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Polydor - Label Discography

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  Germany  3777
  UK  3040
  Netherlands  1568
  USA  632
  Australia  529
  France  519
  Ireland  308
  Norway  282
  Canada  252
  Denmark  206
  Japan  200
  Belgium  172
  Italy  163
  Spain  149
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A: Wer das vergisst
B: Heimatlos
Polydor Norway2338119577"0 
Domenico Modugno

A: Io
B: Farfalle
Polydor Norway6691419587"1 
Alfred Hause Mit Dem Radio-Tango-Orchester Hamburg

Tanztee Mit Alfred Hause

A1: Tanztee In Paris - Tango-Potpourri
A2: Tanztee In Paris - Tango-Potpourri
B1: Hernando's Hideaway
B2: Buen Amigo
Polydor Norway20 321 EPHFeb 1958EP0 
Louis Armstrong And Gabriele

A: Uncle Satchmo's Lullaby

Louis Armstrong

B: It's All In The Game
Polydor Norway66 80619597"0 
Else Nystrand

A: Ti Små Negerbarn
B: Vandringstrall
Polydor NorwayNH 6675619647"0 
The Starlights Of Oslo

A: The Shepherd Twist
B: All Of Me
Polydor Norway6675519657"0 
The Actions [Norway]

A: Be-Bop-A-Lula
B: Boys
Polydor NorwayNH 66 75719657"0 
The Starlights Of Oslo

A: Klarinett-Polka
B: September In The Rain
Polydor NorwayNH 66 75919657"0 
Wenche Myhre

A: Å-Å-Å Sheriff
B: En 17-åring Drømmer
Polydor NorwayNH 6676519657"0 
Åse Kleveland

A: Dovre-Slow
B: Det Står Ein Friar Uti Garé
Polydor NorwayNH 6676919657"0 
Peder Alhaug

A1: Jeg Har Hørt Om Perleporten
A2: I Den Stille, Klare Morgen
B1: Jag är Främling
B2: Navnet Jesus
Polydor NorwayEPH 109101966EP0 
Peder Alhaug

Den Hellige Stad

A1: Den Hellige Stad
B1: Jeg Kan Ikke Telle Dem Alle
B2: Ingen Er Så Trygg Mot Fare
Polydor NorwayEPH 109121966EP0 
Wenche Myhre

A: 20 år Sol Og Vår
B: Je Vil Ha En Verdensmester
Polydor NorwayNH 6677619667"0 
Wenche Myhre

A: Så Lenge Du Lever
B: Smilet
Polydor NorwayNH 6678319667"0 
Wenche Myhre

A: Janne Og Johnny
B: Ensomme Venn
Polydor NorwayNH 6679119667"0 
The Who

A: I'm A Boy
B: In The City
Polydor Norway421 051Sep 19667"2 
The Who

A: Happy Jack
B: I've Been Away
Polydor Norway59056Dec 19667"69.0

A: I Feel Free
B: N.S.U.
Polydor Norway5905819677"0 

A: Strange Brew
B: Tales Of Brave Ulysses
Polydor Norway59 10619677"09.0
Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Foxy Lady
B: Manic Depression
Polydor Norway59 15919677"3 
Lill Lindfors

A: Du Är Den Ende
B: Du För Mej
Polydor Norway59 72219677"1 
Lille Eris

A: Jeg Vil Ha En Liten Hund
B: Det Går Inn Gjennom Det Ene øret
Polydor NorwayNH 6676019677"1 
Wenche Myhre And The Sapphires

A: Love A' Gogo

Wenche Myhre

B: The Shadow Of Your Smile
Polydor NorwayNH 6679419677"0 
Oslo Harmoni Kvartett

A: Sussebass (Peak-A-Boo)
B: Klara Og Sara Og Trine (I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman)
Polydor NorwayNH 6679719677"25.0
Wenche Myhre

A: Jeg Har Vært Sånn Før
B: Tinnsoldaten
Polydor NorwayNH 6680419677"0 
Wenche Myhre

A: Manana, Manana
B: Si Meg Hva Kjærlighet Er
Polydor NorwayNH 6680919677"0 
Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Hey Joe
B: Stone Free
Polydor Norway59061Jan 19677"1 
The Who

A: Bucket "T"
B: Run Run Run
Polydor NorwayNH 59 064Feb 19677"1 
The Bee Gees

A: Spicks And Specks
B: I Am The World
Polydor Norway59 065Mar 19677"05.0
Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Purple Haze
B: 51st Anniversary
Polydor Norway59072Apr 19677"2 
The Who

A: Pictures Of Lily
B: Doctor! Doctor!
Polydor Norway59074Apr 19677"09.0
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: The Wind Cries Mary
B: Highway Chile
Polydor Norway59078May 19677"0 
The Who

A: The Last Time
B: Under My Thumb
Polydor Norway59 113Jun 19677"1 
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
B: The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice
Polydor NorwayNH 59 117Aug 19677"110.0
The Move

A: Flowers In The Rain
B: (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree
Polydor Norway59 123Sep 19677"210.0
The Bee Gees

A: Massachusetts
B: Barker Of The U.F.O.
Polydor Norway59 118Oct 19677"09.0
Procol Harum

A: Homburg
B: Good Captain Clack
Polydor Norway59 122Oct 19677"1 
The Who

A: I Can See For Miles
B: Someone's Coming
Polydor Norway59 124Oct 19677"0 
The Bee Gees

A: World
B: Sir Geoffrey Saved The World
Polydor Norway59 131Dec 19677"0 
The Bee Gees

A: Holiday
B: Red Chair Fade Away
Polydor Norway59 156Dec 19677"010.0

A: Sunshine Of Your Love
Polydor Norway59 16519687"010.0
The Move

A: Fire Brigade
B: Walk Upon The Water
Polydor Norway59 17119687"1 
Procol Harum

A: Quite Rightly So
B: Rambling On
Polydor Norway59 17519687"0 
The Move

A: Wild Tiger Woman
B: Omnibus
Polydor Norway59 23119687"0 

A: White Room
B: Those Were The Days
Polydor Norway59 23519687"0 
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: All Along The Watchtower
B: Can You See Me
Polydor Norway59 24019687"0 
Lill Lindfors

A: Jag är Från Topp Til Tå
B: Nu (Words)
Polydor NorwayNH 5975519687"0 
Wenche Myhre

A: Si Ja Till Kjærlighet (Ein Hoch Der Liebe)
B: Kom Til Meg
Polydor NorwayNH 6681219687"0 
The Show Stoppers

A: Ain't Nothing But A House Party
B: What A Man Can Do
Polydor NorwayNH 6681319687"0 
The Beatnicks [Norway]

A: Good Day Jaqueline
B: I Remember
Polydor NorwayNH 6681719687"0 

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