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Polydor - Label Discography

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  Germany  4318
  UK  3079
  Netherlands  1757
  USA  712
  Australia  582
  France  565
  Ireland  324
  Norway  299
  Canada  292
  Japan  245
  Italy  235
  Denmark  232
  Belgium  221
  Spain  180
  Sweden  158
  New Zealand  138
  Austria  135
  South Africa  86
  Portugal  79
  Finland  54
  Switzerland  51
  Mexico  38
  Brazil  36
  Greece  31
  Rhodesia  27
  Kenya  17
  India  16
  Philippines  14
  Argentina  13
  Chile  10
  Turkey  8
  Yugoslavia  8
  Unknown Country  7
  Hong Kong  6
  Lebanon  5
  Singapore  5
  Jamaica  3
  Venezuela  3
  Mozambique  1
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Cissy Kraner

A1: Ich schaue mir nur deutsche Filme an
A2: Tratsch-Polka
B1: Ich war einmal ein Quartett
B2: Nehmen sie schon Vitamine
Polydor BrazilEP 20.4261961EP0 
Ray Charles

Dedicated To You

A1: Stella By Starlight
A2: Ruby
B1: Candy
B2: Cherry
Polydor BrazilDCP 621.5021963EP0 
The Beatles With Tony Sheridan

A1: My Bonnie
A2: Cry For A Shadow
B1: The Saints (When The Saints Go Marching In)
B2: Why
Polydor BrazilDCP-621.5171965EP0 
The Youngsters

A: Neurasténico
B: I Wanna Be Your Man
Polydor BrazilCSPN 51.06519697"2 

A: Ando Meio Desligado
B: Não Vá Se Perder Por Aí
Polydor BrazilCSPN 51.07919697"1 
Bill Deal And The Rhondels

A: I've Been Hurt
B: I've Got My Needs
Polydor BrazilFC 126.01619697"1 

A: O Burro Cor De Rosa
B: Ouriço
Polydor BrazilCSPN 51.11019707"1 
The Shocking Blue

A: Venus

The Roadrunners

B: Woman, Woman
Polydor BrazilFC 126.02519707"110.0
The Tee Set

A: Ma Belle Amie
B: Angels Coming In The Holy Night
Polydor BrazilFC 126.02619707"0 
The Tee Set

A: If You Do Believe In Love
B: Charmaine
Polydor BrazilFC 126.03919707"0 
Shocking Blue

A: Never Marry A Railroad Man
B: Hear My Song
Polydor BrazilFC 126.04119707"08.0
James Brown

A: Sex Machine (Part 1)
B: Sex Machine (Part 2)
Polydor BrazilFC 126.04219707"0 

A: Coz I Luv You
B: My Life Is Natural
Polydor Brazil2058 15519717"0 
The Mob

A: I Dig Everything About You
B: Love Has Got A Hold On Me
Polydor Brazil2160.01619717"0 
Banda De 7 Léguas

A: Cabou Minha Mesada
B: Dia De Chuva
Polydor Brazil2 171.00219717"0 
Ton And Sérgio

A: Jurema E Eu
B: Vou Sair Do Cativeiro
Polydor Brazil2171.01819717"1 

A: As Turbinas Estão Ligadas
B: ?
Polydor Brazil2171.02019717"1 

A: Get Down And Get With It
B: Gospel According To Rasputin
Polydor Brazil2176.03519717"0 
Tin Tin

A: Is That The Way
B: Swans On The Canal
Polydor Brazil2176 04219717"2 
Lyn Collins

A: Think (About It)
B: Ain't No Sunshine
Polydor Brazil2066 21519727"0 
Tony E Som Colorido

A: O Carona
B: Vida
Polydor Brazil2171 04619727"1 
James Brown

The Godfather Of Soul

A1: I Got Ants In My Pants (And I Want To Dance) - Part 1
A2: I Got Ants In My Pants (And I Want To Dance) - Part 2
B1: Down And Out In New York City
B2: Mama's Dead
Polydor Brazil2229 1031973EP0 
Tim Maia

A: Reu Confesso
B: Do Your Thing, Behave Yourself
Polydor Brazil2801 02619737"0 
James Brown

A: The Payback (Part 1)
B: The Payback (Part 2)
Polydor Brazil2066 43119747"0 
Erasmo Carlos

A: Sou Uma Crianca, Nao Entendo Nada
B: Harold, O Robot Domestico
Polydor Brazil217112119747"0 
James Brown

The Godfather Of Soul Vol.2

A1: Stoned To The Bone (Part 1)
A2: Stoned To The Bone (Part 2)
B1: Sex Machine
B2: Think
Polydor Brazil2229 1201974EP0 
Discoteca Alucinante Nº2

James Brown

A1: The Payback

Lyn Collins

A2: We Want To Parrty Parrty Parrty

The Last Word

B1: Keep On Bumpin' Before You Give Out Of Gas

Clyde King And Brown Sugar

B2: Dance To The Music
Polydor Brazil2229 1231974EP0 
Tim Maia

A1: Reu Confesso
A2: Do Your Thing, Behave Yourself
B1: Gostava Tanto De Voce
B2: Comadre
Polydor Brazil2249 0261974EP0 

Hamburger Concerto

A1: Harem Scarem
A2: La Cathedrale De Strasbourg
B1: Hamburger Concerto (a. Starter, B. Rare)
Polydor Brazil22291551975EP1 
James Brown

The Goodfather Of Soul Nº3

A1: Hell
A2: My Thang
B1: Papa Don't Take No Mess
B2: Sayin' It And Doin' It
Polydor Brazil2229 1601975EP0 

She Did It To Me

A1: She Did It To Me
A2: Miles Out To Sea
B1: Just Want A Little Bit
B2: Do We Still Do It
Polydor Brazil2229 1661975EP210.0
4 Super Hits


A1: Sky High


A2: She

The Fatback Band

B1: Spanish Hustle

Electric Light Orchestra

B2: Evil Woman
Polydor Brazil2229 1871976EP0 
Ringo Starr

A: Hey Baby
B: Lady Gaye
Polydor Brazil2001 69919777"0 
James Brown

A: Bodyheat (Part 1)
B: Bodyheat (Part 2)
Polydor Brazil2066 76319777"0 
Ringo Starr

A1: Hey Baby
A2: Lady Gaye
B1: Cookin (In The Kitchen Of Love)
B2: You Don't Know Me At All
Polydor Brazil2200 1261977EP0 
The Beatles

The Beatles In Hamburg

A1: My Bonnie
A2: Cry For A Shadow
B1: The Saints (When The Saints Go Marching In)
B2: Why
Polydor Brazil2222 0261982EP02.0

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