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Musicor - Label Discography

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Art Talmage's label ran into financial difficulties in late 1974 and was bought by reissue specialists, Springboard who continued the label in their own style
  USA  369
  Germany  14
  Italy  11
  Canada  10
  Japan  9
  Australia  5
  Spain  3
  New Zealand  2
  Austria  1
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Leo DeLyon And The Musclemen

A: Sick Manny's Gym

The Musclemen

B: Plunkin'
Musicor USAMU 1001Oct 19607"0 
Gene Pitney

A: (I Wanna) Love My Life Away
B: I Laughed So Hard I Cried
Musicor USAMU 1002Nov 19607"29.5
Chuckles Finnegan

A: Funny Bone
B: Sheik To Sheik
Musicor USAMU 1004Jan 19617"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Louisiana Mama
B: Take Me Tonight
Musicor USAMU 1006Mar 19617"110.0
Ernie Tucker And His Operators

A: Betty And Bobby
B: Telephone Me Some Lovin'
Musicor USAMU 1005Apr 19617"1 
The Darby Sisters

A: Don't Let It End
B: Ya' Gotta'
Musicor USAMU 1007May 19617"0 
Jesse James

A: Dreams Never Hurt Nobody
B: Somebody Really Mine
Musicor USAMU 1008May 19617"0 
Jennie Lee Lambert

A: Hey, Mister Scientist!
B: First Summer Of Our Love
Musicor USAMU 1010Jun 19617"1 
Gene Pitney

A: Every Breath I Take
B: Mr. Moon, Mr. Cupid, And I
Musicor USAMU 1011Jul 19617"510.0
Kenny Dino

A: Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night
B: Dream A Girl
Musicor USAMU 1013Aug 19617"29.5
Paul Greenwood

A: Outside Heaven's Door
B: Blue Ribbon For Love
Musicor USAMU 1012Sep 19617"110.0
Gene Pitney

A: Town Without Pity
B: Air Mail Special Delivery
Musicor USAMU 1009Oct 19617"310.0
Gene Pitney

A: Town Without Pity
B: Town Without Pity
Musicor USAMU 1009Oct 1961Promo Only 7"5 
Roger Wayne

A: Yes, We Have No Bananas
B: One, Two, Three Waltz
Musicor USAMU 1014Jan 19627"0 
Kenny Dino

A: Rosie, Why Do You Wear My Ring
B: What Did I Do
Musicor USAMU 1015Jan 19627"38.0
Jimmy Radcliffe

A: Twist Calypso
B: Don't Look My Way
Musicor USAMU 1016Feb 19627"0 
Paul Greenwood

A: Green Light
B: Cryin' Winds
Musicor USAMU 1017Feb 19627"0 
Bob And Jerry [1960s]

A: Chubby
B: Nursery Rhyme Folk
Musicor USAMU 1018Mar 19627"0 
Bonny Brooks

A: In America
B: Going To Church On Sunday
Musicor USAMU 1019Mar 19627"0 
Gene Pitney

A: (The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance
B: Take It Like A Man
Musicor USAMU 1020Mar 19627"19.0
Kenny Dino

A: What Good Are Dreams
B: What Did I Do
Musicor USAMU 1021Jul 19627"3 
Gene Pitney

A: Only Love Can Break A Heart
B: If I Didn't Have A Dime (To Play The Jukebox)
Musicor USAMU 1022Aug 19627"49.9
Jimmy Radcliffe

A: (There Goes) The Forgotten Man
B: An Awful Lot Of Cryin'
Musicor USAMU 1024Sep 19627"510.0
The Fabulous Dinos

A: That Same Old Song
B: Where Have You Been
Musicor USAMU 1025Nov 19627"2 
Gene Pitney

A: Half Heaven - Half Heartache
B: Tower - Tall
Musicor USAMU 1026Nov 19627"410.0
Kenny Dino

A: Heartless Moon
B: Remembering Helps Me To Forget
Musicor USAMU 1027Jan 19637"19.0
Gene Pitney

A: Mecca
B: Teardrop By Teardrop
Musicor USAMU 1028Mar 19637"39.0
Gene Pitney

A: True Love Never Runs Smooth
B: Donna Means Heartbreak
Musicor USAMU 1032Jun 19637"59.3
Jimmy Radcliffe

A: Through A Long And Sleepless Night
B: Moment Of Weakness
Musicor USAMU 1033Sep 19637"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
B: Lonely Night Dreams (Of Far Away Arms)
Musicor USAMU 1034Oct 19637"69.3
Gene Pitney

A: That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
B: Who Needs It
Musicor USAMU 1036Jan 19647"29.5
Joey Brooks

A: Cry! Cry! Cry!
B: A Girl Wants To Believe
Musicor USAMU 1037Feb 19647"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Yesterday's Hero
B: Cornflower Blue
Musicor USAMU 1038May 19647"19.5
Gene Pitney

A: I'm Gonna Find Myself A Girl
B: Lips Are Redder
Musicor USAMU 1039Jun 1964Unreleased210.0
Gene Pitney

A: It Hurts To Be In Love
B: Hawaii
Musicor USAMU 1040Jul 19647"69.7
The Dahills

A: Michelle
B: Why Do We Have To Say Goodnight
Musicor USAMU 1041Sep 19647"1 
Jimmy Radcliffe

A: Long After Tonight Is All Over
B: What I Want I Can Never Have
Musicor USAMU-1042Oct 19647"010.0
Audrey Freeman

A: Three Rooms
B: Looking For Me
Musicor USAMU-1043Oct 19647"0 
Gene Pitney

A: I'm Gonna Be Strong
B: E Se Domani (If Tomorrow)
Musicor USAMU 1045Oct 19647"1110.0
Gene Pitney

A: I'm Gonna Be Strong
B: Aladdin's Lamp
Musicor USAMU 1045Oct 19647"69.3
Gene Pitney

A: I'm Gonna Be Strong
B: I'm Gonna Be Strong
Musicor USAMU 1045Oct 1964Promo Only 7"310.0
The Critters

A: Georgianna
B: I'm Gonna Give
Musicor USAMU-1044Nov 19647"18.0
Bobby Edwards

A: Left Over Dreams
B: Nine Chances Out Of Ten
Musicor USAMU-1046Nov 19647"0 
Connie Hall

A: I Wish I Was The Bottle
B: Constantly
Musicor USAMU 1047Nov 19647"0 
Don Adams [Country]

A: I Just Lost My Favorite Girl
B: You Introduced Me To The Blues
Musicor USAMU 1051Nov 19647"0 
Harriette Blake

A: Love Me, Love Me
B: Wishin'
Musicor USAMU 1052Nov 19647"0 
Andy And The Manhattans

A: Should've I
B: Desperate
Musicor USAMU 1053Nov 19647"0 
Cathy Carroll

A: Here's To Our Love
B: Johnny Come Lately
Musicor USAMU 1056Dec 19647"2 
Ronnie Dante

A: Look At Me (You Did It)
B: There's Love
Musicor USAMU 1058Dec 19647"0 
Tommy Cash

A: I Guess I'll Live
B: Why'd She Gone
Musicor USAMU-1060Dec 19647"1 

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