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Paris - Label Discography

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Started in Jan 1957 by Jack Gold formerly with the Pilgrim label where he produced hits for the G-Clefs and The Esquires.
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Larry Green

A: The Stars Look Down
B: On The Streets Of Seville
Paris USA45-51019577"0 
The Four Esquires

A: The Song Of April
B: Everyone's Sweet On My Sugar
Paris USA45-501Feb 19577"0 
The G-Clefs

A: Love Her In The Mornin'
B: Symbol Of Love
Paris USA45-502Feb 19577"2 
The Three D's

A: Let Me Know
B: Little Billy Boy
Paris USA45-503Apr 19577"2 
Jimmy Ricks

A: Do You Promise
B: The Sugar Man Song
Paris USA45-504Apr 19577"0 
The G-Clefs

A: Zing Zang Zoo
B: Is This The Way
Paris USA45-506Jun 19577"1 
Rosemary June

A: Love Me Again
B: Put Your Heart In My Hands
Paris USA45-507Aug 19577"2 
Larry Green

A: Birth Of An Angel
B: Never Let You Go
Paris USA45-508Oct 19577"0 
The Four Esquires

A: Love Me Forever
B: I Ain't Been Right Since You Left
Paris USA45-509Oct 19577"1 
Three D's

A: Baby Doll
B: Crazy Little Woman
Paris USA45-51119587"1 
The Four Esquires

A: Always And Forever
B: I Walk Down The Street
Paris USA45 512Feb 19587"0 
Dave Clowney And His Band

A: Shakin
B: Hoot Owl
Paris USA45-513Mar 19587"2 
Three D's

A: Jumpin' Jack
B: I Never See My Baby Alone
Paris USA45-514Apr 19587"1 
The Four Esquires

A: All Around The Clock
B: The Big Dance
Paris USA45-515Apr 19587"0 
Rosemary June

A: I'll Always Be In Love With You
B: Person To Person
Paris USA45-516Apr 19587"1 
Larry Green

A: My Favorite Song
B: Look Homeward Angel
Paris USA45-517May 19587"0 
Arlene Fontana

A: I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
B: Everyone
Paris USA45-518May 19587"0 
Bobby Bristol

A: School's Out
B: Marilyn
Paris USA45-519Jun 19587"1 
The Four Esquires with Rosemary June

A: Repeat After Me

The Four Esquires

B: Hideaway
Paris USA45-520Aug 19587"6 
Rosemary June

A: If Your Heart Doesn't Dance
B: Peek-A-Booin'
Paris USA45-521Aug 19587"0 
Jane, Joan And Maryann

A: Wouldn't It Be Wonderful
B: Be My Life, Be My Love
Paris USA45-522Sep 19587"0 
Rosemary June

A: (I'll Be With You) In Apple Blossom Time
B: Always A Bridesmaid
Paris USA45-523Oct 19587"29.0

A: Yes Oh Yes
B: Ooh-What A Guy
Paris USA45-524Oct 19587"0 
El Capris

A: They're Always Laughin' At Me
B: Ivy League Clean
Paris USA45-525Nov 19587"1 
The Four Esquires

A: Follow Me
B: The Land Of You And Me
Paris USA45-526Nov 19587"1 
Terry Lester And Nico Gomez

A: Eso Es El Amor

Juan Loubry And His Orchestra

B: Holiday In Havana
Paris USA45-527Jan 19597"0 
Arlene Fontana

A: I'm In Love
B: Easy
Paris USA45-528Feb 19597"1 
Nicky De Matteo

A: Story Of Love
B: Secret Of Love
Paris USA45-529Feb 19597"3 
Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones

A: Bayou Rock
B: Beautiful One
Paris USA45-530Mar 19597"0 
The Four Esquires

A: Lucky Old Sun
B: Non E' Cosi
Paris USA45-531Mar 19597"0 
Rosemary June

A: I Used To Love You But It's All Over Now
B: With You Beside Me
Paris USA45-532Mar 19597"0 
Cherry Wainer

A: Blue Cha Cha
B: Iced Coffee
Paris USA45-533May 19597"4 
The Four Esquires

A: Act Your Age
B: So Ends The Night
Paris USA45-535May 19597"1 
Bill Darnel

A: Passion Flower
B: Ka-Ding-Dong
Paris USA45-536Jul 19597"0 
Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones

A: Boys Do Cry
B: What The Heck
Paris USA45-537Aug 19597"0 
The Emjays

A: Over The Rainbow
B: Cookie Jar
Paris USA45-538Oct 19597"0 
The Four Esquires

A: Wonderful One
B: Wouldn't It Be Wonderful
Paris USA45-539Oct 19597"1 
Bill Darnel

A: Sixty Minute Man
B: A Hundred Girls
Paris USA45-541Dec 19597"0 
The Tempos

A: Look Homeward Angel
B: Under Ten Flags
Paris USA45-55019607"0 
Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones

A: Are You From Dixie
B: Beautiful One
Paris USA45-542Jan 19607"0 
The Four Esquires

A: Make Them Mine
B: Peg O' My Heart
Paris USA45-544Mar 19607"0 
Pat And The Empires

A: Autumn Leaves
B: Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Paris USA45-548Jun 19607"0 
The Four Esquires

A: Sweet Sixteen She'll Never Be ('til Apples Grow On The Lilac Tree)
B: The Chop Stick Rock
Paris USA45-549Aug 19607"1 
Jodie Sands

A: Love Me Forever
B: Give Me A Break
Paris USA45-551Jan 19617"1 
Jack Paris

A: Contrary To Popular Belief
B: Living On My Own
Paris USA7"0 

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