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Polydor - Label Discography

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  Germany  4610
  UK  3094
  Netherlands  1815
  USA  773
  Australia  623
  France  603
  Ireland  336
  Canada  314
  Norway  310
  Japan  273
  Belgium  259
  Denmark  248
  Italy  245
  Spain  195
  Sweden  173
  New Zealand  156
  Austria  149
  Portugal  96
  South Africa  96
  Finland  57
  Switzerland  54
  Brazil  39
  Mexico  39
  Greece  33
  Rhodesia  30
  Philippines  25
  Kenya  19
  India  17
  Argentina  15
  Chile  11
  Turkey  8
  Yugoslavia  8
  Hong Kong  6
  Unknown Country  6
  Lebanon  5
  Singapore  5
  Jamaica  3
  Venezuela  3
  Mozambique  1
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The Accordion Melodists

A: Wide Range - Side 1
B: Wide Range - Side 2
Polydor New ZealandNH 2312119597"0 
Ivo Robic

A: Morgen (One More Sunrise)
B: Ay Ay Ay Paloma
Polydor New ZealandNH2392319597"0 
Harry Hermann And His Orchestra

Dancing By Candlelight

A1: Those Were The Days.
A2: My Foolish Heart
A3: Nights On The Lagoon
A4: City Lights
B1: The Only Way To Happiness
B2: The Little Lovebird
B3: Parlez-Moi D'Amour
B4: Forever Elegant
Polydor New ZealandEPH 202221960EP0 
Helmut Zacharias

Singing Strings

A1: Scottish Polka
A2: Twilight Mood
B1: Spanish Strings
B2: The Rose Tattoo
Polydor New ZealandEPH 202411960EP0 
Helmut Zacharias And His Magic Violins

Greetings From Paris

A1: Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera Sera)
A2: Paris Palace Hotel
B1: Port Au Prince
B2: Autumn Concerto
Polydor New ZealandEPH 207421960EP0 

A: Sailor (Seeman)
B: Stars Of The Prairie (Die Sterne Der Prarie)
Polydor New ZealandNH2296819607"0 
Bert Kampfert

A: Wonderland By Night
B: Midnight Blues
Polydor New ZealandNH2408619607"0 
Bert Kaempfert

A: That Happy Feeling
B: Take Me
Polydor New ZealandNH2486219617"0 
Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers

A: My Bonnie (Mein Herz Ist Bei Dir Nur)
B: The Saints (When The Saints Go Marching In)
Polydor New ZealandNH2467319627"1 
Bert Kämpfert Und Sein Orchester

A: Afrikaan Beat
B: Echo In The Night
Polydor New ZealandNH2471019627"0 
The Beatles With Tony Sheridan

A: My Bonnie
B: The Saints
Polydor New ZealandNH24673Jun 19637"0 
The Beatles

A1: Ain't She Sweet
A2: Cry For A Shadow
B1: My Bonnie
B2: Sweet Georgia Brown
Polydor New ZealandEPH 219671964EP0 
The Beatles

A: Cry For A Shadow

The Beatles With Tony Sheridan

B: Why
Polydor New ZealandNH5227519647"0 
The Beatles

A: Ain't She Sweet
B: If You Love Me, Baby
Polydor New ZealandNH5231719647"2 
The Who

A: Substitute
B: Waltz For A Pig
Polydor New Zealand42103019667"0 
The Who

A: I'm A Boy
B: In The City
Polydor New Zealand42105119667"0 
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger And The Trinity

A: This Wheels On Fire
B: A Kind Of Love In
Polydor New Zealand5918619687"0 
The Shevelles

A: Beat The Clock
B: Hawaiian Wedding Song
Polydor New Zealand5920319687"0 

A: Only One Woman
B: By The Light Of A Burning Candle
Polydor New Zealand59 22519687"110.0
Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: All Along The Watchtower
B: Can You See Me
Polydor New Zealand60402519687"0 
Frankie Price

A: Sweet Mary
B: Take A Little Time
Polydor New Zealand42521019697"0 
Frankie Price

A: Pancho Lopez
B: Walk Like A Man
Polydor New Zealand42521619697"0 

A: White Room
B: Those Were The Days
Polydor New Zealand5923519697"0 
Bill Deal And The Rhondels

A: I've Been Hurt
B: I've Been Hurt
Polydor New Zealand5928619697"1 
Cat Mother And The All Night Boys

A: Good Old Rock 'n' Roll
B: Bad News
Polydor New Zealand5933319697"1 
Thunderclap Newman

A: Something In The Air
B: Wilhemina
Polydor New Zealand60403119697"0 
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Let Me Light Your Fire
B: The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
Polydor New Zealand60403319697"0 

A: Mama
B: A Mother's Tears
Polydor New Zealand2001 12019707"0 
The Who

A: Summertime Blues
B: Heaven And Hell
Polydor New Zealand2058 04419707"0 
John Mayall

A: Nature's Disappearing
B: Nature's Disappearing
Polydor New Zealand206606119707"0 
The Chicks

A: I Will See You There
B: Long Time Comin'
Polydor New Zealand206900219707"0 
The Rumour

A: We've Got To Learn To Live Together
Polydor New ZealandMC 219707"0 

A: I'm Your Little Boy
B: Two Little Stars
Polydor New Zealand59 374Mar 19707"1 

A: Heidschi Bumbeidschi
B: Ich Sing Ein Lied Fuer Dich (I Sing A Song For You)
Polydor New Zealand2069001Apr 19707"0 
Bobby Bloom

A: Montego Bay
B: Try A Little Harder
Polydor New Zealand2001089Nov 19707"0 

A: I Will Return
B: Stone Cross
Polydor New Zealand2058 14119717"0 
Larry Morris

A: It Is Written
B: Fire And Rain
Polydor New Zealand206900819717"0 

A: Hard Life
B: Simpson's World
Polydor New Zealand206901419717"0 
The Who

A: Won't Get Fooled Again
B: Don't Know Myself
Polydor New Zealand212105719717"0 
Jimi Hendrix

A: Johnny B. Goode
B: Little Wing
Polydor New Zealand2001 27719727"0 

A: Precious And Few
B: Park Reserve
Polydor New Zealand2001 29719727"0 
Donny Osmond

A: Puppy Love
B: Let My People Go
Polydor New Zealand2006 10419727"0 
The Who

A: Join Together
B: Baby Don't You Do It
Polydor New Zealand2058 25919727"010.0
Eric Clapton

A: Layla
B: Layla Part 2
Polydor New Zealand2058 26319727"0 
Roy Buchanana And The Snakestrechers

A: Sweet Dreams
B: Hey, Good Lookin'
Polydor New Zealand2066 26319727"0 
The Rumour [New Zealand]

A: L'Amour Est L'Enfant De La Liberte (Love Is A Child Of Freedom)
B: Nobody Knows
Polydor New Zealand206 901119727"0 

A: Can't Let You Go
B: Walk A Little Closer
Polydor New Zealand2069 01619727"0 
The Rumour And The Ladies Of The St. Mary's Cathedral Choir [New Zealand]

A: Holy Morning

The Rumour [New Zealand]

B: Two Ways To Look
Polydor New Zealand2069 01819727"0 

A: Sunshine Through A Prism
B: Willie And Laura May Jones
Polydor New Zealand2069 02019727"0 
The Rumour [New Zealand]

A: No Money On Our Trees
B: When Will The Seasons Bring
Polydor New Zealand2069 02119727"0 

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