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Parlophone - Label Discography

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  UK  3015
  Australia  536
  Netherlands  251
  New Zealand  228
  Ireland  154
  Finland  120
  South Africa  110
  Sweden  107
  Germany  101
  Norway  77
  Philippines  72
  Portugal  69
  India  62
  Italy  62
  Greece  54
  Denmark  51
  France  48
  Rhodesia  42
  Singapore  28
  Israel  25
  Lebanon  17
  Argentina  16
  Yugoslavia  16
  Nigeria  14
  Barbados  11
  Jamaica  10
  Kenya  8
  Austria  4
  Peru  2
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Laurie London

A: He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
B: The Cradle Rock
Parlophone Denmark45-R 435919577"2 
Laurie London

A: The Gospel Train
B: Boomerang
Parlophone Denmark45-R 440819587"0 
Paul Hanford

A: Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
B: Why Have You Changed Your Mind
Parlophone Denmark45-R 468019607"0 
Adam Faith

A: The Time Has Come
B: A Help-each-other Romance
Parlophone Denmark45-R 483719617"0 
Adam Faith

A: As You Like It
B: Face To Face
Parlophone Denmark45-R 489619627"27.0
The Beatles

The Beatles (No. 1)

A1: I Saw Her Standing There
A2: Misery
B1: Anna (Go To Him)
B2: Chains
Parlophone DenmarkGEP 88831963EP0 
The Beatles

A: Please Please Me
B: Ask Me Why
Parlophone DenmarkR 498319637"2 
The Beatles

A: From Me To You
B: Thank You Girl
Parlophone DenmarkR 5015Feb 19637"2 
The Beatles

A: She Loves You
B: I´ll Get You
Parlophone DenmarkR 5055Sep 19637"2 
The Beatles

A: I Want To Hold Your Hand
B: This Boy
Parlophone DenmarkR 5084Dec 19637"1 
The Beatles

The Beatles' Hits

A1: From Me To You
A2: Thank You Girl
B1: Please Please Me
B2: Love Me Do
Parlophone DenmarkGEP 88801964EP0 
The Beatles

All My Loving

A1: All My Loving
A2: Ask Me Why
B1: Money
B2: P.S. I Love You
Parlophone DenmarkGEP 88911964EP0 
The Beatles

A Hard Day's Night

A1: I Should Have Known Better
A2: If I Fell
B1: Tell Me Why
B2: And I Love Her
Parlophone DenmarkGEP 89201964EP010.0
The Hollies

A: Here I Go Again
B: Baby That's All
Parlophone DenmarkR 513719647"0 
The Beatles

A: Can't Buy Me Love
B: You Can't Do That
Parlophone DenmarkR5114Apr 19647"2 
The Beatles

Long Tall Sally

A1: Long Tall Sally
A2: I Call Your Name
B1: Slow Down
B2: Matchbox
Parlophone DenmarkGEP 89135 Jun 1964EP0 
The Beatles

A: A Hard Day's Night
B: Things We Said Today
Parlophone DenmarkR 5160Jul 19647"09.0
The Beatles

A: I Feel Fine
B: She´s A Woman
Parlophone DenmarkR 520019657"28.0
The Beatles

A: Ticket To Ride
B: Yes, It Is
Parlophone DenmarkR 526519657"010.0
The Hollies

A: I'm Alive
B: You Know He Did
Parlophone DenmarkR 528719657"0 
The Beatles

A: We Can Work It Out
B: Day Tripper
Parlophone DenmarkR 538919657"19.0
The Beatles

A: Help! (from Film Of Same Name)
B: I'm Down
Parlophone DenmarkR 5305Jul 19657"010.0
Lill-Jørgen Petersen

A: Hoppel-Poppel

Katri Helena

B: Pop-Hoppel
Parlophone DenmarkO 23 25819667"0 
The Hollies

A: I Can´t Let Go
B: Running Through The Night
Parlophone DenmarkR 540919667"0 
The Hollies

A: Bus Stop
B: Don't Run And Hide
Parlophone DenmarkR 546919667"0 
The Beatles

A: Yellow Submarine
B: Eleanor Rigby
Parlophone DenmarkR 549319667"010.0
The Beatles

A: Paperback Writer
B: Rain
Parlophone DenmarkR 5452Jun 19667"1 
The Beatles

A: Penny Lane
B: Strawberry Fields Forever
Parlophone DenmarkR 557019677"410.0
The Beatles

A: All You Need Is Love
B: Baby You´re A Rich Man
Parlophone DenmarkR 562019677"09.5
The Scaffold

A: Thank U Very Much
B: Ide B The First
Parlophone DenmarkR 564319677"0 
The Beatles

A: Hello Goodbye
B: I Am The Walrus
Parlophone DenmarkR 565519677"1 
The Hollies

A: What's Wrong With The Way I Live
B: Don't Even Think About Changing
Parlophone DenmarkSD 6000Feb 19677"0 
Keith West

A: Excerpt From "A Teenage Opera"

Mark Wirtz Orchestra

B: Theme From "A Teenage Opera"
Parlophone DenmarkR 5623Aug 19677"010.0
The Red Squares

A: Sing C´est La Vie
B: Mr. Bus Driver
Parlophone DenmarkDK 165419687"06.0
The Beatles

A: Hey Jude
B: Revolution
Parlophone DenmarkDP 57019687"17.0
The Beatles

A: Lady Madonna
B: The Inner Light
Parlophone DenmarkR 567519687"18.0
The Hollies

A: Jennifer Eccles
B: Open Up Your Eyes
Parlophone DenmarkR 568019687"0 
Deep Purple

A: Hush!
B: One More Rainy Day
Parlophone DenmarkR 570819687"0 
The Locomotive

A: Rudi's In Love
B: Never Set Me Free
Parlophone DenmarkR 571819687"0 
The Hollies

A: Listen To Me
B: Do The Best You Can
Parlophone DenmarkR 573319687"0 
The Scaffold

A: Lily The Pink
B: Buttons Of The Mind
Parlophone DenmarkR 573419687"0 
Love Sculpture

A: Sabre Dance
B: Think Of Love
Parlophone DenmarkR 574419687"0 
Deep Purple

A: Emmaretta
B: Wring That Neck
Parlophone DenmarkR 576319697"0 
The Hollies

A: He Ain't Heavy.... He's My Brother
B: 'Cos You Like To Love Me
Parlophone DenmarkR 580619697"09.0

A1: Starlight
B1: Hr. Hvít Skyrta Og Bindi
B2: A Little Song Of Love
Parlophone DenmarkDK1694 19707"0 
Teenmakers [The Teenmakers]

A: It's Not Fair
B: Southern Man
Parlophone DenmarkDK 171519707"0 
Walkers [Denmark]

A: Bang-shang-a-lang
B: Suddenly
Parlophone DenmarkDK 168226 Jan 19707"0 
Walkers [Denmark]

A: Looky, Looky
B: Baby, Won't You Leave Me Alone
Parlophone DenmarkDK 170211 Sep 19707"0 

A: Jessabell
B: Join Into The Music
Parlophone DenmarkDK 179419737"0 

A: Silly Love Songs
B: Cook Of The House
Parlophone DenmarkR 601419767"0 

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