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Pacemaker - Label Discography

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Silk 'N Soul

A: Pinch Of Sugar
B: Real Love
Pacemaker USAPM-197219807"0 
Freddy Fender

A: Just Bidin' My Time
B: Wasted Days And Wasted Nights
Pacemaker USAPM-19737"0 
Ray Phillips

A: After What I Been Used To
B: Wish You Were Here
Pacemaker USAPM-19757"0 
Loyce Cotton

A: It's The Little Things You Do
B: Take Me For A Little While
Pacemaker USAPM-19767"27.0
Kool And Together

A: Hey Now Baby
B: Sittin' On A Red Hot Stove
Pacemaker USAPM 19777"0 
Jesse Harrison

A: No Man Is An Island
B: Silhouettes
Pacemaker USAPM-19817"0 
Reggie Forch

A: Filled Up To My Neck
B: Love War
Pacemaker USAPM-19827"0 
The Soul Lovers

A: Gonna Have Fun Tonight
B: It's Alright
Pacemaker USAPM-19837"1 
Gaylan Latimer

A: Shoot Your Best Shot
B: Hitman
Pacemaker USAPM-19847"0 
B. J. Thomas And The Triumphs

A: I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
B: Candy Baby
Pacemaker USAPM-22719657"1 
Gene Evans

A: Bye And Bye
B: Where There's Rain
Pacemaker USAPM-2297"0 
Bruce And Cheryl

A: Cold Lonely Nights
B: Everything's New
Pacemaker USAPM-230Mar 19667"10 
B. J. Thomas

A: Mama
B: Windy
Pacemaker USAPM-23119667"1 
Joe Medwick

A: Wedding Bells
B: You Made Me Love You
Pacemaker USAPM-23219667"1 
Ripp Tyde

A: White Roses
B: Bring It To Me
Pacemaker USAPM-23319657"0 
B. J. Thomas

A: Bring Back The Time
B: I Don't Have A Mind Of My Own
Pacemaker USAPM-23419667"07.0
Jerry McGee

A: I Wonder ?
B: Twilight Zone
Pacemaker USAPM-23619657"1 
The Triumphs [Texas]

A: Better Come Get Her
B: Morticia Baker
Pacemaker USAPM-23819667"0 
B. J. Thomas

A: Tomorrow Never Comes
B: Your Tears Leave Me Cold
Pacemaker USAPM-23919657"0 
Johnny Adams

A: Spunky Onions
B: A Place Called Home
Pacemaker USAPM-24019657"1 
Yancy Bond

A: My Baby's Calling
B: Keep Walking On
Pacemaker USAPM-24119667"5 
Jim Jones And The Chaunteys

A: Playboy
B: The Rain Came
Pacemaker USAPM-24219667"16.0
Johnny Winter

A: Birds Can't Row Boats
B: Leavin' Blues
Pacemaker USAPM-24319667"0 
Dean Scott

A: Heartaches By The Number
B: Don't You Know Right From Wrong
Pacemaker USAPM-2457"0 
Ronnie Milsap

A: Wishing You Were Here
B: A Loving Background (Instrumental)
Pacemaker USAPM-24619657"1 
Chris Crosby

A: I Can Make The Raindrops Fall
B: You're My World
Pacemaker USAPM-24819657"0 
Johnny Adams

A: When I'll Stop Loving You
B: (Sometimes) A Man Will Shed A Few Tears Too
Pacemaker USAPM-24919667"1 
The Greek Fountains

A: I'm A Boy
B: She Does It
Pacemaker USAPM-25019667"1 
Lee Maye

A: Jes' Lookin'
B: Fools Rush In
Pacemaker USAPM-25219677"0 
The Traits

A: Too Good To Be True
B: Gotta Keep My Cool
Pacemaker USAPM-25419667"0 
Johnny Adams

A: Operator
B: Let Them Talk
Pacemaker USAPM-25519667"1 
B. J. Thomas

A: I Can't Help It
B: Baby Cried
Pacemaker USAPM-2567"0 
Gaylan Ladd

A: My Life, My Love
B: Repulsive Situation
Pacemaker USAPM-257May 19677"19.0
Sir Douglas Quintet

A: Blue Norther
B: Sugar Bee
Pacemaker USAPM-26019677"2 
Robert Jay

A: Nobody's Child
B: Whoever Heard Of A Love Like This
Pacemaker USAPM-2617"0 
Yesterday's Obsession

A: Complicated Mind
B: The Phycle
Pacemaker USAPM-26219687"29.0
Rain Allison

A: A Woman's World
B: Big Chief Tellum Lies
Pacemaker USAPM-2637"0 
James Anderson Parkway

A: I Was Born A Free Man
B: Free And Easy Life
Pacemaker USAPM-8017"1 
Roy Head

A: Neighbor, Neighbor
B: The Same People (That You Meet Going Up You Meet Coming Down)
Pacemaker USAPM-8037"0 

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