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Piccadilly - Label Discography

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Joe Brown

A: Crazy Mixed Up Kid
B: Stick Around
Piccadilly UK7N 3500014 Apr 19617"67.0
Ronnie Hall

A: The Code Of Love
B: Who Cares?
Piccadilly UK7N 3500114 Apr 19617"0 
Al Saxon

A: Can You Keep A Secret
B: Promises
Piccadilly UK7N 35002May 19617"2 
Emile Ford And The Checkmates

A: Half Of My Heart
B: Gypsy Love
Piccadilly UK7N 35003May 19617"08.0
Carter, Lewis And The Southerners

A: Back On The Scene
B: So Much In Love
Piccadilly UK7N 35004May 19617"59.5
Joe Brown

A: Good Luck And Goodbye
B: I'm Henery The Eighth I Am
Piccadilly UK7N 35005Jun 19617"17.0
The Flee-Rekkers

A: Lone Rider
B: Miller Like Wow
Piccadilly UK7N 35006Jun 19617"710.0
Emile Ford And The Checkmates

A: After You've Gone
B: Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name
Piccadilly UK7N 35007Jul 19617"17.0
The Don Harvey Trio

A: Pop In The Tavern
B: Don's Medley
Piccadilly UK7N 35008Jul 19617"0 

A: Who Does He Think He Is
B: Sparks
Piccadilly UK7N 35009Jul 19617"57.7
The Checkmates

A: Rockin' Minstrel
B: Pompeii
Piccadilly UK7N 35010Aug 19617"1 
Al Saxon And His Orchestra

A: There I've Said It Again
B: You Came A Long Way From St Louis
Piccadilly UK7N 35011Aug 19617"0 
Jackie Lynton

A: Over The Rainbow
B: High In The Misty Sky
Piccadilly UK7N 35012Sep 19617"07.5
Donna Douglas

A: Tammy, Tell Me True
B: Memory Lane
Piccadilly UK7N 35014Sep 19617"17.0
The Piccadilly Strings

A: Sir Francis Drake
B: Our House
Piccadilly UK7N 35013Oct 19617"2 
Glen Daly

A: The Johnny Thomson Song
B: Kathleen So Fair And Bright
Piccadilly UK7N 35016Oct 19617"210.0
Glen Daly

A: The Celtic Song
B: An Irishman's Dream
Piccadilly UK7N 35017Oct 19617"210.0
Emile Ford And The Checkmates

A: Keep A-Lovin' Me
B: The Alphabet Song (A - You're Adorable)
Piccadilly UK7N 35019Oct 19617"0 
Cleo Laine

A: Something's Gotta Give
B: Unforgettable
Piccadilly UK7N 35020Oct 19617"0 
Ronnie Hall

A: She's Mine
B: My Heart Is The Lover
Piccadilly UK7N 35015Nov 19617"3 
Bryan Taylor

A: The Donkey's Tale
B: Let It Snow On Christmas Day
Piccadilly UK7N 35018Nov 19617"2 
Al Saxon And His Orchestra

A: Don't Get Around Much Anymore
B: Saturday Night
Piccadilly UK7N 35021Nov 19617"0 

A: What I Want For Christmas (Is Six More Years)
B: My Brother Wants A Doll For Christmas
Piccadilly UK7N 35022Nov 19617"1 
Joe Brown And The Bruvvers

A: What A Crazy World We're Living In
B: Pop Corn
Piccadilly UK7N 35024Nov 19617"26.8
The Piccadilly Strings

A: Tina (Theme From 'Stork Talk')
B: Non-Stop To Nowhere
Piccadilly UK7N 35027Jan 19627"2 
Des O'Connor

A: Thin Chow Min (Big Bad John)
B: Twist Drive
Piccadilly UK7N 35028Jan 19627"38.0
Danny Storm

A: Honest I Do
B: Sad But True
Piccadilly UK7N 35025Feb 19627"37.0
Susan Terry

A: Along Came Love
B: Looking For A Boy
Piccadilly UK7N 35026Feb 19627"0 
The Countrymen

A: I Know Where I'm Going
B: Swamp Legend
Piccadilly UK7N 35029Feb 19627"17.0
Glen Daly

A: Faith Of Our Fathers
B: Hail Glorious St Patrick
Piccadilly UK7N 35030Feb 19627"1 
Donna Douglas

A: The Message In A Bottle
B: If This Is Love
Piccadilly UK7N 35031Feb 19627"37.0
Johnny Keating

A: Theme From Z-Cars (Johnny Todd)
B: Lost Patrol
Piccadilly UK7N 35032Feb 19627"58.3
Emile Ford And The Checkmates

A: I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
B: Doin' The Twist
Piccadilly UK7N 35033Feb 19627"0 
Moya Moray

A: My Heart Will Make A Fool Of Me
B: You're Running Out Of Kisses
Piccadilly UK7N 35023Mar 19627"19.0
The Shake Keane Fivetet

A: The Nursery Blues
B: Ruanda
Piccadilly UK7N 35034Mar 19627"0 
Dick Jordan

A: Some Of These Days
B: I Want Her Back
Piccadilly UK7N 35035Mar 19627"48.0
Al Saxon

A: Evil Eye
B: What More Can I Say
Piccadilly UK7N 35036Mar 19627"2 
Oliver Reed

A: Sometimes
B: Ecstasy
Piccadilly UK7N 35037Mar 19627"36.0
Davy Jones

A: Jezebel
B: Don't Come Cryin' To Me
Piccadilly UK7N 35038Mar 19627"19.5
Jim Dale

A: My Resistance Is Low
B: One Boy, One Girl
Piccadilly UK7N 35039Apr 19627"1 
Ronnie Hall

A: My Very First Love
B: The Day After Forever
Piccadilly UK7N 35040Apr 19627"0 
Donna Douglas

A: Matelot
B: All The Other Girls
Piccadilly UK7N 35042Apr 19627"29.0
Candy Sparling

A: When's He Gonna Kiss Me?
B: Lonely For You
Piccadilly UK7N 35046Apr 19627"37.0
Joe Brown And The Bruvvers

A: A Lay-About's Lament
B: A Picture Of You
Piccadilly UK7N 35047Apr 19627"68.4
Vince Hill

A: The River's Run Dry
B: Not Any More
Piccadilly UK7N 35043May 19627"010.0
The Flee-Rekkers

A: Stage To Cimarron
B: Twistin' The Chestnuts
Piccadilly UK7N 35048May 19627"38.0
Glen Daly

A: Boys From The County Cork
B: Kelly The Boy From Killan
Piccadilly UK7N 35050May 19627"0 
Johnny Keating And The 'Z' Men

A: Ya Ya
B: Highland Wedding
Piccadilly UK7N 35051May 19627"2 
Don Neilson

A: Forgotten Dreams
B: These Things Remain
Piccadilly UK7N 3504411 May 19627"1 

A: Shall I Take My Heart And Go?
B: What'd I Do?
Piccadilly UK7N 3504511 May 19627"0 

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