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Parlophone - Label Discography

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  UK  3046
  Australia  568
  New Zealand  508
  Netherlands  256
  Ireland  159
  Portugal  134
  Finland  122
  South Africa  120
  Sweden  114
  Germany  105
  Norway  77
  Philippines  74
  India  67
  Italy  62
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Herbert Stéen

Just För Er

A1: Potpurri På Rolf-Melodier
B1: Potpurri På Kai Gullmar-Melodier
B2: Jules Sylvain Valser-Potpurri
Parlophone SwedenGEOS 1Sep 1954EP05.0
Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra

A: Murder She Says
B: Double Scotch
Parlophone Sweden45-R 482119617"310.0
Mike Sarne

A: Come Outside
B: Fountain Of Love
Parlophone SwedenR 490219627"18.0
Mike Sarne

A: Will I What
B: Bird, You Know I Love You
Parlophone SwedenR 493219627"5 
Shane Fenton And The Fentones

A: Too Young For Sad Memories
B: You're Telling Me
Parlophone SwedenR 495119627"18.0
The Fourmost

A: I'm In Love
B: Respectable
Parlophone SwedenR 507819637"0 
The Beatles

A: Please, Please Me
B: Love Me Do
Parlophone SwedenSD 59375 Mar 19637"0 
Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas

A: You Want To Know A Secret
B: I'll Be On My Way
Parlophone SwedenR 5023May 19637"0 
The Beatles

A1: Twist And Shout
A2: A Taste Of Honey
B1: Do You Want To Know A Secret
B2: There's A Place
Parlophone SwedenGEP 8882Jul 1963EP0 
Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas

A: Bad To Me
B: I Call Your Name
Parlophone SwedenR 5049Aug 19637"0 
The Beatles

A: She Loves You
B: I'll Get You
Parlophone SwedenR 505521 Aug 19637"1 
The Beatles

A: I Want To Hold Your Hand
B: This Boy
Parlophone SwedenR 5084Dec 19637"29.0
The Fourmost

A: A Little Loving
B: Waitin' For You
Parlophone SwedenR 512819647"09.0
Mike Sarne And The LeRoys

A: Love Me Please
B: You've Got Something
Parlophone SwedenR 517019647"0 
Bobby Shafto

A: Who Wouldn't Love A Girl Like That
B: Love Love Love (Don't Let Me Down)
Parlophone SwedenSD 597219647"0 
The Beatles

A1: All My Loving
A2: Ask Me Why
B1: Money
B2: P. S. I Love You
Parlophone SwedenGEP 8891Feb 1964EP19.0
The Beatles

A: Can't Buy Me Love
B: You Can't Do That
Parlophone SwedenR 5114Mar 19647"08.0
Bobby Shafto

A: She's My Girl
B: Wonderful You
Parlophone SwedenR 5130Jun 19647"18.0
The Beatles

Long Tall Sally

A1: Long Tall Sally
A2: I Call Your Name
B1: Slow Down
B2: Matchbox
Parlophone SwedenGEP 89131 Jul 1964EP210.0
The Beatles

A: A Hard Day's Night
B: Things We Said Today
Parlophone SwedenR 516022 Jul 19647"0 
The Beatles

A: I Feel Fine
B: She's A Woman
Parlophone SwedenR 5200Nov 19647"0 
The Beatles

A1: I Feel Fine
A2: Baby It's You
B1: She's A Woman
B2: It Won't Be Long
Parlophone SwedenGEOS 22530 Nov 1964EP0 
The Beatles

A: We Can Work It Out
B: Day Tripper
Parlophone SwedenR 538919657"0 
The Beatles

A1: Rock And Roll Music
A2: If I Fell
B1: I'm A Loser
B2: And I Love Her
Parlophone SwedenGEOS 231Feb 1965EP0 
The Beatles

A: Rock And Roll Music
B: If I Fell
Parlophone SwedenSD 59748 Feb 19657"110.0
The Beatles

A: Ticket To Ride
B: Yes It Is
Parlophone SwedenR 52654 Apr 19657"1 
The Beatles

A1: Ticket To Ride
A2: I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
B1: Yes It Is
B2: Eight day's a week
Parlophone SwedenGEOS 23321 Apr 1965EP0 
The Beatles

A: I'll Follow The Sun
B: I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
Parlophone SwedenSD 598113 Jul 19657"1 
The Beatles

A: Help!
B: I'm Down
Parlophone SwedenR 5305Aug 19657"19.0
The Hollies

A: Look Through Any Window
B: So Lonely
Parlophone SwedenR 5322Sep 19657"08.0
The Beatles

A: Dizzy Miss Lizzy
B: Yesterday
Parlophone SwedenSD 598318 Oct 19657"0 
The Beatles

A1: Dizzy Miss Lizzy
A2: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
B1: Yesterday
B2: Kansas City
Parlophone SwedenGEOS 2373 Nov 1965EP0 
The Hollies

A: If I Needed Someone
B: I've Got A Way Of My Own
Parlophone SwedenR 5392Dec 19657"0 
The Hollies

The Hollies Folk Style!

A1: Stewball
A2: Fifi The Flea
B1: I Am A Rock
B2: Crusader
Parlophone SwedenGEOS 2641966EP0 
Bobby Shafto

A: The Same Old Room
B: Lonely Is As Lonely Does
Parlophone SwedenR 540319667"0 
Cilla Black

A: Alfie
B: Night Time Is Here
Parlophone SwedenR 542719667"010.0
Cliff Bennett And The Rebel Rousers

A: Got To Get You Into My Life
B: Baby Each Day
Parlophone SwedenR 548919667"0 
Cilla Black

A: A Fool Am I
B: For No One
Parlophone SwedenR 551519667"0 
The Beatles

A: Michelle
B: Girl
Parlophone SwedenSD 598727 Jan 19667"0 
The Beatles

A1: We Can Work It Out
A2: Day Tripper
B1: You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
B2: What You're Doing
Parlophone SwedenGEOS 2447 Feb 1966EP0 
The Hollies

A: I Can't Let Go
B: Running Through The Night
Parlophone SwedenR 5409Mar 19667"0 
The Beatles

A1: Michelle
A2: Drive My Car
B1: Run For Your Life
B2: Girl
Parlophone SwedenGEOS 24515 Mar 1966EP0 
The Beatles

A1: Bad Boy
A2: Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
B1: I'm Looking Through You
B2: In My Life
Parlophone SwedenGEOS 257Apr 1966EP0 
The Hollies

A: Very Last Day
B: Too Many People
Parlophone SwedenSD 5991May 19667"49.0
The Beatles

A: Paperback Writer
B: Rain
Parlophone SwedenR 54523 Jun 19667"0 
The Beatles


A1: Help!
A2: Every Little Thing
B1: I'm Down
B2: No Reply
Parlophone SwedenGEOS 234Sep 1966EP0 
The Hollies

A: Stop Stop Stop
B: It's You
Parlophone SwedenR 5508Oct 19667"0 
The Hollies

A: What's Wrong With The Way I Live
B: Don't Even Think About Changing
Parlophone SwedenSD 6000Dec 19667"1 

A: Revolution
B: Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
Parlophone SwedenR 562719677"0 
Keith West

A: Sam (From 'A Teenage Opera')

Mark Wirtz' Mood Mosaic

B: Thimble Full Of Puzzles
Parlophone SwedenR 565119677"0 

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