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Palette - Label Discography

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  Netherlands  179
  UK  44
  Belgium  38
  USA  31
  Germany  20
  New Zealand  11
  France  9
  Italy  3
  Norway  3
  Australia  1
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Louis Neefs

A: 'T Was Altijd Zo...
B: De Reuzen Dansen
Palette BelgiumPB 40.06919617"0 
The Harmonica Boys

A: Luna De Estoril
B: Yalta Melody
Palette BelgiumPB 40.07219617"4 
Will Tura

A1: Ik Wacht Op Jou
A2: Zwervend Klein Hondje (Little Lost Puppy)
B1: Dat Was Verkeerd
B2: In Mijn Droom (Si Un Jour)
Palette BelgiumEPPB 72431962EP0 
Buddy Bow

A: Twisting In The Jungle
B: Twistology
Palette BelgiumPB 40.12119627"1 
Vince Taylor

A: I'll Be Your Hero
B: Jet Black Machine
Palette BelgiumPB 40.12719627"0 
Will Tura

A: Eenzaam Zonder Jou
B: Je Huilt Meisjelief
Palette BelgiumPB 40.14519627"0 
Will Tura

A: Ik Wacht Op Jou
B: Dat Was Verkeered
Palette BelgiumPB 40.15719637"13 
The Cousins [Belgium]

A: Anda!
B: Wadiya
Palette BelgiumPB 40.15819637"0 
The Cousins [Belgium]

A: Boomeranga
B: Dansevise (Where Are You Now?)
Palette BelgiumPB 40.16019637"0 
Will Tura

A: Je Liegt (Als Je Zegt ,, Ik Hou Van Jou")
B: Zeg, Ben Je Bang Voor Mij?
Palette BelgiumPB 40.16519637"0 
The Cousins [Belgium]

A: S.O.S.
B: Tel-Aviv
Palette BelgiumPB 40.16619637"0 
Sophie Pascal

A: Je Ne Frapperai Plus A Ta Porte (I Ain't Gonna Knock On Your Door)
B: Tant Pis Pour Moi (I Don't Care Anymore)
Palette BelgiumPB 40.18419647"1 
Will Tura

A: Telephone A 32.20.03 (Lonesome 7-7203)
B: PourQuoi Dis-Tu Toujours "Mañana"?
Palette BelgiumPB 40.21019647"0 
Michel Polnareff

A1: La Poupee Qui Fait Non
A2: Chere Veronique
B1: Beatnick
B2: Ce Que Je Cherche Est En Toi
Palette BelgiumEPPB 72691966EP0 
The Klan

A: Already Mine
B: Stop Little Girl
Palette BelgiumPB 25.45519667"1 
Jacques Ysaye And His Orchestra

A: Chinese Lantern Feast (Ten-Long)
B: Allahabad (Pearl Of The East)
Palette BelgiumPB 25.45919667"29.0
Ariane [France]

A: 1.2.3.
B: Ice Cream
Palette BelgiumPB 40.25319667"1 
Ariane [France]

A: C'est Pour Toi
B: Tu Voudrais Que J'Oublie
Palette BelgiumPB 45.23119667"1 
The Klan

A1: Already Mine
A2: Wait And See
B1: Stop Little Girl
B2: Out Of Line
Palette BelgiumEPPB 72771967EP0 
Ariane [France]

A: Nicolas
B: Le Gemeaux
Palette BelgiumPB 25.50019677"0 
Michel Polnareff

A: Ta, Ta, Ta, Ta
B: Le Pauv' Guitariste
Palette BelgiumPB 25.50819677"3 
Will Tura

A: De Zigeuner
B: Een Huisje Bij De Zee
Palette BelgiumPB 25.52719677"1 

A: No Presents For Me
B: The Sun Shines From His Eyes
Palette BelgiumPB 25.54819677"0 
Dee Dee [Andrée Giroud]

A: Love Is Always
B: Pancho
Palette BelgiumPB 25.57919677"0 
Brenton Wood

A: The Oogum Boogum Song
B: I Like The Way You Love Me
Palette BelgiumPB 25.62619677"0 
Ariane [France]

A: Toi
B: Jim Et Jo
Palette BelgiumPB 25.64019677"0 
The Klan

A: Nobody Will Ever Help You
B: Alone In The Night
Palette BelgiumPB 25.64719677"1 
Brenton Wood

A: Gimme Little Sign
B: I Think You've Got Your Tools Mixed Up
Palette BelgiumPB 25.70019677"09.0
The Stradivarius

A: Walking In The Bach's World
B: Pictures Of The Girl I Loved
Palette BelgiumPB S-25.63919677"0 
Michel Polnareff

A1: Mes Regrets
A2: Miss Blue Jeans
B1: Dame Dame
Palette BelgiumEPPB 729630 Nov 1967EP0 
Brenton Wood

A: Baby You Got It
B: Catch You On The Rebound
Palette BelgiumPB 25.74115 Feb 19687"0 
The Klan

A: Somebody, Somebody
B: Mr. Larry Kipper
Palette BelgiumPB 25.95819697"0 
Brenton Wood

A: Whoop It On Me
B: Take A Chance
Palette BelgiumPB 27.02519697"0 
Rita Deneve

A: De Allereerst Keer (Giramondo)
B: Tranen
Palette Belgium2021 02019717"0 
Jean Le Fennec

A: L'Idiot Du Village
B: Mes Enfants D'autre Part
Palette Belgium2021 02319717"0 
Jess, Denis And James

A: A Man's Symphony (Part One)
B: A Man's Symphony (Part Two)
Palette Belgium2021 03019717"0 
Digno Garcia

A: Serafina
B: Karany Karanue
Palette Belgium2021 03319727"0 
Iron Cross

A: Everybody Rock On
B: All Of The Time
Palette Belgium2021 06119747"1 

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