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Polar - Label Discography

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The Renegades [UK]

A: Cadillac
B: Bad Bad Baby
Polar DenmarkPOS 100719657"0 
Hootenanny Singers

A: Marianne
B: Vid En Biväg Till En Byväg Bor Den Blonda Beatrice
Polar DenmarkPOS 102219667"0 
Hootenanny Singers

A: Blomman
B: En Man Och En Kvinna
Polar DenmarkPOS 102719677"0 

A: Son Of My Father
B: Underdog
Polar DenmarkPOS 114719727"0 

A: Today´s A Tomorrow (You Worried ´bout Yesterday)
B: Pauline
Polar DenmarkPOS 115819727"0 
Björn And Benny, Agnetha And Anni-Frid

A: People Need Love

Björn And Benny

B: Merry-Go-Round (En Karusell)
Polar DenmarkPOS 1156Jun 19727"0 
Svenne And Lotta

A: Sandy
B: Makin' Love
Polar DenmarkPOS 117319737"1 
Per Juul

A: Spar På Energien
B: Ærlig Sang
Polar DenmarkPOS 118319737"0 
Björn And Benny, Agnetha And Anni-Frid

A: Ring Ring

Björn And Benny

B: She´s My Kind Of Girl
Polar DenmarkPOS 1172May 19737"1 
Björn And Benny, Agnetha And Frida

A: Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
B: I Am Just A Girl
Polar DenmarkPOS 1176Jul 19737"3 

A: Honey Honey
B: King Kong Song
Polar DenmarkPOS 119219747"39.0
Svenne And Lotta

A: Dance (While The Music Goes On)
B: He Is Your Brother
Polar DenmarkPOS 119419747"1 

A: So Long
B: I've Been Waiting For You
Polar DenmarkPOS 119519747"28.0
Roberta Kelly

A: Kung Fu's Back Again Part 1
B: Kung Fu's Back Again Part 2
Polar DenmarkPOS 119619747"0 

A: Waterloo
B: Watch Out
Polar DenmarkPOS 1187Apr 19747"25.0
Svenne And Lotta

A: Breakin´ Up Is Hard To Do
B: The Dreamer (Hush-a-bye)
Polar DenmarkPOS 1191Apr 19747"17.0

A: I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
B: Rock Me
Polar DenmarkPOS 120719757"08.0
Donna Summer

A: Love To Love You Baby
B: Need-a-man Blues
Polar DenmarkPOS 120919757"0 
I Santo California

A: Tornero
B: Se davvero mi vuoi bene
Polar DenmarkPOS 121919757"0 
Two Man Sound

A: Charlie Brown
B: Balafon
Polar DenmarkPOS 122219757"0 
Svenne And Lotta

A: Bang-A Boomerang
B: Roly-Poly Girl
Polar DenmarkPOS 1204Mar 19757"07.0
Svenne And Lotta

A: Chapel Of Llove
B: Back Alley Child
Polar DenmarkPOS 1212May 19757"0 

B: Man In The Middle
Polar DenmarkPOS 1213Jun 19757"39.8

A: Mamma Mia
B: Intermezzo No. 1
Polar DenmarkPOS 1220Sep 19757"810.0

B: Man In The Middle
Polar DenmarkPOS 121319767"0 

A: Fernando
B: Hey Hey Helen
Polar DenmarkPOS 122419767"0 

A: Dancing Queen
B: That´s Me
Polar DenmarkPOS 122519767"510.0
Svenne And Lotta

A: Extra Extra (Read All About It)
B: Changes
Polar DenmarkPOS 122619767"2 

A: Money, Money, Money
B: Crazy World
Polar DenmarkPOS 122719767"08.0
Svenne And Lotta

A: Funky Feet
B: Rocky
Polar DenmarkPOS 123119767"3 
Svenne And Lotta

A: Extra Extra (Read All About It)
B: Changes
Polar DenmarkPOS 1226Nov 19767"0 

A: The Name Of The Game
B: I Wonder (Departure)
Polar DenmarkPOS 123419777"0 

A: Knowing Me, Knowing You
B: Happy Hawaii (Early Version Of "Why Did It Have To Be Me")
Polar DenmarkPOS 123018 Feb 19777"510.0

A: Chiquitita
B: Lovelight
Polar DenmarkPOS 124419797"0 
Olivia Newton-John

A: Totally Hot
B: Talk To Me
Polar DenmarkPOS 124919797"1 

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