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Pama - Label Discography

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  UK  152
  Jamaica  11
  Netherlands  5
  Spain  4
  Barbados  3
  Belgium  3
  Portugal  1
  Trinidad and Tobago  1
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PM 700
Carlton Alphonso

A: Where In This World
B: Peace Makers
Pama UKPM 70019677"7 
Clancy Eccles

A: What Will Your Mama Say
B: Darling Don't Do That
Pama UKPM 70119677"110.0
The Clancy Set

A: Western Organ
B: Mothers Advice
Pama UKPMB 70319677"0 
Miss Jane

A: Bad Mind People


B: My Heart Is Aching
Pama UKP.M.B. 70419677"0 
Rico Rodrecez

A: Soul Man
B: It's Not Unusual
Pama UKPM 70619687"0 
Lloyd Terrel

A: Bang Bang Lulu

Mrs. Miller [Reggae]

B: I Never Knew
Pama UKPM 7101 Mar 19687"28.0
Ernest Ranglin

A: Heart Beat

The Coolers

B: Birds Of The Air
Pama UKPMB 71119687"0 
Clancy Eccles

A: The Fight
B: Great
Pama UKPM 71219687"07.0
Reco Radregez

A: Tenderfoot Ska
B: Memories
Pama UKPM 71519687"3 
Beverley Simmons

A: Mr. Pitiful
B: That's How Strong My Love Is
Pama UKPM 71619687"0 
Alton Ellis

A: My Time Is The Right Time

Johnny Moore [Jamaica]

B: Tribute To Sir Alex
Pama UKPM 71719687"2 
Joyce Bond

A: Back To School

Joyce Bond Show

B: They Wash
Pama UKPM 71819687"0 
The Mohawks

A: The Champ
B: Sound Of The Witch Doctors
Pama UKPM 71919687"108.3
The Mohawks

A: The Champ
B: 'Baby Holdon'
Pama UKPM 71919687"010.0
Tommy McKenzie And His Orchestra

A: Fiddle Sticks
B: Please Stay
Pama UKPM 72019687"1 
Monty Morris

A: Say Whay You Say
B: Tears In Your Eyes
Pama UKPM 72119687"0 
Clancy All Stars

A: C. N. Express (Part One)
B: C. N. Express (Part Two)
Pama UKPM 72219687"1 
Lynn Tait And The Jets

A: Soul Food
B: Music Flames
Pama UKPM 72319687"310.0
The Crowns [UK]

A: I Know It's All Right
B: I Surrender
Pama UKPM 72519687"0 
Diana Landor

A: Afro Blue
B: Empty Little Shadow
Pama UKPM 72619687"110.0
Anthony Deeley

A: Don't Change Your Mind (About Me)
B: Anytime Man
Pama UKPM 72819687"09.0
The Termites

A: Push It Up
B: Two Of A Kind
Pama UKPM 72919687"2 
Norman T. Washington

A: Same Thing All Over
B: You've Been Cheating
Pama UKPM 730Jun 19687"07.0
Little Beverley

A: You're Mine
B: What A Guy
Pama UKPM 73119687"0 
The Milwaukee Coasters

A: Treat Me Nice
B: Sick And Tired (Oh Babe)
Pama UKPM 73319 Jul 19687"0 
Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs

A: Broadway Ain't Funky No More
B: I Met My Match
Pama UKPM 73519 Jul 19687"0 
The Crowns [UK]

A: Jerking The Dog
B: Keep Me Going
Pama UKPM 7369 Aug 19687"14.5
The Termites

A: Show Me The Way
B: What Can I Do
Pama UKPM 73819687"1 
The Mohawks

A: Baby Hold On (Part 1)
B: Baby Hold On (Part 2)
Pama UKPM 73919697"19.0
Lloyd Terrel

A: How Come

Mrs. Miller [Reggae]

B: Oh My Lover
Pama UKPM 74019687"18.0
Norman T. Washington

A: Tip Toe
B: Don't Hang Around
Pama UKPM 741Oct 19687"1 
The Butter Cups

A: If I Love You
B: Loving You
Pama UKPM 74219687"17.0
Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs

A: The Good Ol Days
B: Don't Be So Mean
Pama UKPM 74319687"0 
The Beas

A: Dr Goldfoot And His Bikini Machine
B: Where Do I Go From You
Pama UKPM 74419687"08.0
The Crowns [UK]

A: She Ain't Gonna Do Right
B: I Need Your Loving
Pama UKPM 74519687"0 
Eldridge Holmes

A: Beverley
B: Wait For Me Baby
Pama UKPM 74619687"0 
Betty Lavette

A: Only Your Love Can Save Me
B: I Feel Good (All Over)
Pama UKPM 74819687"010.0
Norman T. Washington

A: Jumping Jack Flash
B: Spinning
Pama UKPM 74919697"0 
Roy Docker

A: When
B: Go
Pama UKPM 75019687"0 
The Mohawks

A: Sweet Soul Music
B: Hip Jigger
Pama UKPM 75119687"21.0
Lloyd Terrel

A: Lulu Returns

Mrs. Miller [Reggae]

B: I Feel The Music
Pama UKPM 75219687"1 
Premo And Joseph

A: Peace On Earth

The School Boys

B: Guilty Of Love
Pama UKPM 75319697"0 
Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs

A: Busy Busy Bee
B: Sweet Taste Of Love
Pama UKPM 75419697"0 
The Volumes

A: I Just Can't Help Myself
B: One Way Lover
Pama UKPM 7551969Unreleased2 
Roy Docker

A: Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday
B: I'm An Outcast
Pama UKPM 75619697"08.0
The Mohawks

A: Mony Mony
B: Pepsi
Pama UKPM 75719697"010.0
The Mohawks

A: Ride Your Pony
B: Western Promise
Pama UKPM 75819697"1 
The Crowns [UK]

A: Call Me
B: Since You've Been Gone
Pama UKPM 75919697"1 
The Buttercups

A: Come Put My Life In Order
B: If I Love You
Pama UKPM 76019697"0 
Billy Bass

A: I Need Your Love So Bad
B: I'm Coming To
Pama UKPM 76119697"0 

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