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Nimbus 9 - Label Discography

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Bill Marion

A: Flower Girl
B: Give Me More Love
Nimbus CanadaNN-900019677"2 
The Guess Who?

A: When Friends Fall Out
B: Guess Who Blues
Nimbus CanadaNN-9002Apr 19687"67.0
The Guess Who?

A: Of A Dropping Pin
B: Mr Nothin'
Nimbus CanadaNN-9004Sep 19687"1 
The Guess Who

A: Of A Dropping Pin
B: Maple Fudge
Nimbus CanadaNNS 9007Oct 19687"1 
The Guess Who?

A: These Eyes
B: Lightfoot
Nimbus CanadaNN-9005Nov 19687"0 
Bonnie Dobson

A: Oh What A Beautiful City
Nimbus CanadaT-563851969Promo Only 7"0 
The Guess Who

A: Laughing
B: Undun
Nimbus Canada74-0195Jun 19697"0 
Copper Penny

A: Just A Sweet Little Thing
B: That Was The Game
Nimbus Canada74-0263Aug 19697"0 
The Guess Who

A: No Time
B: Proper Stranger
Nimbus Canada74-0300Nov 19697"2 

A: Funky Sunflower
B: Take My Life
Nimbus Canada74-038419707"0 
The Guess Who

A: American Woman
B: No Sugar Tonight
Nimbus Canada74-0325Feb 19707"0 
The Guess Who

A: Hand Me Down World
B: Runnin' Down The Street
Nimbus Canada74-0367Jun 19707"2 

A: Stop (Wait A Minute)
B: I've Been Hurt Before
Nimbus Canada75-1031Jun 19707"6 
The Guess Who

A: Share The Land
B: Bus Rider
Nimbus Canada74-0388Sep 19707"0 
The Guess Who

A: Hang Onto Your Life
B: Do You Miss Me Darlin'
Nimbus Canada74-0414Dec 19707"0 

A: Second Time Around The Woodpile
B: Sending Money
Nimbus CanadaNNS-901419717"1 
The Guess Who

A: Broken
B: Albert Flasher
Nimbus Canada74-0458Mar 19717"1 
The Guess Who

A: Rain Dance
B: One Divided
Nimbus Canada74-0522Jun 19717"0 
The Guess Who

A: Sour Suite
B: Life In The Bloodstream
Nimbus Canada74-0578Oct 19717"1 
Robbie McDougall

A: The Theme
B: Why I'm Sad
Nimbus 9 Canada74-071319727"0 
Ursa Major

A: Liberty And Justice
B: Lay Me Down
Nimbus 9 Canada74-079119727"1 

A: Every Living Thing
B: Sadness
Nimbus 9 CanadaNNS-901819727"0 
The Guess Who

A: Heartbroken Bopper
B: Arrivederci Girl
Nimbus 9 Canada74-0659Jan 19727"09.0
The Guess Who

A: Guns, Guns, Guns
B: Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday
Nimbus 9 Canada74-0708Apr 19727"0 
The Guess Who

A: Running Back To Saskatoon
B: Glace Bay Blues
Nimbus 9 Canada74-0803Sep 19727"1 
The Guess Who

A: Follow Your Daughter Home
B: Bye Bye Babe
Nimbus 9 Canada74-0880Dec 19727"1 
The Guess Who

A: Orly
B: The Watcher
Nimbus Canada74-0926Mar 19737"0 
The Guess Who

A: Glamour Boy
B: Lie Down
Nimbus 9 Canada74-0977May 19737"0 
Guess Who

A: Star Baby
B: Musicione
Nimbus 9 CanadaAPB0-021719747"0 
The Guess Who

A: Clap For The Wolfman
B: Road Food
Nimbus 9 CanadaAPB0-0324May 19747"0 
The Guess Who

A: Dancin' Fool
B: Seems Like I Can't Live With You, But I Can't Live Without You
Nimbus 9 CanadaPB-10075Oct 19747"0 
Doug Steiger

A: Strawberry Canyon
B: Am I Ready
Nimbus 9 CanadaNNS-902119757"0 
The Guess Who

A: Loves Me Like A Brother
B: Hoe Down Time
Nimbus 9 CanadaPB-10216Feb 19757"0 
The Guess Who

A: Rosanne
B: Dreams
Nimbus 9 CanadaPB-10360Jul 19757"0 
The Poles

A: C.N. Tower
B: Prime Time
Nimbus 9 CanadaNN-31319777"3 

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