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Pickled Egg - Label Discography

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The Melons

A: Black And Blue
B: Eskimo
Pickled Egg UKEGG 17"0 
Pop-Off Tuesday


A1: Unworldly
B1: The Sea And Poison
B2: Toilettes Imagination
Pickled Egg UKEGG 2Sep 1998EP0 

A: Soleil
B: D Is For Dum Dum
Pickled Egg UKEGG 37"1 
The Freed Unit

A: Widdershins
B: Stormtroopers Of Moog
Pickled Egg UKEGG 419987"1 
Daniel Johnston

A: Dream Scream
B: Funeral Girl
Pickled Egg UKEGG 619987"0 
The Evolution Control Committee

Whipped Cream Mixes

A: Rebel Without A Pause
B: By The Time I Get To Arizona
Pickled Egg UKEGG 819997"110.0
Savoy Grand

A: The Moving Air
B: Millions Of People
Pickled Egg UKEGG 919997"0 
Gulliver [90's]


A1: Entre Les Memes Murs
A2: A L'Imparfait
B1: Complainte Geometrique
B2: Prepose Lunatique
Pickled Egg UKEGG 1119997"0 

A: Chunks Of Syrup Amidst Plain Yoghurt
B: Silicon Diodes
Pickled Egg UKEGG 1219997"0 
Le Bleu

A: Toujours La (Still There)
B: La Bas (Over There)
Pickled Egg UKEGG 1519997"0 
By Coastal Café

Me ?

A1: Yeah, Mary Green
A2: Summer Came Walking
A3: Yesterday
B1: Heart Go Wild
B2: Holiday At Sea
B3: I Am A Cinematographer
Pickled Egg UKEGG 162000EP0 

A1: Two People
B1: If She Should Blame Him
B2: Displace
Pickled Egg UKEGG 1920007"0 
The Go! Team

Get It Together

A1: Get It Together !
A2: Pocket Money Rodeo
B1: Kill The Klansmen
B2: The Ice Storm
Pickled Egg UKEGG 2328 Aug 20007"0 

End The Year

A1: Ghosts
A2: Carol K
B1: Dust
B2: End The Year
Pickled Egg UKEGG 2619 Feb 2001EP0 
Daniel Johnston And Slow Death Vs The Instant Coffin

A1: Sinning Is Easy
B1: A Prayer From The Depths
B2: I Want You Back In My Life
Pickled Egg UKEGG 3320027"0 
Oddfellows Casino

A: Giant Redwoods
B: Put The Bird To Sleep
Pickled Egg UKEGG 35Sep 20027"0 
Pop-Off Tuesday

A: Helicopter
B: Kufushoot
Pickled Egg UKEGG 3720027"0 
Roy Moller

Fermez La Bouche - Un Maxi Single De Roy Moller

A1: First You Fall In Love
B1: Leave It Alone
B2: Speak When I'm Spoken To
Pickled Egg UKEGG 5320057"0 
Phosphene And Friends

A: See A Sign Defined
B: Ask Me No Questions
Pickled Egg UKEGG 6320067"0 

A1: Turnstyle
B1: Evening Song
B2: Hope Grocery
Pickled Egg UKEGG 1019997"0 
Gulliver [90's]


A1: Pierre Et Marie
A2: Le Rat De Ville Et Le Rat Des Champs
B1: Le General Des Gouttes De Pluie
B2: Petite Route
Pickled Egg UKEGG 172000EP0 
Big Eyes

I See Creatures EP

A1: Gentle Neck
B1: Blackbeak
B2: A Death Dance
Pickled Egg UKEGG 452002EP0 
Caruso [indie]

You Heard Me

A1: Anna's Dream
A2: Spanish Boys
A3: Like Rabbits
A4: Swiss Vanilla
B1: Svetlino
B2: Brewley E
B3: Julie Come Home
B4: Peter
Pickled Egg UKEGG 412003EP0 

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