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Octagon - Label Discography

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Peter Lewis And The King Pins

A: Be My Guest
B: Ding-A-Ling
Octagon New ZealandOCT.00219607"0 
Eddie Butler With Nev. Byrnes And The King Pins

A: Hot Rod Lincoln

Nev. Byrnes And The King Pins

B: Caravan
Octagon New ZealandOCT.00319607"0 
Gino Paoli

A: La Gatta
B: Co-Eds
Octagon New ZealandOCT.00619607"0 
Emil Pericoli

A: Angel Of Love (Ciao, Baby, Ciao)
B: L'Air De Paris
Octagon New ZealandOCT.00719607"0 
Bobby Curtola And The Don Trio

A: Hand In Hand With You

The Don Trio

B: Johnny Take Your Time
Octagon New ZealandOCT.00819607"1 
Vince Callaher

A: (The World Of) Suzy Wong
B: Six Little Candles
Octagon New ZealandOCT.00919607"0 
Ray Ellington

A: Dracula's Three Daughters
B: Tres Jolie
Octagon New ZealandOCT.01019617"0 
Matt Monro

A: Quite Suddenly
B: The Ghost Of Your Past
Octagon New ZealandOCT.01119617"0 
Larry Lawrence And The Beatniks

A: Jug-A-Roo
B: Squad Car Theme
Octagon New ZealandOCT.01219617"0 
Ray Merrell

A: Teenage Love
B: Why Did You Leave Me
Octagon New ZealandOCT.01319617"0 
The Hi-Lites And The Robert Walton Trio

A: Manhatton Spiritual
B: Deep Purple
Octagon New ZealandOCT.01619617"0 
Kevin Shegog

A: One Small Photograph
B: Little Kangaroo
Octagon New ZealandOCT.01719617"1 
Mike Buckler

A: Wild Wind
B: Stick With Me Baby
Octagon New ZealandOCT.01819627"0 
Kevin Shegog And The Gold-Toppers

A: Jambalaya
B: Knoxville Girl
Octagon New ZealandOCT.01919627"0 
The Twisters

A: Peppermint Twist Time
B: Silly Chili
Octagon New ZealandOCT.02019627"0 
Kevin Shegog And The Jack Varney Group

A: I'm So In Love With You
B: A Prayer For Baby
Octagon New ZealandOCT.02119627"0 
Carter, Lewis And The Southerners

A: Two Timing Baby
B: Will It Happen To Me
Octagon New ZealandOCT.02319627"0 
Graham Bartlett Combo

A: A Love Is Born
B: Theme From The Boy Who Stole A Million
Octagon New ZealandOCT.02419627"0 
Ronnie And The Hi-Lites

A: I Wish That We Were Married
B: Twistin' And Kissin'
Octagon New ZealandOCT.02519627"0 
Mike Buckler

A: Sing
B: It Keeps On A-Hurtin' (After You're Gone)
Octagon New ZealandOCT.02619627"0 
Dennis Turner

A: Lover Please
B: Give Me Something
Octagon New ZealandOCT.02719627"0 
Frankie Davidson With The Sapphires

A: Have You Ever Been To See King's Cross
B: I Can't Do The Twist
Octagon New ZealandOCT.02819627"0 
Lyn Peoples

A: Softly As I Leave You
B: Bamboo
Octagon New ZealandOCT.02919627"0 
Kevin Shegog

A: Wolverton Mountain
B: You Weren't Invited But You Were There
Octagon New ZealandOCT.03119627"0 
Mike Buckler

A: Swingin' Down The Lane
B: I'm Coming Home
Octagon New ZealandOCT.03319627"0 
Rudy And The Crystals

A: Southern Rora
B: Danube Waves
Octagon New ZealandOCT.03419627"1 
Glynis Petrie

A: Oh My Angel
B: I Close My Eyes
Octagon New ZealandOCT.03519627"0 
Dorothy Baker

A: I'm The Girl From Wolverton Mountain
B: My Achin' Heart
Octagon New ZealandOCT.03619627"0 
Frankie Davidson With The Sapphires

A: My Home Town
B: I've Been In Love Before
Octagon New ZealandOCT.03719627"0 
The Spotnicks

A: Orange Blossom Special
B: The Spotnicks Theme
Octagon New ZealandOCT.03819627"0 
Kevin Shegog

A: Fall-Out Shelter
B: Your Answer To Me
Octagon New ZealandOCT.03919627"0 
The Coachmen [New Zealand]

A: The Burning Of Atlanta
B: Scotch And Soda
Octagon New ZealandOCT.04019627"1 
The Firebirds [Australia]

A: The Longest Day
B: Piper's Guitar
Octagon New ZealandOCT.04119627"0 
The King Pins [New Zealand]

A: A Moi De Payer (The Payoff)
B: Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Octagon New ZealandOCT.04319627"0 
The Pulchritudinous Pocabana Popsies

A: Here We Go Quietly Nuts In May

The Venusian Girls Choir

B: Think Pink
Octagon New ZealandNUTZ-00119637"1 
Kevin Shegog

A: I've Got The World By The Tail
B: Big Lazy Old River
Octagon New ZealandOCT-04419637"0 
Colin Cook With The Thin Men And The Strangers

A: It's Up To You
B: Just Another Rumour
Octagon New ZealandOCT-04519637"110.0
Ned Miller

A: From A Jack To A King
B: Parade Of Broken Hearts
Octagon New ZealandOCT-04619637"1 
Rudy And The Crystals

A: Raincloud
B: Limbo Minstrel
Octagon New ZealandOCT-04719637"0 
Frankie Davidson

A: Yabba Dabba Doo
B: I Care For You
Octagon New ZealandOCT-04919637"0 
Del Stanton

A: One Broken Heart For Sale
B: Go On Back You Fool
Octagon New ZealandOCT-05019637"0 
The Phantoms [New Zealand]

A: Stampede
B: Midnight
Octagon New ZealandOCT-05119637"0 
Dorothy Baker

A: Darling
B: It's Over Now
Octagon New ZealandOCT-05319637"0 
The Coachmen [New Zealand]

A: Fast Freight
B: Roddy McCorley
Octagon New ZealandOCT-05419637"0 
The Sheratons

A: Peanuts
B: Keep The Hall Lights Burning
Octagon New ZealandOCT-05519637"3 
Del Stanton

A: I Think I'm Falling In Love
B: Cover Girl
Octagon New ZealandOCT-05619637"0 
Ned Miller

A: The Man Behind The Gun
B: One Among The Many
Octagon New ZealandOCT-05719637"0 
The Sheratons

A: Bony Moronie
B: In Self Defence
Octagon New ZealandOCT-05819637"0 
The Sheratons

A: Surf City
B: Hi-Lili Hi-Lo
Octagon New ZealandOCT-06219637"0 
Ken Lemon

A: Detroit City
B: Moody River
Octagon New ZealandOCT-06319637"0 

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