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Parlophone - Label Discography

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  Australia  536
  Netherlands  251
  New Zealand  228
  Ireland  154
  Finland  120
  South Africa  110
  Sweden  107
  Germany  101
  Norway  77
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  Portugal  69
  India  62
  Italy  62
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Chorus And Orchestra Sinfonica Dell'EIAR Conducted By Ugo Tansin

A: Nabucco (Act 3) Va Pensiero, Sull'ali Dorate

Chorus And Orchestra Sinfonica Dell'EIAR Conducted By Gino Marinuzzi

B: I Lombardi Alla Prima Crociata (Act 4) O Signore, Dal Letto Natio
Parlophone New Zealand45-MBSP 300119567"0 
The Peter Knight Singers And Orchestra With Patricia Clark And Charles Granville

"Salad Days" - Vocal Gems

A: Oh! Look At Me; We Said We Wouldn't Look Back; Saucer Song; The Time Of My Life; Out Of Breath
B: Looking For A Piano; I Sit In The Sun; It's Easy To Sing; Oh, Look At Me!
Parlophone New ZealandMGEP.85191956EP0 
Kenneth McKellar

Scotland's Favourite Singer (No. 1)

A1: The Auld Hoose
A2: The Border Ballad
B1: Bonnie Lass O' Ballochmyle
B2: The Rowan Tree
Parlophone New ZealandMGEP.85431956EP0 
The Ink Spots

A: Planting Rice
B: Yesterdays
Parlophone New ZealandMMSP.01819567"0 
Jimmy Shand And His Band

A: Phyllis Waltz
B: The Bridge Of Nairn - Strathspey
Parlophone New ZealandMMSP.301719567"0 
Johnny Dankworth And His Orchestra

A: Experiments With Mice
B: Applecake
Parlophone New ZealandMMSP.301919567"0 
Jimmy Shand And His Band

A: Heartfelt Polka
B: The Punch Bowl Reel
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.302819577"0 
The Scottish Festivals Of Male Voice Praise

A: All That Thrills My Soul Is Jesus
B: O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.303619577"0 
Wilfred Pickles

A: Get Well Soon
B: Good Luck, Good Health, God Bless You
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.303719577"0 
The Vipers Skiffle Group

A: Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O
B: 10,000 Years Ago
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.304019577"0 
Eve Boswell

A: Tra La La
B: Rock Robbin' Boats
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.304119577"0 
Peter Lowe

A: The Banana Boat Song
B: The Wisdom Of A Fool
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.304219577"0 
The Vipers Skiffle Group

A: Hey Liley, Liley Lo
B: Jim Dandy
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.304319577"0 
The Vipers Skiffle Group

A: The Cumberland Gap
B: Maggie May
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.304419577"0 
Charlie Gracie

A: Butterfly
B: Ninety-Nine Ways
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.304519577"09.0
Max Bacon

A: Little Red Hooding Ride
B: William T-Hell
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.304619577"0 
The Famous Eccles And Miss Freda Thing

A: My September Love

Count Jim Moriarty With Graveley Stephens

B: You Gotta Go Oww!
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.304919577"0 
The Basil Kirchin Band

A: White Silver Sands
B: Waiting For The Robert E. Lee
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.305019577"0 
The Vipers Skiffle Group

A: Homing Bird
B: Pay Me My Money Down
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.305119577"0 
George Elrick With Annie Shand Scott

A: Aikey Brae (Bothy Ballad)
B: Neeps Tae Pluck (Bothy Ballads)
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.305419577"0 
"Top Ten Special"

The King Brothers

A1: A Handful Of Songs

Jim Dale

A2: All Shook Up

The Vipers Skiffle Group

A3: Last Train To San Fernando
B1: Putting On The Style

Jim Dale

B2: Wanderin' Eyes

The King Brothers

B3: Build Your Love
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.305519577"0 
Laurie London

A: He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
B: The Cradle Rock
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.305619577"0 
Lorrae Desmond With The Rebels

A: Ding Dong Rock A Billy Weddin'
B: Cabin Boy
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.305719577"0 
Dick James

A: Skiffling Sing Song - Side 1
B: Skiffling Sing Song - Side 2
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.306119577"0 
Ian Powrie And His Band

A: The Letham Ladies' Strathspey
B: Bothy Ballads For The Gay Gordons
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.306419577"0 
Jimmy Shand And His Band

A: Happy Hours - Polka
B: Sweetheart Waltz
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.306519577"0 
Ron Goodwin And His Concert Orchestra

A: Elizabethan Serenade
B: Red Cloak
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.306619577"0 
Jim Dale

A: Be My Girl
B: You Shouldn't Do That
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.306719577"0 
Peter Sellers

A: Any Old Iron
B: Boiled Bananas And Carrots (Boiled Beef And Carrots)
Parlophone New Zealand45.NZP.306819577"1 
Jimmy Shand And His Band With Chorus

A: Sing In The New Year - Side 1
B: Sing In The New Year - Side 2
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.306919577"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Honky Tonk - Part 1
B: Honky Tonk - Part 2
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.5519577"0 
Eddie "Piano" Miller

A: Sit Right Down And Call Me Up
B: Rag Beat
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.6119577"0 
Earl Bostic

A: Avalon
B: Too Fine For Crying
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.6219577"0 
Earl Bostic

A: Vienna, City Of My Dreams
B: Just Too Shy
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.6819577"0 
Jimmy Shand And His Band

"Dancer's Delight"

A1: Gay Gordons
A2: The Dashing White Sergeant
B1: Waltzing To Jimmy Shand
Parlophone New ZealandMGEP.86021957EP0 
The Ink Spots

A: Am I Too Late
B: Melody Of Love
Parlophone New ZealandNZP.6919577"0 
The Silhouettes

A: Get A Job
B: I Am Lonely
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.307219587"1 
Johnny Pate Quintet

A: Swinging Shepherd Blues
B: The Elder
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.307319587"1 
Max Bacon

A: Even A Crooner Must Eat
B: Pancho's Widow
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.307419587"0 
Jimmy Shand And His Band

A: Marching With Jimmy Shand
B: The New Scotland Strathspey
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.307519587"0 
Jim Dale

A: Piccadilly Line
B: I Didn't Mean It
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.307819587"0 
Peter Sellers

A: I'm So Ashamed
B: A Drop Of The Hard Stuff
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.308019587"09.0
Ron Goodwin And His Concert Orchestra

A: Swingin' Sweethearts (Skiffling Strings)
B: Swedish Polka
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.308119587"0 
Jimmy Shand And His Band

A: The Dancing Dustman
B: Morpeth Rant
Parlophone New Zealand45-R.410219587"0 
Jimmy Shand And His Band

"Happy Hours With Jimmy Shand"

A1: Happy Hours - Polka
A2: Sweetheart Waltz: She's A Lassie From Lancashire; Let Me Call You Sweetheart; In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
B1: The Call Of The Pipes (The Lovat Scouts, The Cameron Highlanders)
B2: Robertson's Rant (Struan Robertson's Rant, Colonel Byng, The Laird O' Thrums, Lady Ann Hope)
Parlophone New ZealandMGEP.86691958EP0 
The Peter Knight Singers

Vocal Gems From "My Fair Lady"

A1: Wouldn't It Be Loverly
A2: With A Little Bit Of Luck
A3: The Rain In Spain
B1: I Could Have Danced All Night
B2: Get Me To The Church On Time
B3: On The Street Where You Live
B4: I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
Parlophone New ZealandMGEP.86761958EP0 
Michael Flanders With The Michael Sammes Singers

A: The Little Drummer Boy

Donald Swann

B: The Youth Of The Heart
Parlophone New Zealand45-NZP.308219597"0 
Sing With Jimmy Shand

Jimmy Shand And His Band

A1: Scotland The Brave
A2: Uist Tramping Song
A3: We're No Awa' Tae Bide Awa'
A4: A Guid New Year

Jimmy Shand With The Balmoral Trio

B1: Loch Lomond
B2: I Belong To Glasgow
B3: My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
B4: Roamin' In The Gloamin'
Parlophone New ZealandMGEP 87181959EP0 
Julian Slade

Piano Selections By The Composer Julian Slade

A: Free As Air - Piano Selection
B: Salad Days - Piano Selection
Parlophone New ZealandMGEP.87311959EP0 
Jimmy Shand And His Band

"Waltzing Thru' Scotland"

A1: Jock O' Hazeldean; We'd Better Hide A Wee While; My Nannie's Awa'; Auld Scotch Song
A2: Within A Mile Of Edinburgh Toon; Scotland Yet; Sound The Pibroch; There's Nae Luck Aboot The Hoose.
B1: The Auld Hoose; Rothesay Bay; Bonnie Gallowa'; Braes Abune Bonawa; Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden
B2: Loch Lomond; Ca' The Yowes Tae The Knowes; Westering Home
Parlophone New ZealandMGEP.87351959EP0 

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