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Mute - Label Discography

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  UK  288
  Germany  73
  Australia  46
  France  40
  Belgium  33
  Sweden  26
  Portugal  10
  Japan  7
  Italy  5
  Netherlands  5
  South Africa  4
  Zimbabwe  3
  Greece  2
  USA  2
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Depeche Mode

A: New Life
B: Shout
Mute GermanyINT 111.800Jun 19817"08.0
Depeche Mode

A: Just Can't Get Enough
B: Any Second Now
Mute GermanyINT 111.801Sep 19817"08.0

A: Only You
B: Situation
Mute GermanyINT 111.80319827"1 

A: Don't Go
B: Winter Kills
Mute GermanyINT 111.80519827"07.0
Fad Gadget

A: Life On The Line
B: 4M
Mute GermanyINT 111.80719827"0 

A: The Other Side Of Love
B: Ode To Boy
Mute GermanyINT 111.80819827"18.0
Depeche Mode

A: See You
B: Now This Is Fun
Mute GermanyINT 111.802Jan 19827"0 
Depeche Mode

A: The Meaning Of Love
B: Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)
Mute GermanyINT 111.804Apr 19827"1 
Depeche Mode

A: Leave In Silence
B: Excerpt From: My Secret Garden
Mute GermanyINT 111.806Aug 19827"0 
Depeche Mode

A: Get The Balance Right!
B: The Great Outdoors!
Mute GermanyINT 111.80919837"0 
Robert Görl

A: Mit dir
B: Berührt verführt
Mute GermanyINT 111.81019837"0 

A: Nobody's Diary
B: State Farm
Mute GermanyINT 111.81119837"0 
Fad Gadget

A: I Discover Love
B: Lemmings On Lovers' Rock
Mute GermanyINT 111.81319837"0 
Depeche Mode

A: Love In Itself 2
B: Fools
Mute GermanyINT 111.81419837"0 
The Assembly

A: Never Never
B: Stop/Start
Mute GermanyINT 111.81519837"1 
Depeche Mode

A: Everything Counts
B: Work Hard
Mute GermanyINT 111.812Jul 19837"010.0
Fad Gadget

A: Collapsing New People
B: Spoil The Child
Mute GermanyINT 111.81719847"0 
Depeche Mode

A: People Are People
B: In Your Memory
Mute GermanyINT 111.81819847"07.0
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

A: In The Ghetto
B: The Moon Is In The Gutter
Mute GermanyINT 111.82219847"0 
Depeche Mode

A: Master And Servant
B: (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me
Mute GermanyINT 111.821Aug 19847"0 
Depeche Mode

A: Blasphemous Rumours
B: Somebody (Remix)
Mute GermanyINT 111.824Oct 19847"0 
Depeche Mode

A1: Somebody (Remix)
A2: Everything Counts (Live)
B1: Blasphemous Rumours
B2: Told You So (Live)
Mute GermanyINT 116.800Oct 1984EP0 
Depeche Mode

A: It's Called A Heart
B: Fly On The Windscreen
Mute GermanyINT 111.83119857"0 

A: Who Needs Love Like That
B: Push Me Shove Me
Mute GermanyINT 111.83219857"1 

A: Heavenly Action
B: Don't Say No
Mute GermanyINT 111.83319857"0 
Depeche Mode

A: Shake The Disease
B: Flexible
Mute GermanyINT 111.827Apr 19857"110.0
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

A: Tupelo
B: The Six Strings That Drew Blood
Mute GermanyINT 111.829Aug 19857"0 

A: Oh L'Amour
B: March On Down The Line
Mute GermanyINT 111.83519867"28.0

A: Sometimes
B: Sexuality
Mute GermanyINT 111.84319867"06.0
Depeche Mode

A: Stripped
B: But Not Tonight
Mute GermanyINT 111.834Feb 19867"0 
Depeche Mode

A: A Question Of Lust
B: Christmas Island
Mute GermanyINT 111.836Apr 19867"27.0
Depeche Mode

A: A Question Of Time (Remix)
B: Black Celebration (Live)
Mute GermanyINT 111.841Aug 19867"07.0

A: It Doesn't Have To Be
B: In The Hall Of The Mountain King
Mute GermanyINT 111.84519877"0 

A: Victim Of Love (Remix)
B: The Soldier's Return
Mute GermanyINT 111.84919877"1 
Depeche Mode

A: Strangelove
B: Pimpf
Mute GermanyINT 111.848Apr 19877"18.0
Depeche Mode

A: Never Let Me Down Again
B: Pleasure, Little Treasure
Mute GermanyINT 111.850Aug 19877"0 

A: The Circus (Remix)
B: The Circus (Decay Mix)
Mute GermanyINT 111.852Sep 19877"27.0
I Start Counting

A: Lose Him (Edit)
B: See How It Cuts
Mute GermanyINT 111.85519887"0 

A: Ship Of Fools
B: When I Needed You
Mute GermanyINT 111.85619887"2 
Depeche Mode

A: Little 15
B: Stjarna
Mute GermanyINT 111.85719887"0 

A: Across The Universe
B: maggie mae (Auf der Lüneburger heide und was gleicht wohl auf erden)
Mute GermanyINT 111.86219887"0 

A: Chains Of Love (Remix)
B: Don't Suppose
Mute GermanyINT 111.86319887"1 

A: Silk Skin Paws
B: German Shepherds
Mute GermanyINT 111.86419887"0 

A: A Little Respect
B: Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor
Mute GermanyINT 111.86919887"1 

Crackers International

A: Stop!
B: Knocking On Your Door
Mute GermanyINT 111.87019887"0 

Crackers International

A1: Stop!
A2: The Hardest Part
B1: Knocking On Your Door
B2: She Won't Be Home
Mute GermanyINT 111.8711988EP0 

A: Drama!
B: Sweet, Sweet Baby
Mute GermanyINT 111.87419897"1 

A: You Surround Me
B: 91 Steps
Mute GermanyINT 111.87619897"0 
Martin L. Gore

A: In A Manner Of Speaking
B: In A Manner Of Speaking
Mute GermanyINT 192.6591989Promo Only 7"0 
Depeche Mode

A: Everything Counts
B: Nothing
Mute GermanyINT 111.872Feb 19897"0 

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