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One Little Indian - Label Discography

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The Sugarcubes

A: Birthday
B: Birthday (Icelandic)
One Little Indian UK7 TP 7Sep 19877"69.0
The Very Things

A: Let's Go Out!
B: Let's Go Out! (Instrumental)
One Little Indian UK7 TP 830 Nov 19877"2 
The Sugarcubes

A: Coldsweat
B: Dragon (Icelandic)
One Little Indian UK7 TP 918 Jan 19887"18.0
The Sugarcubes

A: Deus

Johnny Triumph And The Sugarcubes

B: Luftgitar
One Little Indian UK7 TP 10Apr 19887"09.0
The Sugarcubes

A: Birthday
B: Christmas
One Little Indian UK7 TP 11Aug 19887"410.0
They Might Be Giants

A: Ana Ng
B: Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon
One Little Indian UK24 TP 719897"0 
Hit The Roof


A: Contact One
B: Contact Two
One Little Indian UK15 TP 715 May 19897"0 
The Sugarcubes

A: Regina
B: Regina (Icelandic)
One Little Indian UK26 TP 74 Sep 19897"0 
The Sugarcubes

A1: Regina
A2: Hot Meat
A3: Hey
B1: Propellor Vs Jet
One Little Indian UK26 TP 7L4 Sep 1989EP0 
The Sugarcubes


A: Birthday
B: Birthday (Icelandic)
One Little Indian UKTP BOX 2Nov 1989Box Set 7"3 
Soul Family Sensation

A: I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby
B: Beat Author (Howl Mix)
One Little Indian UK042TP 719907"0 
The Heart Throbs

A: I Wonder Why
B: Clear As A Bell
One Little Indian UK33 TP7Feb 19907"0 
The Sugarcubes

A: Planet
B: Somersault Version (Planet)
One Little Indian UK32 TP 719 Feb 19907"1 
The Shamen

A: Pro>Gen (Beatmasters Mix)
B: Pro>Gen (Dub Edit)
One Little Indian UK36 TP726 Mar 19907"1 
The Heart Throbs

A: Dreamtime
B: Dreamtime (Mix)
One Little Indian UK39 TP 7Apr 19907"18.5
The Shamen

A: Make It Mine (V 1.3 Lenny D Vox)
B: Make It Mine (V 2.1 Evil Ed)
One Little Indian UK46 TP710 Sep 19907"0 

A: Vote Elvis
B: Thinking About The Weather
One Little Indian UK45 TP7Oct 19907"0 
Kitchens Of Distinction

A: Drive That Fast
B: These Drinkers
One Little Indian UK49 TP 718 Feb 19917"09.0
The Shamen

A: Hyperreal (Orbit Edit)
B: Hyperreal (LP Edit)
One Little Indian UK48 TP725 Mar 19917"1 
Soul Family Sensation

A: I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby (Marshall Jefferson Remix)
B: I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby (Original Edit)
One Little Indian UK47 TP 729 Apr 19917"1 
The Shamen

Move Any Mountain - Progen 91

A: Move Any Mountain (Beat Edit)
B: Move Any Mountain (Rude Edit)
One Little Indian UK52 TP7Jul 19917"1 
Soul Family Sensation

A: Perfect Life (Orinoco Flow Mix)
B: Perfect Life (Chuck New Mix)
One Little Indian UK67TP77 Oct 19917"2 
The Sugarcubes

A: Hit
B: Theft
One Little Indian UK62 TP 730 Dec 19917"1 
Kitchens Of Distinction

A: Breathing Fear
B: Goodbye Voyager
One Little Indian UK59TP719927"2 

A: Monster Mouth
B: Something About You
One Little Indian UK61 TP 719927"0 

A: Airstream - Short But Sweet Mix
B: Road Hog
One Little Indian UK66 TP 719927"0 

A: Too Jung
B: Sun
One Little Indian UK71 TP 719927"0 

A: I'm A Believer
B: 59th Street Bridge Song
One Little Indian UK81 TP 719927"010.0
Eskimos And Egypt

A: State Of Surrender - Original 7"
B: Pro-gress Four Vox 7"
One Little Indian UKEEF 95 S19927"1 
Anna Palm

A: Kites
B: Love Me
One Little Indian UKTPLP 20P19927"0 
Soul Family Sensation

A: The Day You Went Away
B: Other Stuff - Piccadilly Line Mix
One Little Indian UK77TP724 Feb 19927"1 
The Heart Throbs

Spongy Thing

A: Hooligan
B: So Far
One Little Indian UK60TP7Mar 19927"0 
The Sugarcubes

A: Walkabout (Alternative Mix)
B: Stone Drill (In The Rock)
One Little Indian UK72 TP 730 Mar 19927"0 
The Shamen

A: L.S.I. (Beat Edit)
B: L.S.I. (Alternative Edit)
One Little Indian UK68 TP7Jun 19927"19.0
The Heart Throbs

A: She's In A Trance
B: She's In A Trance Remix
One Little Indian UK70 TP 71 Jun 19927"0 
The Shamen

A: Ebeneezer Goode (Beat Edit)
B: Ebeneezer Goode (Shamen Dub)
One Little Indian UK78 TP724 Aug 19927"39.0
The Shamen

A: Boss Drum (Beatmasters Radio Mix)
B: Possible Worlds
One Little Indian UK88 TP7DOct 1992Promo Only 7"0 
The Shamen

A1: Boss Drum (The Beatmasters Radio Mix)
A2: Boss Drum (The Shamen 12 Inch Mix
B1: Omega Amigo (Steve Osborne Mix)
B2: Boss Drum (Justin Robertson Lion Rock Mix)
One Little Indian UK88 TP731 Oct 1992EP0 
The Shamen

A: Phorever People (Beatmasters Heavenly Edit)
B: Hyperreal Orbit
One Little Indian UK98 TP7DDec 1992Promo Only 7"2 
The Shamen

A1: Phorever People (Beatmasters Heavenly Edit)
A2: Phorever People (Shamen Mix)
B1: Phorever People (Shamen Dub)
B2: Hyperreal Orbit
One Little Indian UK98 TP77 Dec 19927"18.0
Credit To The Nation

A: Call It What You Want
B: The Lady Needs Respect
One Little Indian UK94 TP 7May 19937"110.0

A: Venus As A Boy - Edit
B: Venus As A Boy - 7" Dream Mix
One Little Indian UK122 TP723 Aug 19937"79.0
Skunk Anansie

A: Little Baby Swastikkka
One Little Indian UK1994Promo Only 7"1 
Daisy Chainsaw

A: Love Me Forever
B: Diamond Of The Desert
One Little Indian UK100 TP719947"1 
Daisy Chainsaw

A: The Future Free
B: Zebra Head
One Little Indian UK110 TP719947"0 

A: Eating
B: Later With Gas
One Little Indian UKCOMPUL 119947"0 
Credit To The Nation

A: Sowing The Seeds Of Hatred (Radio Friendly Mix)
B: Mr Ego Trip (Credit Mix)
One Little Indian UK134 TP7May 19947"010.0

A: Ugh! Your Ugly Houses
B: This Girl
One Little Indian UK139 TP 719957"0 

A: Army Of Me
B: Army Of Me (instrumental Aba All-stars Mix)
One Little Indian UK16TP7 DMay 1995Promo Only 7"48.0

A: Question Time For The Proles
B: Spotlight Into Space
One Little Indian UK105TP719967"0 

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