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Parlophone - Label Discography

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  UK  3129
  Australia  617
  New Zealand  530
  Netherlands  269
  Ireland  176
  Portugal  153
  Philippines  141
  South Africa  131
  Finland  127
  Sweden  124
  Germany  118
  Denmark  82
  Norway  82
  India  74
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Laurie London

A: My Mother
B: Darktown Strutters Ball
Parlophone Norway45R 447419587"1 
Laurie London

A: Old Time Religion
B: God's Little Acre
Parlophone Norway45-R 460119597"0 
Adam Faith

A: Poor Me
B: The Reason
Parlophone Norway45-R 462319607"0 
Jerry Lordan

A: Who Could Be Bluer?
B: Do I Worry?
Parlophone Norway45-R 462719607"0 
Charlie Drake

A: Mr. Custer
B: Glow Worm
Parlophone NorwayR 470119607"3 
The Temperance Seven

A: You're Driving Me Crazy
B: Charley My Boy
Parlophone Norway45-R 475719617"0 
Adam Faith

A: Easy Going Me
B: Wonderin'
Parlophone Norway45-R.476619617"0 
Adam Faith

A: Face To Face
B: As You Like It
Parlophone Norway45-R 489619627"0 
Mike Sarne

A: Come Outside
B: Fountain Of Love
Parlophone Norway45-R 490219627"0 
Bernard Cribbins

A: Right, Said Fred
B: Quietly Bonkers
Parlophone Norway45-R 492319627"06.0
Adam Faith

A: Mix Me A Person
B: Don't That Beat All
Parlophone Norway45-R 493019627"0 
Mike Sarne Featuring Billie Davis

A: Will I What

Mike Sarne

B: Bird, You Know I Love Ya
Parlophone Norway45-R 493219627"0 
The Hollies

A: Stay
B: Now's The Time
Parlophone NorwayR 507719637"0 
Adam Faith With The Roulettes

A: We Are In Love
B: Made For Me
Parlophone NorwayR 509119637"110.0
The Beatles

A: Please Please Me
B: Ask Me Why
Parlophone NorwayR 4983Feb 19637"2 
The Beatles

A: From Me To You
B: Thank You Girl
Parlophone NorwayR 5015May 19637"1 
The Beatles

A: She Loves You
B: I'll Get You
Parlophone NorwayR 5055Sep 19637"1 
The Fourmost

A: I'm In Love
B: Respectable
Parlophone NorwayR 5078Dec 19637"0 
The Beatles

A: I Want To Hold Your Hand
B: This Boy
Parlophone NorwayR 5084Dec 19637"4 
Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas

A: Little Children
B: They Remind Me Of You
Parlophone NorwayR 510519647"0 
The Fourmost

A: A Little Lovin'
B: Waitin' For You
Parlophone NorwayR 512819647"0 
Cliff Bennett And The Rebel Rousers

A: One Way Love
B: Slow Down
Parlophone NorwayR 517319647"010.0
The Hollies

A: Just One Look
B: Keep Off That Friend Of Mine
Parlophone NorwayR 5104Mar 19647"0 
The Beatles

A: Can't Buy Me Love
B: You Can't Do That
Parlophone NorwayR 5114Mar 19647"1 
The Hollies

A: Here I Go Again
B: Baby That's All
Parlophone NorwayR 5137Jun 19647"0 
The Beatles

A: A Hard Day's Night
B: Things We Said Today
Parlophone NorwayR 5160Jul 19647"19.0
Cilla Black

A: It's For You
B: He Won't Ask Me
Parlophone NorwayR 516215 Aug 19647"0 
The Beatles

A: Love Me Do
B: P.S. I Love You
Parlophone NorwayR 4949Sep 19647"1 
The Hollies

A: We're Through
B: Come On Back
Parlophone NorwayR 5178Sep 19647"0 
The Beatles

A: If I Fell
B: Tell Me Why
Parlophone NorwayDP 562Nov 19647"1 
The Beatles

A: I Feel Fine
B: She's A Woman
Parlophone NorwayR 5200Nov 19647"28.0
Matt Monro

A: Yesterday
B: Just Yesterday
Parlophone NorwayR 534819657"0 
The Hollies

A: Yes I Will
B: Nobody
Parlophone NorwayR 5232Feb 19657"0 
The Beatles

A: Ticket To Ride
B: Yes It Is
Parlophone NorwayR 5265Apr 19657"1 
The Hollies

A: I'm Alive
B: You Know He Did
Parlophone NorwayR 5287Jul 19657"1 
The Beatles

A: Help!
B: I'm Down
Parlophone NorwayR 5305Aug 19657"1 
The Hollies

A: Look Through Any Window
B: So Lonely
Parlophone NorwayR 5322Oct 19657"1 
The Beatles

A: We Can Work It Out
B: Day Tripper
Parlophone NorwayR 5389Dec 19657"1 
The Hollies

A: If I Needed Someone
B: I've Got A Way Of My Own
Parlophone NorwayR 5392Dec 19657"0 
Peter Sellers

A: A Hard Day's Night

Peter Sellers With The Master Singers

B: Help!
Parlophone NorwayR 539317 Dec 19657"0 
The Beatles

A: Michelle
B: Girl
Parlophone NorwaySD 5987Feb 19667"1 
The Hollies

A: I Can't Let Go
B: Running Through The Night
Parlophone NorwayR 5409Apr 19667"0 
The Beatles

A: Paperback Writer
B: Rain
Parlophone NorwayR 5452Jun 19667"0 
The Hollies

A: Bus Stop
B: Don't Run And Hide
Parlophone NorwayR 5469Jun 19667"210.0
The Hollies

A: Very Last Day
B: Too Many People
Parlophone NorwaySD 5991Jun 19667"1 
The Beatles

A: Yellow Submarine
B: Eleanor Rigby
Parlophone NorwayR 5493Aug 19667"210.0
The Hollies

A: Stop, Stop, Stop
B: It's You
Parlophone NorwayR 5508Nov 19667"0 
The Hollies

A: What's Wrong With The Way I Live
B: Don't Even Think About Changing
Parlophone NorwaySD 6000Dec 19667"0 
The Karlins

A: It's Good To Be Around
B: The Spinning Wheel
Parlophone NorwayR 555019677"0 
Simon Dupree And The Big Sound

A: Kites
B: Like The Sun, Like The Fire
Parlophone NorwayR 564619677"0 

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