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Parlophone - Label Discography

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  UK  3015
  Australia  545
  Netherlands  251
  New Zealand  231
  Ireland  154
  Finland  120
  South Africa  110
  Sweden  107
  Germany  101
  Norway  77
  Philippines  72
  Portugal  69
  India  63
  Italy  62
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Eddy Grant

A: Baby Come Back
B: War Party
Parlophone Germany006-20 3418 719847"0 
Paul McCartney

A: No More Lonely Nights (Ballad)
B: No More Lonely Nights (Playout Version)
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0349 719847"15.0
Duran Duran

A: The Wild Boys
B: (I'm Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement (1984)
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0381 719847"19.0
Duran Duran

A: Save A Prayer (Special Edited Version)
B: Careless Memories
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0502 719847"0 
Eddy Grant

A: Baby Come Back
B: Baby Come Back
Parlophone Germany7P 518 9261984Promo Only 7"0 
Belouis Some

A: Some People
B: Walk Away
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0720 719857"0 
Pet Shop Boys

A: Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)
B: In The Night
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0733 719857"0 
John Adams

A: Through The Eyes Of Love
B: Don't Turn And Walk Away
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0844 719857"0 
Hazell Dean

A: They Say It's Gonna Rain
B: Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0845 719857"0 
Pet Shop Boys

A: West End Girls
B: A Man Could Get Arrested
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0922 719857"08.0
Stevie Nicks

A: Talk To Me
B: One More Big Time Rock And Roll Star
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0973 719857"1 
The Power Station

A: Some Like It Hot
B: The Heat Is On
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0519 75 Mar 19857"0 
Duran Duran

A: A View To A Kill

John Barry

B: A View To A Kill (That Fatal Kiss)
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0630 7May 19857"0 
The Power Station

A: Get It On
B: Go To Zero
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0632 713 May 19857"0 
Paul McCartney

A: Spies Like Us

Paul McCartney And Wings

B: My Carnival
Parlophone Germany1C 006 20 0940 7Nov 19857"0 
Sigue Sigue Sputnik

A: 21st Century Boy
B: Buy EMI
Parlophone Germany1C 006-20 1258 719867"0 
Pet Shop Boys

A: Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)
B: Was That What It Was?
Parlophone Germany1C 006-20 1260 719867"0 
Paul McCartney

A: Press
B: It's Not True
Parlophone Germany1C 006-20 1341 719867"0 
Paul McCartney

A: Press (Video Edit)
B: It's Not True
Parlophone Germany1C 006-20 1341 719867"0 
Pet Shop Boys

A: Suburbia
B: Paninaro
Parlophone Germany1C 006-20 1463 719867"0 
Talk Talk

A: I Don't Believe In You
B: Does Caroline Know (Live Version)
Parlophone Germany1C 006-20 1497 719867"0 
Pet Shop Boys

A: Love Comes Quickly
B: That's My Impression
Parlophone Germany1C 016 20 1105 719867"0 
Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Sex Bomb Boogie

A: Sex Bomb Boogie
B: Dancerama
Parlophone Germany006-20 1054 7Sep 19867"0 
Paul McCartney

A: Pretty Little Head
B: Write Away
Parlophone Germany1C 006-20 1521 7Oct 19867"0 
The Beatles

A: Hello, Goodbye
B: I Am The Walrus
Parlophone Germany006-20 2237 719877"0 
Freddie Mercury

A: The Great Pretender
B: Exercises In Free Love
Parlophone Germany1C 006-20 1647 719877"1 
Pet Shop Boys

A: Rent
B: I Want A Dog
Parlophone Germany1C 006-20 2151-719877"0 
Pet Shop Boys

A: Always On My Mind
B: Do I Have To?
Parlophone Germany1C 006-20 2274 719877"1 
Pet Shop Boys

A: It's A Sin
B: You Know Where You Went Wrong
Parlophone Germany1C 016 20 1888 719877"07.0
Cabaret Voltaire

A: Don't Argue
B: Don't Argue (Who's Arguing?)
Parlophone Germany1C 016 20 1899 719877"1 
Pet Shop Boys With Dusty Springfield

A: What Have I Done To Deserve This?

Pet Shop Boys

B: A New Life
Parlophone Germany1C 016 20 2000 719877"08.5
Paul McCartney

A: Once Upon A Long Ago
B: Back On My Feet
Parlophone Germany1C 006-20 2185 7Nov 19877"1 
Pet Shop Boys

A: Heart
B: I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)
Parlophone Germany006-20 2469 719887"27.0
Eddy Grant

A: Gimme Hope Jo'Anna
B: Say Hello To Fidel
Parlophone Germany006-20 2512 719887"0 
Brother Beyond

A: The Harder I Try
B: Remember Me
Parlophone Germany006-20 2791 719887"0 
Cheb Khaled / Safy Boutella

A: Chebba
B: Baroud
Parlophone Germany006-20 2843 719887"0 
Marc Almond

A: Tears Run Rings
B: Everything I Wanted Love To Be
Parlophone Germany006-20 2849 719887"17.0
Pet Shop Boys

A: Domino Dancing
B: Don Juan
Parlophone Germany006-20 2927 719887"0 
Eddy Grant

A: Put A Hold On It
B: Put A Hold On It (New York Mix)
Parlophone Germany006-20 2980 719887"0 
Brother Beyond

A: He Ain't No Competition
B: Call Me Lonely
Parlophone Germany006-20 3012 719887"0 
Marc Almond

A: Bitter-Sweet
B: King Of The Fools
Parlophone Germany006-20 3028 719887"0 
Pet Shop Boys

A: Left To My Own Devices
B: The Sound Of The Atom Splitting
Parlophone Germany006-20 3081 719887"0 
Cheb Khaled / Safy Boutella

A: La Camel (Short Version)
B: Chab-Rassi
Parlophone Germany006-20 3085 719887"0 
The Beatles

A: Strawberry Fields Forever
B: Penny Lane
Parlophone Germany006-20 3119 719887"0 

A: I Hear You Call
B: May It Be On This Earth
Parlophone Germany006-20 3170 719887"27.0

A: Listen To Your Heart
B: (I Could Never) Give You Up
Parlophone Germany016-13 6323 719887"08.5
Eddy Grant

A: Harmless Piece Of Fun
B: Blood Money
Parlophone Germany1C 006-20 2520 719887"0 
Brother Beyond

A: Be My Twin
B: Broken Life
Parlophone Germany006-20 3212 719897"0 
Dusty Springfield

A: Nothing Has Been Proved
B: Nothing Has Been Proved (Instrumental)
Parlophone Germany006-20 3238 719897"0 
Marc Almond

A: Only The Moment
B: Real Evil
Parlophone Germany006-20 3289 719897"0 

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