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Parlophone - Label Discography

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  UK  3015
  Australia  536
  Netherlands  251
  New Zealand  231
  Ireland  154
  Finland  120
  South Africa  110
  Sweden  107
  Germany  101
  Norway  77
  Philippines  72
  Portugal  69
  India  62
  Italy  62
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Sidney Torch And His Orchestra

A: Thunder And Lightning Polka
B: Valse Grise
Parlophone UKDSP 400119537"0 
The Luton Girls Choir

A: Dream Of Olwen
B: Barcarolle (From "Tales Of Hoffmann")
Parlophone UKDSP400519537"0 
Sidney Torch And His Orchestra

A: Nola
B: Cresta Run
Parlophone UKDSP 400619537"0 
Peter Ustinov

A: Mock Mozart
B: Phoney Folk-Lore
Parlophone UKMSP 601219537"2 
Roberto Inglez And His Orchestra

A: Delicado, Baiao
B: La Petite Waltz
Parlophone UKMSP 601419537"0 
London Community Singers

A: Birthday And Celebration Record - Part 1
B: Birthday And Celebration Record - Part 2
Parlophone UKMSP601519537"0 
Charles Smart And Harold Smart

A: Flirtation Waltz (Valse Coquette)
B: Fairy On The Clock
Parlophone UKMSP601619537"0 
Ron Goodwin And His Concert Orchestra

A: Jet Journey
B: When I Fall In Love
Parlophone UKMSP 602019537"0 
Jack Parnell And His Music Makers

A: Night Train
B: The Hawk Talks
Parlophone UKMSP 603119537"1 
Jack Parnell And His Music Makers

A: Topaz
B: Carioca
Parlophone UKMSP604119537"0 
Ron Goodwin And His Concert Orchestra

A: Shane (Call Of The Far-away Hills)
B: The Melba Waltz (Dream Time)
Parlophone UKMSP604419537"0 
Sydney Thompson's Olde-Tyme Dance Orchestra

A: Love's Old Sweet Song-Waltz
B: The Spirit Of Youth-Medley
Parlophone UKMSP 605319537"0 
Ron Goodwin And His Concert Orchestra

A: Tropical Mirage
B: Theme From "The Man Between"
Parlophone UKMSP 605519537"0 
Gerry Brereton

A: From Here To Eternity
B: If You've Never Been In Love
Parlophone UKMSP 605619537"0 
George Malcolm

A: Bach Goes To Town
B: Bach Before The Mast
Parlophone UKMSP 605819537"1 
The Kirkintilloch Junior Choir

A: Child In The Manger
B: Gentle Jesus
Parlophone UKDSP 4003Jan 19537"1 
Humphrey Lyttelton And His Band

A: Out Of The Gallion
B: The Old Grey Mare
Parlophone UKMSP 6001Jan 19537"1 
Berlin 'Symphoniker' Orchestra

A: The Blue Waltz

Anton Walbrook

B: La Ronde De L'Amour
Parlophone UKMSP 6002Jan 19537"4 
Phil Cardew And His Corn Huskers

A: The Irish Washerwoman
B: Crackin' Corn
Parlophone UKMSP 6003Jan 19537"1 
Philip Cardew And His Corn Huskers

A: Oh, Dem Golden Slippers
B: Willikins And His Dinah
Parlophone UKMSP 6004Jan 19537"0 
Bill Snyder And His Orchestra

A: Bewitched
B: Drifting Sands
Parlophone UKMSP 6005Jan 19537"1010.0
Eve Boswell

A: Sugar Bush
B: Moon Over Malaya (China Nights)
Parlophone UKMSP 6006Jan 19537"3 
Freddy Randall And His Band

A: Clarinet Marmalade
B: Original Dixieland Onestep
Parlophone UKMSP 6007Mar 19537"1 
The Crane River Jazz Band

A: Lily Of The Valley
B: Till We Meet Again
Parlophone UKMSP 6008Mar 19537"0 
Jack Parnell And His Band

A: Waltzing The Blues (Without You)
B: Catherine Wheel
Parlophone UKMSP 6009Mar 19537"1 
Sonny Terry Trio

A: Hootin' Blues

Tommy Reilly

B: Bop! Goes The Weasel
Parlophone UKMSP 6017Mar 19537"19.5
Kenny Baker And His Band

A: Round About Midnight
B: Afternoon In Paris
Parlophone UKMSP 6019May 19537"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Seven Lonely Days
B: Dancin' With Someone
Parlophone UKMSP 6021May 19537"0 
The Lyttelton Paseo Band

A: Muskrat Ramble
B: Mamzelle Josephine
Parlophone UKMSP 6023May 19537"0 
The Johnny Dankworth Seven

A: Honeysuckle Rose
B: Swingin'
Parlophone UKMSP 6026May 19537"0 
The Johnny Dankworth Seven

A: Moon Flowers
B: Two Ticks
Parlophone UKMSP 6032Jul 19537"0 
Humphrey Lyttelton And His Band

A: Maryland, My Maryland
B: Blue For Waterloo
Parlophone UKMSP 6033Jul 19537"0 
Humphrey Lyttelton And His Band

A: Jail Break
B: Shake It And Break It
Parlophone UKMSP 6034Jul 19537"0 
Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra

A: The Theme From The Film "Limelight"
B: The Song From Moulin Rouge ("Where Is Your Heart")
Parlophone UKMSP 6035Jul 19537"29.0
Bonnie Lou

A: Hand-Me-Down Heart
B: Scrap Of Paper
Parlophone UKMSP 6036Aug 19537"0 
The Johnny Dankworth Seven

A: Easy Living
B: I Get A Kick Out Of You
Parlophone UKMSP 6037Aug 19537"0 
Dick James

A: Mother Nature And Father Time
B: Don't You Care
Parlophone UKMSP6039Aug 19537"0 
Bill McGuffie Trio

A: Begin The Beguine
B: Concerto For Boogie
Parlophone UKMSP 6040Aug 19537"0 
The Saints Jazz Band

A: Who Walks In When I Walk Out?
B: Hey Lawdy Papa
Parlophone UKMSP 6042Nov 19537"0 
Humphrey Lyttelton And His Band

A: Red For Piccadilly
B: Kater Street Rag
Parlophone UKMSP 6045Nov 19537"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Tennessee Wig Walk
B: Just Out Of Reach
Parlophone UKMSP 6048Nov 19537"09.0
The Harold Smart Quartet

A: Kitchen Rag
B: Swedish Rhapsody (Midsummer Vigil)
Parlophone UKMSP 6050Nov 19537"1 
Bonnie Lou

A: Pa-Paya Mama
B: Since You Said Goodbye
Parlophone UKMSP 6051Dec 19537"0 
The Kenny Baker Quartet

A: Hayfoot, Strawfoot
B: The Continental
Parlophone UKMSP 6057Dec 19537"1 
Humphrey Lyttelton And His Band

A: Martiniquen Song (Last Year)
B: Ain't Cha Got Music
Parlophone UKMSP 6061Dec 19537"0 
The Choir Of Hampstead Parish Church

A1: A Virgin Mother
A2: Past Three O' Clock
B1: The Holly And The Ivy
B2: Whence Is That Goodly Fragrance
Parlophone UKGEP 85021954EP3 
Earl Bostic And His Orchestra


A1: Flamingo
A2: Swing Low Sweet Boogie
B1: I Can't Give You Anything But Love
B2: The Moon Is Low
Parlophone UKGEP 85061954EP09.0
Tiny Bradshaw And His Orchestra

A1: Soft
A2: Well Oh Well
B1: Heavy Juice
B2: The Train Kept A RollinĀ“
Parlophone UKGEP 85071954EP0 
Ian Stewart

A1: Scottish Waltzes
A2: Irish Waltzes
B1: Scottish Quicksteps
Parlophone UKGEP 85101954EP0 
The Globe Trotters

Saturday Night Hop

A1: At Sundown
A2: My Gal Sal
B1: Darktown Strutters' Ball
B2: Satan Takes A Holiday
Parlophone UKGEP 85281954EP1 

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