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Brendan Shine

A: O'Brien Has No Place To Go
B: 40 Miles From Poplar Bluff
Play UKPLAY 119717"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Far Too Young
B: Able Bodied Man
Play UKPLAY 2719727"0 
Brendan Shine

A: All My Roads (Lead Back To You)
B: All My Roads (Lead Back To You)
Play UKPLAY 96Aug 19767"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Christmas In Ireland
B: Country Churchyard
Play UKPLAY 81Oct 19767"10 
Brendan Shine

A: Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down, Con Shine
B: Carlingford Bay
Play UKPLAY 122Sep 19797"97.0
Brendan Shine

A: Catch Me If You Can
B: Coastline Of Mayo
Play UKPLAY 13519807"1 
Brendan Shine

A: Carrotts
B: Nancy Spain
Play UKPLAY 140Sep 19807"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Doogeens
B: Place In The Choir
Play UKPLAY 141May 19817"0 
Brendan Shine

Four Great Tracks From Brendan Shine

A1: I Believe In Marriage
A2: Catch Me If You Can
B1: Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down
B2: Doogeens
Play UKPLAYS 1Jul 1981EP0 
Brendan Shine

A: Pub Crawl
B: I Love
Play UKPLAY 143Nov 19817"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Hey! Louise
B: I Got A Honey Of A Deal (When I Got Lucille)
Play UKPLAY 144Apr 19827"07.0
Brendan Shine

A: The Old Rugged Cross
B: Rose Of Castle Rea
Play UKPLAY 145Jun 19827"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Me Old Boneshaker
B: Promise And The Dream
Play UKPLAY 146Nov 19827"0 
Brendan Shine

A: My Old Country Home
B: When I Got Lucille (I Got A Honey Of A Deal)
Play UKPLAY 147Jan 19837"0 
Brendan Shine

A: The Village Where I Went To School
B: Spuds
Play UKPLAY 148May 19837"0 
Brendan Shine

A: County Down
B: Three Pubs In Bohola
Play UKPLAY 149Aug 19837"08.0
Brendan Shine

A: Thank God For Kids
B: Did You Miss Me
Play UKPLAY 150Dec 19837"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down, Con Shine
B: Boyle In The County Roscommon
Play UKPLAY 12219847"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Nancy Myles
B: Blue Misty Eyes
Play UKPLAY 15119847"07.0
Shag Connors

A: The Cotswolds
B: A Little Blondie Called Jean
Play UKPLAY 15419847"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Can't Hold Back The Years
B: The Old Grey Suit
Play UKPLAY 15519847"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Now I'm Easy (Cocky Farmer)
B: The Widow Murphy
Play UKPLAY 152May 19847"0 
Brendan Shine

A: A Bunch Of Violets Blue
B: The Diddling Song
Play UKPLAY 153Sep 19847"1 
Shag Connors

A: Little House Upon The Hill
B: Did You Miss Me
Play UKPLAY 202Jun 19857"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Melody For You
B: Melody For You (Accordion Instrumental)
Play UKPLAY 203Jul 19857"1 
Farmer Shag Connors And The Carrot Crunchers

A: The Cleanest Little Piggy In The Market
B: That's Life
Play UKPLAY 204Dec 19857"5 
Brendan Shine

A: Biddy From Glenroe
B: My Son
Play UKPLAY 17619867"0 
Farmer Shag Connors And The Carrot Crunchers

A: I'm Jealous Of The Farmyard Cockerel
B: Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel
Play UKPLAY 20819867"4 
Brendan Shine

A: My Son
B: Did You Miss Me
Play UKPLAY 207Jan 19867"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Loneliness
B: Loneliness (Accordion Instrumental)
Play UKPLAY 206Feb 19867"07.0
Ann Breen

A: Domino (Easy Listening Mix)
B: Domino (Slap Remix)
Play UKPLAY 210Sep 19867"0 
Brendan Shine

A: You'll Never Go Back
B: Biddy From Glenroe
Play UKPLAY 212Oct 19867"0 
Ray Moore

A: O' My Father Had A Rabbit
B: O' My Father Had A Rabbit (Instrumental)
Play UKPLAY 213Nov 19867"2 
Johnny McEvoy

A: You Seldom Come To See Me Anymore
B: Lusmagh Fields
Play UKPLAY 21619877"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Song For Maria
B: Song For Maria (Honky Tonk Piano Instrumental)
Play UKPLAY 21719877"0 
The Joe Giltrap Band

A: Mr. Tambourine Man
B: When Margaret Was Eleven
Play UKPLAY 21919877"0 
Ann Breen

A: Hold Me In Your Arms (Forever)
B: Give Me One Good Reason
Play UKPLAY 22219877"1 
Vivi Caan

A: More Than A Friend
B: More Than A Friend (Ivory Mix)
Play UKPLAY 22519877"0 
Brendan Shine

A: Moon Shine
B: Girl From Clare
Play UKPLAY 214Mar 19877"0 
Ann Breen

A: Divided We Fall
B: Divided We Fall (Instrumental)
Play UKPLAY 215Mar 19877"0 
Brendan Shine

A1: Do You Want Your Old Lobby Washed Down Con Shine (Party Version)
B1: Me Old Bone Shaker
B2: Moon Shine
Play UKPLAY 223Sep 19877"0 
Ray Moore

A: The Bog-Eyed Jog
B: The Bog-Eyed Jog (Instrumental)
Play UKPlay 224Oct 19877"1 
Ann Breen

A: My Mother's Pearls
B: A Mother's Love's A Blessing
Play UKPLAY 22919887"0 
Ann Breen

A: Moonshiner
B: Butcher Boy
Play UKPLAY 23119887"0 
Johnny McEvoy

A: When We Danced To An Old-Fashioned Tune
B: Ballad Of John Williams (Loss Of The Titanic)
Play UKPLAY 23319887"0 
Ann Breen

A: The Old Country Waltz
B: The Moonshiner
Play UKPLAY 23519887"0 
Ann Breen

A: I Wish All My Children Were Babies Again
B: You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mother's Eyes
Play UKPLAY 23619887"0 
Brendan Shine And His Outhouse Music

A: Me Uncle Mike
B: My Mother From The County Of Mayo
Play UKPLAY 228Jun 19887"0 
Brendan Shine

A: The Bould O'Donaghue
B: The Jolly Farmer
Play UKPLAY 24019897"1 
Dave Lalor

A: Don't Give In
B: Don't Give In (Instrumental)
Play UKPLAY 24419907"1 

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