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Philips - Label Discography

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  Netherlands  4229
  UK  2623
  Germany  1931
  France  951
  Australia  642
  USA  601
  Denmark  301
  Norway  301
  New Zealand  246
  Belgium  212
  Italy  211
  Spain  183
  Japan  177
  Finland  162
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Johnny Hallyday

A: Douce Violence
B: Il Faur Saisir Sa Chance
Philips JapanFL-106819627"0 
Little Richard

A: He's Not Just A Soldier
B: Joy, Joy, Joy (Down In My Heart)
Philips JapanM-1006Mar 19627"0 
Johnny Hallyday

A: Sam'di Soir
B: Retiens La Nuit
Philips JapanFL-1033May 19627"0 
Johnny Hallyday

A: Si Tu Me Telephones-Twist
B: High School Confidential
Philips JapanFL-1034May 19627"1 
Johnny Hallyday

A: Ya Ya Twist
B: Wap-Dou-Wap
Philips JapanFL-1039Jun 19627"0 
Johnny Hallyday

Johnny A New York

A: Shake A Hand Of A Fool
B: Be Bop A Lula
Philips JapanFL-1043Jul 19627"0 
Johnny Hallyday

A: You're Sixteen
B: I Got A Woman
Philips JapanFL-1046Aug 19627"0 
The Platters

A: Harbor Lights
B: Red Sails In The Sunset
Philips JapanSM-1003Sep 19627"0 
Paul And Paula

A: Hey Paula
B: Bobby Is The One
Philips JapanFL-1069May 19637"0 
Paul And Paula

A: First Quarrel
B: School Is Thru
Philips JapanFL-1090Sep 19637"0 
Lesley Gore

A: It's My Party
B: Danny
Philips JapanM-1061Sep 19637"09.5
The Sounds [Finland]

A: Mandschurian Beat
B: Emma
Philips JapanFL-1095Oct 19637"0 
Johnny Hallyday

A: Les Bras En Croix
B: Quitte Moi Doucement
Philips JapanFL-1110Feb 19647"0 
The Singing Nun

A1: Dominique
A2: Soeur Adele
B1: Tous Les Chemins
B2: Alleluia
Philips JapanSFL-3038Apr 1964EP0 
The Four Seasons

A: Dawn (Go Away)
B: No Surfin' Today
Philips JapanFL-1119May 19647"0 
The Sounds [Finland]

Mandschurian Beat

A1: Mandschurian Beat
A2: Emma
B1: Troika
B2: Wanderer
Philips JapanSFL-3042May 1964EP0 
Brian Hyland

A: Here's To Our Love
B: Two Kinds Of Girls
Philips JapanFL-1126Jul 19647"0 
The 4 Seasons

A: Ronnie
B: Only Yesterday
Philips JapanFL-1127Aug 19647"0 
Julian Coco

A1: Johnny Guitar
A2: La Cumparsita
B1: Home On The Range
B2: The Last Rose Of Summer
Philips JapanSFL-3051Sep 19647"0 
The 4 Seasons

A: Rag Doll
B: Silence Is Golden
Philips JapanFL-1134Oct 19647"0 
Johnny Hallyday

A: Bonne Chance!
B: Dis-Lui Que J'en Reve
Philips JapanFL-1139Nov 19647"0 
France Gall

A: Yumemiro Chanson Ningyo (Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son)
B: Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son
Philips JapanFD-103719657"0 
Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders

A: Um, Um, Um, Um, Um
B: Goobye Bluebird
Philips JapanSFL-116919657"0 
The 4 Seasons

A: Big Man In Town
B: Little Angel
Philips JapanFL-1147Feb 19657"0 
Johnny Hallyday

A: Pour Moi La Vie Va Commencer
B: Ma Guitare
Philips JapanFL-1164Jul 19657"0 
Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders

A: It's Just A Little Bit Too Late
B: Long Time Comin'
Philips JapanFL-1182Sep 19657"0 
The Sounds [Finland]

The Sounds' Best 4 Hits

A1: Mandschurian Beat
A2: Lonely Guitar
B1: Golden Earrings
B2: Muurari (Tell Me)
Philips JapanSFL-3100Oct 1965EP0 
The Buddies

A: Ski Jump
B: Ski City U.S.A.
Philips JapanFL-1202Nov 19657"0 
The Walker Brothers

A: Land Of A Thousand Dances
B: In My Room
Philips JapanFD-101919667"0 
The New Vaudeville Band

A: Winchester Cathedral
B: Wait For Me Baby
Philips JapanSFL-108519667"07.0
The Troggs

A: I Can't Control Myself
B: Gonna Make You
Philips JapanSFL-108819667"0 
The Spencer Davis Group

A: Gimme Some Lovin'
B: Blues In F
Philips JapanSFL-109119667"0 
The Sounds [Finland]

A: Rakastan Sinua, Elama

Tamara Lund

B: Rakastan Sinua, Elama
Philips JapanFL-1212Feb 19667"0 
Dusty Springfield

A: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
B: Little By Little
Philips JapanSFL-1064Sep 19667"0 
The Troggs

A: Wild Thing
B: From Home
Philips JapanSFL-1077Dec 19667"0 
The Walker Brothers

A: In My Room
B: (Baby) You Don't Have To Tell Me
Philips JapanSFL-1080Dec 19667"0 
The Troggs

A: With A Girl Loke You
B: I Want You
Philips JapanSFL-1082Dec 19667"0 
Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich

A: Zabadak
B: The Sun Goes Down
Philips JapanSFL-113019677"2 
Scott Walker

A: Jackie
B: Wait Until Dark (Theme From The Movie "Wait Until Dark")
Philips JapanSFL-114019677"2 
The Herd

A: From The Underworld
B: Sweet William
Philips JapanSFL-114219677"0 
The Troggs

A: Hi Hi Hazel
B: Love Is All Around
Philips JapanSFL-114319677"0 
The Walker Brothers

The Walker Brothers Best 4

A1: In My Room
A2: (Baby) You Don't Have To Tell Me
B1: The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More
B2: Make It Easy On Yourself
Philips JapanSFL-31641967EP0 
The Troggs

The Troggs´ Best 4

A1: Wild Thing
A2: With A Girl Like You
B1: I Can't Control Myself
B2: Hi Hi Hazel
Philips JapanSFL-31741967EP0 
The Walker Brothers

A: Deadlier Than The Male
B: Saturday's Child
Philips JapanSFL-1090Apr 19677"0 
The Walker Brothers

A: Land Of A Thousand Dances
B: Looking For Me
Philips JapanSFL-1092May 19677"0 
The Troggs

A: Any Way That You Want Me
B: 66-5-4-3-2-1
Philips JapanSFL-1097Jun 19677"0 
The Walker Brothers

A: Everything Under The Sun
B: I Wanna Know
Philips JapanSFL-1100Jun 19677"09.0
The Walker Brothers

A1: Deadlier Than The Male
A2: Saturday's Child
B1: Everything's Gonna Be All Right
B2: I Need You
Philips JapanSFL-3176Jun 1967EP0 
The Walker Brothers

A: Turn Out The Moon
B: Stay With Me Baby
Philips JapanSFL-1095Sep 19677"0 
The Troggs

A: Give It To Me
B: You're Lying
Philips JapanSFL-1110Sep 19677"0 

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