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Ode - Label Discography

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The Blossoms

A: Wonderful
B: Stoney End
Ode USAZS7 101Apr 19677"49.0
Giant Sunflower

A: February Sunshine
B: Big Apple
Ode USAZS7 102Apr 19677"0 
Scott McKenzie

A: San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)
B: What's The Difference
Ode USAZS7-1034 May 19677"89.0
Scott McKenzie

A: San Francisco "Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair"
B: San Francisco "Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair"
Ode USAZS7-103Jul 1967Promo Only 7"8 
The Giant Sunflower

A: What's So Good About Goodbye
B: Mark Twain
Ode USAZS7 104Aug 19677"18.0
Scott McKenzie

A: Like An Old Time Movie
B: What's The Difference - Chapter II
Ode USAZS7-105Sep 19677"2 
The Blossoms

A: Cry Like A Baby
B: Wonderful
Ode USAZS7-106Dec 19677"010.0

A: Here I Stand
B: Widow
Ode USAZS7-11619687"0 
Scott McKenzie

A: Holy Man
B: What's The Difference (Chapter Three)
Ode USAZS7-107Mar 19687"36.0

A: Mechanical World
B: Uncle Jack
Ode USAZS7 108May 19687"810.0

A: Mechanical World
B: Mechanical World
Ode USAZS7-108May 1968Promo Only 7"0 
The Comfortable Chair

A: Be Me
B: Some Soon, Some Day
Ode USAZS7 109Aug 19687"0 
Stormy And Gabbriel

A: Go Now
B: Comin' Dowm
Ode USAZS7-110Sep 19687"410.0
The Comfortable Chair

A: I'll See You
B: Now
Ode USAZS7 112Oct 19687"1 
The City

A: Snow Queen
B: Paradise Alley
Ode USAZS7 113Oct 19687"09.5

A: I Got A Line On You
B: She Smiles
Ode USAZS7 115Oct 19687"48.0

A: I Got A Line On You
B: I Got A Line On You
Ode USAZS7 115Oct 1968Promo Only 7"0 
Peggy Lipton

A: Stoney End
B: San Francisco Glide
Ode USAZS7 114Nov 19687"6 
Peggy Lipton

A: Red Clay County Line
B: Just A Little Lovin' (Early In The Morning)
Ode USAZS7- 11819697"2 
The City

A: That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)
B: Why Are You Leaving
Ode USAZS7 119May 19697"0 
Billy Storm

A: Tonight I'll Be Staying With You
B: Coal Mine
Ode USAZS7-120Jun 19697"06.0
Brothers And Sisters Featuring Merry Clayton

A: The Mighty Quinn

Brothers And Sisters

B: Chimes of Freedom
Ode USAZS7-12122 Aug 19697"0 

A: Dark Eyed Woman
B: New Dope In Town
Ode USAZS7 122Sep 19697"0 
The Brothers And Sisters Of Los Angeles Featuring Merry Clayton

A: The Times They Are A-Changin'
B: Mr. Tambourine Man
Ode USAZS7-123Nov 19697"1 
Peggy Lipton

A: Lu
B: Lu
Ode USAZS7-124Nov 1969Promo Only 7"0 
Peggy Lipton

A: Lu
B: Let Me Pass By
Ode USAZS7-124Nov 19697"2 
The Blossoms

A: Stoney End
B: Wonderful
Ode USAZS7-125Nov 19697"010.0

A: From Africa With Love
B: Savin' All My Love
Ode USAZS7-126Dec 19697"0 

A: 1984
B: Sweet Stella Baby
Ode USAZS7 12810 Dec 19697"410.0
Peggy Lipton

A: Wear Your Love Like Heaven
B: Honey Won't Let Me
Ode USAOD-66001Apr 19707"3 
Dan Greer

A: Curiosity Killed The Cat
B: I Remember Mama
Ode USAODE-66002Apr 19707"0 
Merry Clayton

A: Gimme Shelter
B: Good Girls
Ode USAODE-66003May 19707"29.0
Jumbo [Ode]

A: Not So Bad
B: Tell The People
Ode USAODE-66004Jul 19707"0 
The Children [Texas]

A: From The Very Start
B: Such A Fine Night
Ode USAODE-66005Aug 19707"1 
Carole King

A: Up On The Roof
B: Eventually
Ode USAODE-66006Aug 19707"2 
Merry Clayton

A: Country Road
B: Forget It, I Got It
Ode USAODE-66007Sep 19707"0 
Ole Blue

A: People Come, People Go [Mono]
B: People Come, People Go [Stereo]
Ode USAODE-66008Oct 1970Promo Only 7"0 
Don Everly

A: Tumbling Tumbleweeds
B: Only Me
Ode USAODE-66009Nov 19707"0 
Merry Clayton

A: Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing (Black National Hymn) [Mono]
B: Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing (Black National Hymn) [Stereo]
Ode USAODE-66011Dec 1970Promo Only 7"1 
Scott McKenzie

A: Going Home Again
B: Take A Moment
Ode USAODE-66012Dec 19707"0 
The Children [Texas]

A: Hand Of A Lady
B: Fire Ring
Ode USAODE-66013Jan 19717"08.0
Mark Guerrero

A: Lila, Love Me Tonight
B: Dare I Touch You, Marylou
Ode USAODE-66014Mar 19717"0 
Carole King

A: It's Too Late
B: I Feel The Earth Move
Ode USAODE-6601516 Apr 19717"249.2
Beach Boys

A: Wouldn't It Be Nice [Mono]
B: Wouldn't It Be Nice [Stereo]
Ode USAODE-6601623 Apr 1971Promo Only 7"0 
Beach Boys

A: Wouldn't It Be Nice

Merry Clayton

B: The Times They Are A Changin'
Ode USAODE-6601623 Apr 19717"0 
Carole King


A1: You've Got A Friend
A2: Smackwater Jack
B1: Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
B2: Where You Lead
Ode USALLP-77009May 1971Special Edition 7"49.0

A: Bayou Country
B: Kentucky Home
Ode USAODE-66017May 19717"1 
Merry Clayton

A: After All This Time
B: Whatever
Ode USAODE-66018Jul 19717"2 
Carole King

A: So Far Away
B: Smackwater Jack
Ode USAODE-66019Aug 19717"59.8
Merry Clayton

A: After All This Time
B: Steamroller
Ode USAODE-66020Oct 19717"0 

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