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Polydor - Label Discography

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  Germany  4591
  UK  3094
  Netherlands  1814
  USA  769
  Australia  621
  France  602
  Ireland  336
  Canada  314
  Norway  306
  Japan  270
  Belgium  259
  Denmark  248
  Italy  245
  Spain  195
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Ricardo Santos And His Orchestra

A: Kagoshima-Ohara-Bushi (鹿児島小原節)
B: Aizu-Bandaisan (会津磐梯山)
Polydor JapanDP 109519597"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: ('Til) I Kissed You
B: Oh What A Feeling
Polydor JapanDP-115219597"0 
Ricardo Santos And His Orchestra

A: Petite Fleur
B: La Belle Rose
Polydor JapanDP-1123Apr 19597"0 
Toni Sailer

A: ich bin der glucklichste mensch auf der welt
B: Mann musste scheich in Persien sein
Polydor JapanDP-1147Dec 19607"0 
Die Playboys

A: Yellow Bird
B: Indigo
Polydor JapanDP 123719617"0 
Hugo Blanco

A: Moliendo Cafe
B: Orquidea
Polydor JapanDP 1223Jul 19617"0 
Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra

A: The Aim Of My Desire
B: Stay With Me
Polydor JapanSDP-1035Nov 19617"0 
Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers

A: My Bonnie Twist
B: The Saints
Polydor JapanDP-1254May 19627"1 
Gus Backus

A: Priscilla
B: Queen Of The Stars
Polydor JapanDP-1331Mar 19647"0 
Gus Backus

A: Short On Love
B: Big Willie Broke Jail Tonight
Polydor JapanDP 1329Apr 19647"08.0
The Beatles With Tony Sheridan

A: My Bonnie
B: The Saints
Polydor JapanDP 135121 Apr 19647"10 
Gus Backus

A: Turn Around
B: Don't Fence Me In
Polydor JapanDP 139619657"0 
Gus Backus

A: Turn Around (Japanese version)
B: A Little Kiss
Polydor JapanDP-1397Mar 19657"0 
The Spotnicks

A: Karelia
B: Havah Nagila
Polydor JapanDP 1449Nov 19657"0 
The Jokers [Spain]

A1: Danube Waves
A2: Johnny Guitar
B1: La Paloma
B2: El Choclo
Polydor JapanSLKP-1092Nov 1965EP0 
The Spotnicks

A: Le Dernier Train De L'espace
B: Space Creature
Polydor JapanDP 1460Feb 19667"0 
The Spotnicks

A: Sentimental Guitar
B: Piercing The Unknown
Polydor JapanDP 1477May 19667"0 
The Hitmakers

A: Stop The Music
B: What You Gonna Do About It
Polydor JapanDP 1489Aug 19667"0 
The Who

A: Substitute
B: Waltz For A Pig
Polydor JapanDP-1494Sep 19667"2 
The Spotnicks

A: Moscow
B: Divided City
Polydor JapanDP-1506Nov 19667"0 
John's Children

A: Desdemona
B: Remember Thomas A Becket
Polydor JapanDP-156019677"0 
Procol Harum

A: Homburg
B: Good Captain Clack
Polydor JapanDP-156519677"0 
The Who

A: I'm A Boy
B: In The City
Polydor JapanDP-15105 Jan 19677"08.0
The Tigers [Japan]

A: My Mary
B: Let Me See You Baby
Polydor JapanSDP-20015 Feb 19677"0 
The Scorpions [UK-Netherlands]

A: Under The Boardwalk
B: Hello Josephine
Polydor JapanDP-1519Apr 19677"0 
The Who

A: Happy Jack
B: I've Been Away
Polydor JapanDP-1522May 19677"09.0
The Tigers [Japan]

A: Seaside Bound
B: Prince In The Heaven
Polydor JapanSDP-20045 May 19677"0 

A: I Feel Free
Polydor JapanDP-1527Jun 19677"010.0
The Who

A: Whisky Man
B: Boris The Spider
Polydor JapanDP-1531Jun 19677"0 
The Shamrocks [Sweden]

A: La La La
B: And I Need You
Polydor JapanDP-1534Aug 19677"0 
The Tigers [Japan]

A: Mona Lisa Smile
B: Red Jacket
Polydor JapanSDP-201115 Aug 19677"0 
The Who

A: Pictures Of Lily
B: Doctor, Doctor
Polydor JapanDP-1539Sep 19677"09.0
The Bee Gees

A: To Love Somebody
B: Close Another Door
Polydor JapanDP-1545Nov 19677"1 
The Bee Gees

A: New York Mining Disaster 1941
B: I Can't See Nobody
Polydor JapanDP-1547Dec 19677"0 
Jimi Hendrix

A: Hey Joe
B: Stone Free
Polydor JapanDP 157319687"09.0
Procol Harum

A: Quite Rightly So
B: Rambling On
Polydor JapanDP-157619687"0 
The Who

A: Armenia City In The Sky
B: Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
Polydor JapanDP 157719687"0 

A: Anyone For Tennis (The Savage Seven Theme)
B: Pressed Rat And Warthog
Polydor JapanDP 158819687"0 
The Who

A: Dogs
B: Circles
Polydor JapanDP-169519687"0 
The Bee Gees

A: Massachusetts
B: Holiday
Polydor JapanDP-15545 Jan 19687"0 
The Tigers [Japan]

A: Love Only For You
B: The Story Of The Falling Leaves
Polydor JapanSDP-20165 Jan 19687"0 
The Spotnicks

A: Jupiter Special
B: Recado
Polydor JapanDP 1557Mar 19687"0 
The Who

A: I Can See For Miles
B: Someone's Coming
Polydor JapanDP-1558Mar 19687"0 
The Tigers [Japan]

A: Romance In The Milky Way
B: Flower Necklace
Polydor JapanSDP-202215 Mar 19687"0 

A: Strange Brew
B: Tales Of Brave Ulysses
Polydor JapanDP-1561Apr 19687"0 
The Bee Gees

A: World
B: Sir Geoffrey Saved The World
Polydor JapanDP-1563Apr 19687"0 
The King Tones

A: Good Night Baby
B: Like A Castoff Puppy
Polydor JapanSDP-20231 May 19687"0 

A: Sunshine Of Your Love
B: Swlabr
Polydor JapanDP-1568Jun 19687"0 
The Bee Gees

A: Words
B: Sinking Ships
Polydor JapanDP 1570Jun 19687"0 
The Bee Gees


A1: Massachusetts
A2: New York Mining Disaster 1941
B1: Holiday
B2: World
Polydor JapanKP-1137Jun 1968EP0 

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