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Philips - Label Discography

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  Netherlands  5108
  UK  2729
  Germany  2376
  France  1155
  Australia  789
  USA  672
  New Zealand  404
  Norway  348
  Denmark  345
  Belgium  277
  Japan  247
  Italy  235
  Spain  235
  Sweden  235
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Ben And Bea

A: Gee Baby
B: Let The Good Times Roll
Philips USA40000Feb 19627"1 
Clydie King And The Sweet Things

A: The Boys In My Life
B: Promises
Philips USA40001Feb 19627"36.0
Francis Bay And His Orchestra

A: Paradise
B: Zumba
Philips USA40002Feb 19627"0 
Woody Herman Quartet

A: Swing Low, Sweet Clarinet
B: Rose Room
Philips USA40003Feb 19627"0 
Don Schroeder

A: Quicksand
B: My Kind Of Woman
Philips USA40004Mar 19627"0 
Hash Brown And His Ignunt Strings

A: Ain't She Sweet
B: Never On Sunday
Philips USA40005Mar 19627"0 
Randy Lee

A: Goodbye, Mary Ann
B: Like The Feller And The Girl On The Late, Late Show
Philips USA40006Mar 19627"1 
The Barrier Brothers

A: Breaking In A Brand New Pair Of Shoes
B: Earl's Breakdown
Philips USA40007Mar 19627"0 
Jimmy Jay

A: You're Still With Me
B: Jole, Jole
Philips USA40008Mar 19627"0 
Eddie Twister

A: Double Twist
B: Simple Twist
Philips USA40009Mar 19627"0 
T. Tommy

A: The Green Door
B: I Didn't Hurt As Much
Philips USA40010Mar 19627"1 
Judy Thomas

A: Welcome Home
B: I'll Leave Him Tomorrow
Philips USA40011Mar 19627"0 
Beverly White

A: Green Corn
B: I'll Walk The Rest Of The Way
Philips USA40012Mar 19627"0 
Beverly White

A: Green Corn

Beverly White, Josh White, Jr.

B: Well, Let's Get Together
Philips USA40012Mar 19627"0 
Jean-Michel Defaye

A: Flamenco Guitar
B: Reve, Mon Reve
Philips USA40013Mar 19627"0 
Johnny Hallyday

A: Shake The Hand Of A Fool
B: Hold Back The Sun
Philips USA40014Mar 19627"19.0
Darrell McCall

A: Dear One
B: I've Been Known
Philips USA40015Mar 19627"28.0
Linda Brannon

A: Deep Inside Me
B: What Else Could I Do But Cry
Philips USA40016Apr 19627"38.0
Marlin Greene

A: The Angels Got Together
B: Let There Be Love
Philips USA40017Apr 19627"1 
Bobby Mizzell

A: Soul
B: High Noon
Philips USA40018Apr 19627"0 
Shani Wallis

A: Don't Take Your Love From Me
B: Personality
Philips USA40019Apr 19627"0 
Trudy Bell

A: This Friend Of Mine
B: Willie
Philips USA40021Apr 19627"0 
Debbie Stuart

A: When Does Friendship End And True Love Start
B: Does Your Heart Beat For Me
Philips USA40022May 19627"07.0
The Deltas [Chicago]

A: Work Song
B: My Own True Love
Philips USA40023May 19627"2 
Johnny Hallyday

A: Be-Bop A Lula
B: I Got A Woman
Philips USA40024May 19627"210.0
The Seamen

A: Rip Tide
B: The Sun And The Sea
Philips USA40025May 19627"0 
Sonny Martin

A: As Long As You Are Near
B: Boy Child
Philips USA40026May 19627"1 
Hash Brown And His Ignunt Strings

A: Overseas Operator
B: Love Is The Sweetest Thing
Philips USA40027May 19627"0 
Ruth Brown

A: Shake A Hand
B: Say It Again
Philips USA40028May 19627"1 
Team Mates

A: Never Believed In Love
B: Once There Was A Time
Philips USA40029May 19627"28.0
Wilmar Walker

A: Stompin' Roaches
B: Somebody Will
Philips USA40030May 19627"0 
The Sheldons

A: Wonderful Land
B: The Shark
Philips USA40031May 19627"1 
Ronnie Savoy

A: Big Hand, Little Hand
B: A Fool, A Loser, A Clown
Philips USA40032May 19627"1 
Gerhard Wendland

A: Dance With Me
B: Nobody Knows
Philips USA40033May 19627"0 
Ruth Brown

A: Shake A Hand
B: Shake A Hand
Philips USADJP-1May 1962Promo Only 7"0 
Bob Corso

A: Bad, Bad Woman
B: My Pockets Are Full, (But My Heart Is Broke)
Philips USA40035Jun 19627"1 
The Three Cheers

A: Now I Lay Me Down To Cry
B: Hallelujah, I Love Her So
Philips USA40036Jun 19627"1 
The Corona Kids

A: The Big Ship Sails On The Alley-Alley-O
B: Nid-Nid-Noddin'
Philips USA40037Jun 19627"13.0
The Springfields

A: Silver Threads And Golden Needles
B: Aunt Rhody
Philips USA40038Jun 19627"108.0
The Barrier Brothers

A: Smoke Along The Track
B: Destroyed
Philips USA40039Jun 19627"0 
The Dials [US]

A: These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)
B: At The Start Of A New Romance
Philips USA40040Jun 19627"2 
Marty Wilde

A: Come Running
B: Ev'ryone
Philips USA40041Jun 19627"0 
Betty Amos

A: Wages Of Sin
B: Give And Take Love
Philips USA40042Jun 19627"0 
Johnny Hallyday

A: Caravan Of Lonely Men
B: Hey Little Girl
Philips USA40043Jun 19627"1 
Johnny Loren

A: Snake Bracelet, Painted Eyes And Cleopatra Wig
B: Dream Of Home (And My Love)
Philips USA40044Jun 19627"1 
Earl Thomas With The Milestone Singers

A: Evergreen Love
B: Blue Daylight
Philips USA40045Jul 19627"1 
Ruth Brown

A: Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean)
B: Hold My Hand
Philips USA40056Jul 19627"110.0
Michael Kelly

A: When A Man Cries
B: Find Me
Philips USA40046Aug 19627"0 
Tony Martell And His Orchestra

A: For You
B: Turnabout
Philips USA40047Aug 19627"0 
Lonzine Cannon

A: One At A Time
B: You Stayed Away Too Long
Philips USA40048Aug 19627"0 

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