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Old Gold - Label Discography

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See also Old Gold's Rock&Roll Revival label (1980-82)
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Bobby Darin

A: Dream Lover
B: Mack The Knife
Old Gold UKOG 9017Jul 19797"1 
Everly Brothers

A: Bird Dog
B: Devoted To You
Old Gold UKOG 9018Jul 19797"3 
The Earls

A: Remember Then

Billy Bland

B: Let The Little Girl Dance
Old Gold UKOG 9019Jul 19827"0 
Jewel Akens

A: The Birds And The Bees

The Fendermen

B: Muleskinner Blues
Old Gold UKOG 9020Jul 1979Unreleased0 

A: Baby, Come Back
B: Hold Me Closer
Old Gold UKOG 9021Jul 19797"18.0
Trini Lopez

A1: If I Had A Hammer
B1: La Bamba
B2: Lemon Tree
Old Gold UKOG 902219807"6 
Ray Stevens

A: The Streak
B: Misty
Old Gold UKOG 902319807"1 

A: I Can't Control Myself
B: Give It To Me
Old Gold UKOG 9024Dec 19797"0 

A: Viva Bobby Joe
B: I Can't Let You Go
Old Gold UKOG 902519797"1 
Barry Blue

A: Do You Wanna Dance
B: Miss Hit And Run
Old Gold UKOG 9026Feb 19807"0 

A: Terry
B: Golden Lights
Old Gold UKOG 9027Jan 19807"19.0
Paper Lace

A: Billy Don't Be A Hero
B: The Night Chicago Died
Old Gold UKOG 9028Feb 19807"010.0
Ritchie Valens

A: Donna
B: La Bamba
Old Gold UKOG 902919807"0 
Gene Chandler

A: Duke Of Earl

Billy Preston

B: Billy's Bag
Old Gold UKOG 903013 Jul 19797"1 
Barry Blue

A: Dancing (On A Saturday Night)
B: School Love
Old Gold UKOG 90317 Sep 19797"2 
Bob And Earl

A: Harlem Shufle

Jackie Lee [Soul]

B: The Duck
Old Gold UKOG 90327 Sep 19797"09.0
The Equals

A: Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys
B: Happy Birthday Girl
Old Gold UKOG 90337 Sep 19797"0 
Don Fardon

A: Indian Reservation
B: Dreamin' Room
Old Gold UKOG 90347 Sep 19797"2 
Blue Mink

A: Melting Pot
B: Gimme Reggae
Old Gold UKOG 90357 Sep 19797"07.0
Ray Stevens

A: Bridget The Midget
B: Everything Is Beautiful
Old Gold UKOG 90367 Sep 19797"0 
Blackfoot Sue

A: Standing In The Road
B: Summer (From The Season's Suite)
Old Gold UKOG 90377 Sep 19797"2 
The Troggs

A: Love Is All Around
B: Any Way That You Want Me
Old Gold UKOG 90387 Sep 19797"04.0
Vanity Fare

A: Hitchin' A Ride
B: Early In The Morning
Old Gold UKOG 90397 Sep 19797"28.5
Rare Bird

A: Sympathy
B: Beautiful Scarlet
Old Gold UKOG 90407 Sep 19797"0 
The Seekers

A: The Carnival Is Over
B: Morningtown Ride
Old Gold UKOG 904126 Oct 19797"0 
Ken Dodd

A: Tears
B: The River
Old Gold UKOG 904226 Oct 19797"1 
Frank Ifield

A: I Remember You
B: Lovesick Blues
Old Gold UKOG 904326 Oct 19797"15.0
Solomon King

A: She Wears My Ring
B: I Get That Feeling Over You
Old Gold UKOG 904426 Oct 19797"2 
Vince Hill

A: Edelweiss
B: Roses Of Picardy
Old Gold UKOG 904526 Oct 19797"1 
Danny Williams

A: Moon River
B: Wonderful World Of The Young
Old Gold UKOG 904626 Oct 19797"0 
Russ Conway

A: Side Saddle
B: Roulette
Old Gold UKOG 904726 Oct 19797"1 
Elias And His Zig-Zag Jive Flutes

A: Tom Hark
B: Ry Ry
Old Gold UKOG 904826 Oct 19797"0 
Michael Holiday

A: The Story Of My Life
B: Starry Eyed
Old Gold UKOG 904926 Oct 19797"110.0
Johnny Pearson

A: Sleepy Shores
B: Old World Charm
Old Gold UKOG 905026 Oct 19797"0 

A: Lollipop

Gogi Grant

B: The Wayward Wind
Old Gold UKOG 9051Apr 19807"0 
Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group Featuring Nancy Whiskey

A: Freight Train
B: Greenback Dollar
Old Gold UKOG 9052Nov 19807"1 
Russ Hamilton

A: We Will Make Love
B: Rainbow
Old Gold UKOG 9053Nov 19807"09.0
The Kingsmen

A: Louie Louie
B: The Jolly Green Giant
Old Gold UKOG 905419807"1 
Marcello Minerbi

A: Zorba's Dance

Nini Rosso

B: Il Silenzio
Old Gold UKOG 9055Apr 19807"0 

A: Poison Ivy
B: Charlie Brown
Old Gold UKOG 905619807"0 
The Cascades

A: Rhythm Of The Rain
B: Shy Girl
Old Gold UKOG 905719807"1 
John Fred And His Playboy Band

A: Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)
B: When The Lights Go Out
Old Gold UKOG 9058Jan 19807"0 
Percy Faith And His Orchestra

A: Theme From 'A Summer Place'

Bill Pursell

B: Our Winter Love
Old Gold UKOG 9059Nov 19807"1 
Everly Brothers

A: Bye Bye Love
B: I Wonder If I Care As Much
Old Gold UKOG 9060Jul 19807"28.0
Everly Brothers

A: Wake Up Little Susie
B: Maybe Tomorrow
Old Gold UKOG 9061Jul 19807"0 
Everly Brothers

A: All I Have To Do Is Dream
B: Claudette
Old Gold UKOG 9062Jul 19807"0 
Everly Brothers

A: Problems
B: Love Of My Life
Old Gold UKOG 9063Jul 19807"0 
Everly Brothers

A: Poor Jenny
B: Take A Message To Mary
Old Gold UKOG 9064Jul 19807"1 
Everly Brothers

A: ('Til) I Kissed You
B: Oh What A Feeling
Old Gold UKOG 9065Jul 19807"1 
Everly Brothers

A: Let It Be Me
B: Since You Broke My Heart
Old Gold UKOG 9066Jul 19807"0 

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