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A: Got The Feeling
B: Come And Get Me
[none] AustraliaMX-3637 / MX-363819597"1 
M. Dover - Marshall

A: Summer Storm
B: Where Have You Been
[none] AustraliaS4KM - 05651965Promo Only 7"3 
January The Twenty Sixth

Gordon Boyd And Ensemble

A1: Rum For Your Money

The Flanagans And Chorus

A2: We're Going To The Goldfields

Lana Cantrell

A3: Who Are We?


B1: See The World

Lana Cantrell

B2: Forget It!

The Flanagans

B3: Look At It Now!

Original Cast Recording

B4: Who Are We? (Reprise And Finale)
[none] AustraliaMX154387/81967EP0 
The Lost Wanderers

A1: Moving On
A2: Great Day
B1: Rattler
B2: The Unicorn
[none] AustraliaMX-285711967EP0 
A Groovin' With Coca-Cola / A Groovin' With Coke

The Executives [Australia]

A1: Things Go Better With Coca-Cola

Johnny Farnham

A2: Things Go Better With Coca-Cola

The Twilights [Australia]

A3: Things Go Better With Coca-Cola

The Groove

A4: Things Go Better With Coca-Cola

The Executives [Australia]

B1: Summerhill Road
[none] AustraliaPRS 20281968Promo Only 7"0 
[no artist listed]

Very Now The Time To Bowling Go!

A: Very Now The Time To Bowling Go! - Vocal
B: Very Now The Time To Bowling Go! - Instrumental
[none] Australia1969Promo Only 7"0 
The Will Downer Sounds

A: South's Victory Song
B: Bunny Hop
[none] AustraliaMX156429 / MX15643019697"0 
[no artist listed]

The Pinafore Vericose Emory Trussing Bush Story And Other Chrysler Parts Radio Commercials

A1: The Pinafore Vericose Emory Trussing Bush Story.
A2: The Party.
A3: The Traveller
A4: The Eye Of Goliath
A5: Do You Work Here?
A6: Authors In The News
[none] Australia1970Flexi0 

A1: Zivjela Croatia
B1: Pisi Mi Mati
B2: Daleko Je Moje Selo Malo
[none] AustraliaAPKS-061119717"0 
Jullien Tomé

A: Strangers In The Night
B: 1. Unter Der Roten Latterne Von St. Pauli; 2. Schon Ist Die Liebe In Hafen; 3. Auf Der Reeperbahn Nachts Um Halb Eins
[none] AustraliaTMS-25219717"1 
[no artist listed]

A: [unknown]
B: [unknown]
[none] AustraliaNCP-08119727"1 
Ladhams Sisters

A: You Make Me Feel So Young
B: It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
[none] AustraliaNCP-09019727"1 
The Sounds Of Avondale

The Avondale Singers

A1: Hallelujah Chorus

Wolfgang Stefani

A2: Fantasie Impromptu C Minor

David Clark

B1: Toccata And Fugue In D Minor

The Avondale Singers

B2: Altar Song
[none] AustraliaAST 5071974EP0 
James Elliott

A: The Streak
B: Albert And The Lion
[none] AustraliaSTR000119747"0 
Saga [Australia]

A: Cover Of The Canberra Times
B: The Frog Song
[none] AustraliaJF-119767"7 
Bill Wallace

Scottish Entertainer

A1: Marching Through The Heather
A2: Here's To The Gordons
B1: Waiting For Sheila
B2: Take Me Back
[none] AustraliaMA-71651977EP1 

A1: Dowanna Love
A2: Hate
B1: Nobody Wants Me
[none] AustraliaMA 71911977EP1 

A1: Angelina
A2: Saturday Heartbreak
B1: Down In The City
B2: Every Time Before Midnight
[none] AustraliaPPE-10011977EP0 
Smokey Dawson

A: Fire Fighting Man
B: Fierce Red Steer
[none] Australia19787"0 
Razar [Australia]

A: Stamp Out Disco
B: Task Force (Undercover Cops)
[none] AustraliaAB-00219787"18.0

A: Another Night
B: Love The One You're With
[none] AustraliaANJI-319787"2 
The Victims

A: Television Addict
B: (I'm) Flipped Out Over You
[none] AustraliaMX4681319787"110.0
News [Australia]

A: Dirty Lies
B: Chop Chop Chop
[none] AustraliaNEWS 119787"1 
[no artist listed]

A: Let Me Change The Colour Of Your Day
[none] AustraliaPRS-25601978Promo Only 7"3 
The Victims

No Thanks To The Human Turd

A1: I Understand
A2: Open Your Eyes
A3: High School Girls
B1: T.V. Freak
B2: Disco Junkies
[none] AustraliaSMX 468711978EP18.0
The Manikins

A: I Never Thought I'd Find Someone Who Would Be So Kind
B: Radio World
[none] AustraliaSMX-4690319787"0 
Proles [Australia]

Recorded At York St.

A: Police
B: Underground
[none] Australia19797"1 
Sputniks [Australia]

A: Our Boys
B: Second Glance
[none] Australia19797"0 
The Bullamakankas

A: Murwillumbah Bank Job
B: Bullamakanka Bluegrass Bloose
[none] Australia19797"0 
Dead Livers

A: Grandpa
B: Ballad Of A Dead Liver
[none] Australia19797"1 
The Credits

A: It's You
B: Fazed Dazed
[none] AustraliaFV 00119797"0 
James Griffin [Australia]

I Smoke Money

A1: I Smoke Money
A2: I Thought It Was You On The Boulevard
B1: Australia Is Just A Suburb Of The USA
B2: Too Hip To Stumble (And Too Straight To Fall)
[none] AustraliaJG-0011979EP2 
X [Australia]

A: I Don't Wanna Go Out
B: Waiting
[none] AustraliaPRS 272119797"0 
The Manikins

Models 4 Mankind

A: Premonition
B: Laugh Too Loud
[none] AustraliaSMX-4696919797"2 
Agents [Australia]

A1: Suburbs Of The Heart
B1: Night People
B2: Behind The Noise
[none] AustraliaAG-119807"19.0
The Ears

Leap For Lunch

A: Leap For Lunch
B: The Crater
[none] AustraliaMA-734319807"0 
The Matchbox Band

A: Juggling Time
B: Dirty Money
[none] AustraliaMA-737019807"1 
The Manikins

A1: Love At Second Sight
B1: Nuisance
B2: All I Care About
[none] AustraliaSMX-55051 / SMX-55052Oct 19807"1 
The End [Australia]

A: My Confession
B: White World
[none] Australia19817"0 
Billy Windsor

A: Mrs Prince Of Wales
B: One For The Kids
[none] Australia19817"0 

A: Fun Loving
B: Anything I Can Do
[none] Australia1326619817"1 
The Will Upson Band

A1: Tigerland
A2: Dixie Tigerland
A3: Disco Tigerland
B1: Tiger Rag
[none] AustraliaMA-74511981EP0 
Bush Turkey

Buttongrass Band

A1: Quay Hotel
A2: Persian Rug
B1: Way Down Town
B2: Alabama Jubilee
B3: Heavy Traffic
[none] AustraliaMA 74711981EP0 
Ray Burgess

A: The Golden City
B: Rachel's Song
[none] AustraliaMX198739 / MX19874019817"0 
Stagecoach Country Band

A: Evonne
B: Yodelling Guitars (Instrumental)
[none] AustraliaSCB-00119817"1 
Quick And The Dead

Another Violent Night

A1: Child Molester
A2: Love Triangle's
B1: Pyramid Party
B2: Nothing For You
B3: Frontal Labotomy
[none] AustraliaAY 81May 1981EP1 

Happy Birthday

A1: I Want To Be Alone
A2: Let You Go
B1: What You Need
B2: Why Do I Cry
[none] AustraliaJul 1981EP1 
The Cockroaches

A: Used To Be
B: (She Goes) On And On
[none] AustraliaAug 19817"1 
Agents [Australia]

A: Merciless Cinema
B: Manhattan Project
[none] AustraliaAG-2Nov 19817"69.0
Geoff Chapman

A: Who Am I?
B: First Prayer
[none] AustraliaGC 00119827"0 

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