jimmy Radcliffe

A: Long After Tonight Is All Over
B: What I Want I Can Never Have
Musicor USAMU-1042Oct 19647"0 
Audrey Freeman

A: Looking For Me
B: Three Rooms
Musicor USAMU-1043Oct 19647"0 
Gene Pitney

A: I'm Gonna Be Strong
B: E Se Domani (If Tomorrow)
Musicor USAMU 1045Oct 19647"1010.0
Gene Pitney

A: I'm Gonna Be Strong
B: Aladdin's Lamp
Musicor USAMU 1045Oct 19647"59.3
Gene Pitney

A: I'm Gonna Be Strong
B: I'm Gonna Be Strong
Musicor USAMU 1045Oct 1964Promo Only 7"310.0
The Critters

A: Georgianna
B: I'm Gonna Give
Musicor USAMU-1044Nov 19647"1 
Bobby Edwards

A: Left Over Dreams
B: Nine Chances Out Of Ten
Musicor USAMU-1046Nov 19647"0 
Connie Hall

A: I Wish I Was The Bottle
B: Constantly
Musicor USAMU 1047Nov 19647"0 
Don Adams [Country]

A: I Just Lost My Favorite Girl
B: You Introduced Me To The Blues
Musicor USAMU 1051Nov 19647"0 
Harriette Blake

A: Love Me, Love Me
B: Wishin'
Musicor USAMU 1052Nov 19647"0 
Andy And The Manhattans

A: Should've I
B: Desperate
Musicor USAMU 1053Nov 19647"0 
Cathy Carroll

A: Here's To Our Love
B: Johnny Come Lately
Musicor USAMU 1056Dec 19647"2 
Ronnie Dante

A: Look At Me (You Did It)
B: There's Love
Musicor USAMU 1058Dec 19647"0 
Tommy Cash

A: I Guess I'll Live
B: Why'd She Gone
Musicor USAMU-1060Dec 19647"1 

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