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Parlophone - Label Discography

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  UK  3154
  Australia  670
  New Zealand  536
  Netherlands  281
  Singapore  265
  Portugal  233
  Ireland  177
  Philippines  152
  South Africa  140
  Sweden  139
  Finland  130
  Germany  121
  Denmark  84
  Norway  84
  India  78
  Italy  68
  Greece  57
  France  53
  Rhodesia  49
  Argentina  35
  Israel  35
  Yugoslavia  22
  Lebanon  17
  Nigeria  17
  Barbados  12
  Jamaica  12
  Kenya  8
  Austria  7
  Peru  4
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Al-Firqa Al-Masiyya

A: Raks El Ghawazi
B: Awatef
Parlophone Greece45-VOL 28019597"0 
The Beatles

A: Please Please Me
B: From Me To You
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 4119637"6 
The Beatles

A: She Loves You
B: I'll Get You
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 4219637"5 
The Beatles

A: Love Me Do
B: Twist And Shout
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 4319637"7 
The Beatles

A: Twist And Shout
B: Love Me Do
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 4419637"2 
The Beatles

A: I Want To Hold Your Hand
B: I Wanna Be Your Man
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 4519647"2 
The Beatles

A: Can't Buy Me Love
B: Thank You Girl
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 4719647"1 
The Beatles

A: I Saw Her Standing There
B: Little Child
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 5219647"2 
The Beatles

A: Roll Over Beethoven
B: Do You Want To Know A Secret
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 5319647"1 
The Beatles

A: Long Tall Sally
B: Matchbox
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 5419647"1 
The Beatles

A: Please Mister Postman
B: Slow Down
Parlophone GreeceGMSP-5519647"1 
The Beatles

A: A Hard Day's Night
B: And I Love Her
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 5619647"8 
The Beatles

A: I Should Have Known Better
B: Tell Me Why
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 5719647"2 
Cilla Black

A: It's For You
B: You're My World
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 5819647"01.0
The Beatles

A: All My Loving
B: If I Fell
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 6319647"1 
The Beatles

A: I Should Have Known Better
B: And I Love Her
Parlophone GreeceGMSP-6419647"0 
The Juniors [Greece]

The Juniors

A: Special Yanka '65
B: Ladies Talk
Parlophone GreeceGDSP 297819657"49.0
The Juniors [Greece]

A: Babies' Yanka
B: It's So Easy
Parlophone GreeceGDSP 302419657"19.0
The Beatles

A: I Feel Fine
B: She's A Woman
Parlophone GreeceGMSP-6519657"0 
The Beatles

A: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
B: Honey Don't
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 7519657"4 
The Beatles

A: Help!
B: I'm Down
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 7919657"2 
The Beatles

A: Eight Days A Week
B: I Don't Wan't To Spoil The Party
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 8219657"1 
The Beatles

A: What You're Doing
B: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 8319657"3 
The Beatles

A: Rock And Roll Music
B: No Reply
Parlophone GreeceGMSP-8419657"2 
The Beatles

A: Ticket To Ride
B: Yes It Is
Parlophone GreeceGMSP-8619657"4 
The Beatles

A: Yesterday
B: Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 9519657"1 
The Beatles

A: The Night Before
B: You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 9619657"4 
Matt Monro

A: Yesterday
B: Just Yesterday
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 9719657"1 
The Juniors [Greece]

Lost Friend

A: Pink Little Love
B: Lost Friend
Parlophone GreeceGDSP 308719667"0 
The Idols [Greece]

A: Wanted By The Law
B: Reward
Parlophone GreeceGDSP 310819667"09.0
The Idols [Greece]

A: Boys
B: Dam Dam Dam
Parlophone GreeceGDSP 311619667"09.0
The Beatles

A: We Can Work It Out
B: Day Tripper
Parlophone GreeceGMSP-10119667"2 
The Beatles

A: Paperback Writer
B: Rain
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 10419667"2 
The Beatles

A: Eleanor Rigby
B: Yellow Submarine
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 10919667"110.0
The Beatles

A: Strawberry Fields Forever
B: Penny Lane
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 11319677"3 
The Beatles

A: All You Need Is Love
B: Baby, You're A Rich Man
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 11619677"2 
Simon Dupree And The Big Sound

A: Reservations
B: You Need A Man
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 12119677"0 
Μάνος Παπαδάκης, Πόπη Πόλυ

A: Να Φύγης Να Φύγης

Δημήτης Ευσταθίου, Λίτσα Διαμάντη, Μάνος Παπαδάκης

B: Οι Γιεγιέδες
Parlophone GreeceGDSP 325619687"0 
Δάκης [Dakis]

A: Ντιλάιλα
B: Γειά Σου Σ' Ευχαριστώ
Parlophone GreeceGDSP 329319687"0 
The Beatles

A: Hello Goodbye
B: I Am The Walrus
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 12219687"2 
The Beatles

Magical Mystery Tour

A1: Magical Mystery Tour
A2: Your Mother Should Know
B1: I Am The Walrus
C1: The Fool On The Hill
C2: Flying (Instrumental)
D1: Blue Jay Way
Parlophone GreeceGMSP-1231968Double Pack1 
The Beatles

A: Lady Madonna
B: The Inner Light
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 12919687"2 
The Beatles

A: Hey Jude
B: Revolution
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 13419687"2 
The Beatles

A: Ob La Di Ob La Da
B: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 13719697"1 
The Beatles With Billy Preston

A: Get Back
B: Don't Let Me Down
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 13919697"1 
The Beatles

A: The Ballad Of John And Yoko
B: Old Brown Shoe
Parlophone GreeceGMSP-14119697"1 

A: In The Year 2525
B: Parting
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 14219697"0 
The Beatles

A: Something
B: Come Together
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 14619697"1 
The Beatles

A: Let It Be
B: You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 14719707"1 
The Beatles

A: The Long And Winding Road
B: For You Blue
Parlophone GreeceGMSP-14919707"1 

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