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Philips - Label Discography

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  Netherlands  3788
  UK  2581
  Germany  1703
  France  879
  Australia  600
  USA  533
  Norway  295
  Denmark  275
  Belgium  189
  Italy  182
  Spain  168
  Finland  157
  New Zealand  157
  Japan  149
  Sweden  137
  Ireland  107
  Canada  105
  Mexico  83
  Austria  76
  Greece  74
  Portugal  59
  South Africa  42
  Argentina  25
  Brazil  25
  Turkey  25
  Switzerland  17
  Rhodesia  16
  Chile  15
  Hong Kong  11
  Kenya  7
  Unknown Country  6
  Lebanon  5
  Angola  4
  Barbados  3
  Bolivia  3
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Dutch Swing College Band With Nelson Williams

A1: Scheveningen Blues
A2: St. James Infirmary
B1: Eve
B2: Koko
Philips South Africa422 111 PE1957EP0 
Henri Salvador

Sings In English

A1: It's Summertime
A2: The Little Hut (From Film)
B1: This Is The Dream
B2: Freckle Face
Philips South Africa432 161 BEMay 1957EP1 
Heidi Brühl

Mister Love

A: Mister Love
B: Chico Chico Charlie
Philips South AfricaSSP.85719597"1 
Ladi Geisler And His Rhythm

A: Navajo
B: Lonely Guitar
Philips South AfricaSSP.80119627"0 
Paul And Paula

A: Hey Paula
B: Bobby Is The One
Philips South AfricaSSP.83919637"0 
Susan Maughan

A: Bobby's Girl
B: Come A Little Closer
Philips South AfricaSSP.84019637"0 
Soeur Sourire

A: Dominique
B: Alleluia
Philips South AfricaSSP.86419637"0 
The Four Pennies [UK]

A: Do You Want Me To
B: Miss Bad Daddy
Philips South AfricaSSP.87719637"4 
Jerry Lee Lewis

A: I'm On Fire
B: Bread And Butter Man
Philips South AfricaSSP.88419647"0 
The Serendipity Singers

A: Don't Let The Rain Come Down (Crooked Little Man)
B: Freedom's Star
Philips South AfricaSSP.88719647"0 
Theo Cavalieros

A: Guantanamera
B: Io Ti Daro Di Piu (Can I Trust You)
Philips South AfricaSSP 945Dec 19667"0 
The Invaders [South Africa]

A: It's Gotta Be Love
B: Long Walk Home
Philips South AfricaSSP 949Jan 19677"1 
Paul Mauriat And His Orchestra

A: Love Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu)
B: Seuls Au Monde
Philips South AfricaSSP 988Jan 19687"010.0
Esther And Abi Ofarim

A: Cinderella Rockefella
B: Lonesome Road
Philips South AfricaSSP 991Feb 19687"2 
Lally Stott

A: Chirpy Chirpy, Cheep Cheep
B: Henry James
Philips South AfricaTOS 752Nov 19707"0 
Frankie Valli

A: You're Ready Now
B: Cry For Me
Philips South AfricaTOS 766Feb 19717"0 
Esther Ofarim

A: Bird On A Wire
B: Port Sunlight
Philips South AfricaTOS 767Feb 19717"0 

A: Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
B: Walk Away From It All
Philips South AfricaTOS 790Apr 19717"0 

A: Broken Down Ange
B: Witchdoctor Woman
Philips South AfricaTOS 92019727"0 
The New Seekers

A: Beg, Steal Or Borrow
B: One By One
Philips South AfricaTOS 863Mar 19727"1 

A: Dear John
B: Friends
Philips South AfricaTOS 878Jun 19727"0 

A: I'd Love You To Want Me
B: Am I True To Myself
Philips South AfricaTOS 898Nov 19727"0 

A: Bad Bad Boy
B: Too Bad, Too Sad
Philips South AfricaTOS 93419737"0 
Jim Croce

A: I Got A Name
B: Alabama Rain
Philips South AfricaTOS 94419737"08.0
Vicky Leandros

A: The Love In Your Eyes
B: You Answered My Prayer
Philips South AfricaTOS 903Jan 19737"0 

A: Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend
B: A Simple Man
Philips South AfricaTOS 910Feb 19737"0 

A: Tumballah-Hey
B: Turning Wheel Of Fortune
Philips South AfricaTOS 96619747"0 

A: My Kleine Witte Duifie
B: Ek Soek Na My Liefste
Philips South AfricaT.61219757"1 

A: Something To See Me Through
B: Don't Tell Me Goodnight
Philips South AfricaTOS.102719757"0 
Peter Noone

A: We Don't Need The Money
B: Love Don't Change
Philips South AfricaTOS 105919767"0 
James White

A: Wait.......
B: Only People Make You Cry
Philips South AfricaTOS 106419767"0 
5000 Volts

A: Doctor Kiss-Kiss
B: Thunderfire
Philips South AfricaTOS 107619767"0 

A: At First Sight
B: Don't Spend Too Much Of Today On Yesterday
Philips South AfricaTOS 108819767"0 
5000 Volts

A: (Walkin' On A) Love Cloud
B: The Late Late Show
Philips South AfricaTOS 111319777"0 
5000 Volts

A: Can't Stop Myself From Loving You
B: You're Lookin' Good
Philips South AfricaTOS 114619777"110.0

A: Trojan Horse
B: Life Is On My Side
Philips South AfricaTOS 120119797"0 
Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra

A: Stardust
B: How High The Moon
Philips South Africa421 002 BE7"0 
Horst Fischer

Horst Fischer Present His Visiting Card

A1: Blue Lady
A2: River Song
B1: Harlem Street
B2: Kentucky Melody
Philips South Africa423 184 PEEP0 
The Four Pennies [UK]

The Smooth Side Of The Four Pennies

A1: Sweeter Than You
A2: Now We Are Through
B1: Love's Journey
B2: If You Love Me (I Won't Care
Philips South AfricaBE.12571EP1 
Paul And Paula

Paul And Paula

A1: Hey Paula
A2: Gee Baby
B1: Young Lovers
B2: Sweet Baby
Philips South AfricaPSP. 528EP0 
Max Bygraves

The Moods Of Max

A1: Time And Tide
A2: Make Room For One More Fool
B1: Farewell To The Dames
B2: You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming
Philips South AfricaPSP.537EP0 
Teresa Brewer With The Milestone Singers

A: The Ballad Of Lover's Hill
B: Not Like A Sister
Philips South AfricaSSP.8377"0 

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