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Mute - Label Discography

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  UK  284
  Germany  62
  Australia  41
  France  37
  Belgium  31
  Sweden  22
  Netherlands  9
  Portugal  7
  Italy  3
  South Africa  3
  Greece  2
  USA  2
  Zimbabwe  2
  Japan  1
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The Normal

A: T.V.O.D.
B: Warm Leatherette
Mute UKMUTE 001May 19787"209.2
Silicon Teens

A: Memphis Tennessee
B: Let's Dance
Mute UKMUTE 003Aug 19797"57.0
Fad Gadget

A: Back To Nature
B: The Box
Mute UKMUTE 002Oct 19797"08.5

A1: 1 – 3 Soundtracks
A2: Mode Of Infection
A3: Knife Ladder


B1: Can't Look Straight
B2: Flashcards
Mute UKMUTE 00719807"2 
Silicon Teens

A: Judy In Disguise
B: Chip 'N' Roll
Mute UKMUTE 004Jan 19807"2 

A: Kebabtraume
B: Gewalt
Mute UKMUTE 005Mar 19807"010.0
Fad Gadget

A: Ricky's Hand
B: Handshake
Mute UKMUTE 006Mar 19807"17.0
Silicon Teens

A: Just Like Eddie
B: Sun Flight
Mute UKMUTE 008Jun 19807"16.0
Fad Gadget

A: Fireside Favourite
B: Insecticide
Mute UKMUTE 009Sep 19807"010.0
Robert Rental

A: Double Heart
B: On Location
Mute UKMUTE 010Oct 19807"2 
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft

A: Der Rauber Und Der Prinz
B: Tanz Mit Mir
Mute UKMUTE 011Oct 19807"09.0
Depeche Mode

A: Dreaming Of Me
B: Ice Machine
Mute UKMUTE 01320 Feb 19817"69.5
Fad Gadget

A: Make Room
B: Lady Shave
Mute UKMUTE 012Mar 19817"07.0
Depeche Mode

A: New Life
B: Shout
Mute UKMUTE 01413 Jun 19817"28.0
Depeche Mode

A: Just Can't Get Enough
B: Any Second Now
Mute UKMUTE 0167 Sep 19817"58.5
Fad Gadget

A: Saturday Night Special
B: Swallow It Live
Mute UKMUTE 017Jan 19827"38.0
Depeche Mode

A: See You
B: Now This Is Fun
Mute UKMUTE 01829 Jan 19827"18.0
Die Doraus und Die Marinas

A: Fred From Jupiter
B: Even Home Is Not Nice Anymore
Mute UKMUTE 019Mar 19827"1 

A: Only You
B: Situation
Mute UKMUTE 02015 Mar 19827"49.7
Fad Gadget

A: King Of The Flies
B: Plain Clothes
Mute UKMUTE 021Apr 19827"27.0
Depeche Mode

A: The Meaning Of Love
B: Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)
Mute UKMUTE 02226 Apr 19827"28.3
Liaisons Dangereuses

A: Los Niños Del Parque
B: Mystère Dans Le Brouillard
Mute UKMUTE 023Jun 19827"0 

A: Don't Go
B: Winter Kills
Mute UKYAZ 001Jul 19827"59.3
Depeche Mode

A: Leave In Silence
B: Excerpt From: My Secret Garden
Mute UK7BONG 116 Aug 19827"29.8
Fad Gadget

A: Life On The Line
B: 4M
Mute UKMUTE 024Sep 19827"010.0

A: The Other Side Of Love
B: Ode To Boy
Mute UKYAZ 002Nov 19827"28.0
Fad Gadget

A: For Whom The Bells Toll
B: Love Parasite
Mute UKMUTE 026Jan 19837"010.0
Depeche Mode

A: Get The Balance Right
B: The Great Outdoors
Mute UK7BONG 231 Jan 19837"19.7
Robert Görl

A: Mit Dir
B: Berührt Verführt
Mute UKMUTE 027Mar 19837"0 

A: Nobody's Diary
B: State Farm
Mute UKYAZ 003Apr 19837"59.0
Depeche Mode

A: Everything Counts
B: Work Hard
Mute UK7BONG 311 Jul 19837"19.6
Depeche Mode

A: Love In Itself 2
B: Fools
Mute UK7BONG 419 Sep 19837"18.5
The Assembly

A: Never Never
B: Stop / Start
Mute UK7 TINY 1Oct 19837"58.8
Fad Gadget

A: I Discover Love
B: Lemmings On Lovers' Rock
Mute UKMUTE 028Oct 19837"17.0
Fad Gadget

A: Collapsing New People
B: Spoil The Child
Mute UKMUTE 030Jan 19847"19.0
Robert Görl

A: Darling Don't Leave Me
B: A Ist Weider Da
Mute UKMUTE 031Feb 19847"0 
Depeche Mode

A: People Are People
B: In Your Memory
Mute UK7BONG 512 Mar 19847"28.8
Fad Gadget

A: One Man's Meat
B: Sleep (Electro-Induced Original)
Mute UKMUTE 033May 19847"07.0
Fad Gadget

A: One Man's Meat
B: Sleep (Electro-Induced Original)
C: Collapsing New People
D: Spoil The Child
Mute UKMUTE 033 / MUTE 030May 1984Double Pack0 
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

A: In The Ghetto
B: The Moon Is In The Gutter
Mute UKMUTE 032Jun 19847"18.0
I Start Counting

A: Letters To A Friend
B: Adman's Dream
Mute UKMUTE 034Jun 19847"0 
Depeche Mode

A: Master And Servant
B: (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me
Mute UK7BONG 620 Aug 19847"08.0
Depeche Mode

A1: Somebody Remix
A2: Everything Counts (Live Version)
B1: Blasphemous Rumours
B2: Told You So (Live Version)
Mute UK7BONG 7EOct 19847"29.0
Depeche Mode

A: Blasphemous Rumours
B: Somebody (Remix)
Mute UK7BONG 729 Oct 19847"19.7
I Start Counting

A: Still Smiling
B: (There Is Always The) Unexpected
Mute UKMUTE 35Mar 19857"0 
Depeche Mode

A: Shake The Disease
B: Flexible
Mute UK7BONG 829 Apr 19857"29.0
Mark Stewart

A: Hypnotized
B: As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade
Mute UKMUTE 037May 19857"0 
Vince Clarke And Paul Quinn

A: One Day
B: Song For
Mute UKTAG 1Jun 19857"08.0
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

A: Tupelo
B: The Six Strings That Drew Blood
Mute UKMUTE 038Jul 19857"29.0
Frank Tovey

A: Luxury
B: Bed Of Nails
Mute UKMUTE 039Aug 19857"0 

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