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Polydor - Label Discography

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  Germany  5715
  UK  3169
  Netherlands  2155
  USA  971
  France  819
  Australia  771
  Belgium  503
  Canada  481
  Ireland  379
  Japan  345
  Norway  330
  New Zealand  305
  Italy  287
  Denmark  272
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Helmut Zacharias

"Romantic Strings"

A1: Parlez Moi D'Amour (Speak To Me Of Love)
A2: Have Pity On Me (Russian Gipsy Romance)
B1: Ramona
B2: Charmaine
Polydor New ZealandEPH 201521959EP0 
Max Greger And His Orchestra

Dance And Party Time

A1: Love And Kisses; Gambler's Guitar; I Love You Baby
A2: Everything A Man Can Do; Nel Blu Dipinto D Blu; Sugartime
B1: Sail Along Silv'ry Moon; A Teenager's Romance; Diana
B2: Island In The Sun; Addio Amigo
Polydor New ZealandEPH 204191959EP0 
The Accordion Melodists

A: Wide Range - Side 1
B: Wide Range - Side 2
Polydor New ZealandNH 2312119597"0 
Ivo Robic

A: Morgen (One More Sunrise)
B: Ay Ay Ay Paloma
Polydor New ZealandNH2392319597"0 
Harry Hermann And His Orchestra

Dancing By Candlelight

A1: Those Were The Days.
A2: My Foolish Heart
A3: Nights On The Lagoon
A4: City Lights
B1: The Only Way To Happiness
B2: The Little Lovebird
B3: Parlez-Moi D'Amour
B4: Forever Elegant
Polydor New ZealandEPH 202221960EP0 
Helmut Zacharias

Singing Strings

A1: Scottish Polka
A2: Twilight Mood
B1: Spanish Strings
B2: The Rose Tattoo
Polydor New ZealandEPH 202411960EP0 
Helmut Zacharias

Greetings From Paris

A1: Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera Sera)
A2: Paris Palace Hotel
B1: Port Au Prince
B2: Autumn Concerto
Polydor New ZealandEPH 207421960EP0 

A: Sailor (Seeman)
B: Stars Of The Prairie (Die Sterne Der Prarie)
Polydor New ZealandNH2296819607"0 
Bert Kampfert

A: Wonderland By Night
B: Midnight Blues
Polydor New ZealandNH2408619607"0 
Bert Kaempfert

A: That Happy Feeling
B: Take Me
Polydor New ZealandNH2486219617"0 
Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers

A: My Bonnie (Mein Herz Ist Bei Dir Nur)
B: The Saints (When The Saints Go Marching In)
Polydor New ZealandNH2467319627"1 
Bert Kämpfert Und Sein Orchester

A: Afrikaan Beat
B: Echo In The Night
Polydor New ZealandNH2471019627"0 
Bert Kampfert And His Orchestra

A: Danke Schon
B: Give And Take
Polydor New ZealandNH2486319627"0 
The Beatles

Ain't She Sweet

A1: Ain't She Sweet
A2: Cry For A Shadow
B1: My Bonnie
B2: Sweet Georgia Brown
Polydor New ZealandEPH 219671964EP1 
The Beatles With Tony Sheridan

A: My Bonnie
B: The Saints
Polydor New ZealandNH2467319647"0 
The Beatles

A: Cry For A Shadow

The Beatles With Tony Sheridan

B: Why
Polydor New ZealandNH5227519647"0 
The Beatles

A: Ain't She Sweet
B: If You Love Me, Baby
Polydor New ZealandNH5231719647"2 
The Who

A: Substitute
B: Waltz For A Pig
Polydor New Zealand42103019667"0 
The Who

A: I'm A Boy
B: In The City
Polydor New Zealand42105119667"0 
The Who

A: I Can See For Miles
B: Someone's Coming
Polydor New Zealand5912419677"0 
The Who

A: Happy Jack
B: I've Been Away
Polydor New ZealandNH 5905619677"0 

A: I Feel Free
B: N.S.U.
Polydor New ZealandNH 5905819677"08.0
The Who

A: Pictures Of Lily
B: Doctor, Doctor
Polydor New ZealandNH 5907419677"0 
Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Hey Joe
B: Stone Free
Polydor New ZealandNH 56139Apr 19677"0 
Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Purpe Haze
B: 51st Experience
Polydor New ZealandNH 59072Jul 19677"0 
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: The Wind Cries Mary
B: Highway Chile
Polydor New ZealandNH 59078Aug 19677"0 

A: Anyone For Tennis (Savage Seven Theme)
B: Pressed Rat And Warthog
Polydor New Zealand5625819687"07.0
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger And The Trinity

A: This Wheels On Fire
B: A Kind Of Love In
Polydor New Zealand5918619687"0 
Vicky And Dicky

A: I'm Allergic To Flowers
B: A Taxpayer's Letter
Polydor New Zealand5920119687"1 
The Shevelles [New Zealand]

A: Beat The Clock
B: Hawaiian Wedding Song
Polydor New Zealand5920319687"0 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: Licking Stick-Licking Stick (Part 1)
B: Licking Stick-Licking Stick (Part 2)
Polydor New Zealand5920919687"0 
Arthur Brown

A: Fire
B: I Put A Spell On You
Polydor New Zealand5922319687"0 

A: Only One Woman
B: By The Light Of A Burning Candle
Polydor New Zealand59 22519687"110.0
Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: All Along The Watchtower
B: Can You See Me
Polydor New Zealand60402519687"0 
Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
B: The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice
Polydor New Zealand604007Mar 19687"0 
The Who

A: Call Me Lightning
B: Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
Polydor New Zealand59189Jul 19687"0 
Ray Columbus

A: Happy In A Sad Kind Of Way
B: Any Minute Now
Polydor New Zealand425201Sep 19687"0 
The Who

A: Magic Bus
B: Someone's Coming
Polydor New Zealand59224Nov 19687"0 
Ray Columbus

A: Los Angeles (Is Where I Want To Stay)
B: Everythings A Trampoline
Polydor New Zealand425202Dec 19687"0 
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger And The Trinity

A1: This Wheel's On Fire
A2: Save Me. Part I
B1: Save Me. Part II
B2: Road To Cairo
Polydor New Zealand2170051969EP0 
The Ernie Rouse Trad Band

A: Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
B: The Power Game
Polydor New Zealand42520319697"0 
Frankie Price

A: Pancho Lopez
B: Walk Like A Man
Polydor New Zealand42521619697"0 
The Chicks

A: Stoney End
B: Get Ready - Uptight
Polydor New Zealand42522119697"0 
Ray Columbus

A: Travelling Singing Man
B: I Would Rather Blow A Bagpipe Mrs Leare
Polydor New Zealand42522519697"0 
Jay Justin

A: Right Or Wrong
B: My Dream World
Polydor New Zealand5632519697"0 
Bill Deal And The Rhondels

A: I've Been Hurt
B: I've Been Hurt
Polydor New Zealand5928619697"1 
Cat Mother And The All Night Boys

A: Good Old Rock 'n' Roll
B: Bad News
Polydor New Zealand5933319697"1 
Thunderclap Newman

A: Something In The Air
B: Wilhemina
Polydor New Zealand60403119697"0 
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Let Me Light Your Fire
B: The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
Polydor New Zealand60403319697"0 

A: White Room
B: Those Were The Days
Polydor New Zealand59235Jan 19697"09.0

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