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President - Label Discography

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  UK  447
  Germany  52
  Netherlands  40
  Belgium  18
  USA  11
  Italy  8
  Australia  5
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The Equals

A: I Won't Be There
B: Fire
President Germany19 294 AT19677"010.0
Felice Taylor

A: It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It's Spring)
B: Winter Again
President Germany19 378 ATApr 19677"0 
The Equals

A: Baby, Come Back
B: Hold Me Closer
President Germany19 456 ATJun 19677"010.0
The Five Du-Tones

A: Shake A Tail Feather
B: Divorce Court
President Germany19 560 ATJul 19677"0 
The Equals

A: Police On My Back
B: You Got Too Many Boyfriends
President Germany19 750 ATOct 19677"19.5
The Lloyd Alexander Real Estate

A: Whatcha Gonna Do
B: Gonna Live Again
President Germany19 776 ATNov 19677"0 
B.B. James And Derv

A: Anything You Want
B: Kiss Me, Kiss Me
President Germany14 069 AT19687"0 
The Exception

A: Tailor Made Babe
B: Turn Over The Soil
President Germany14 222 AT19687"0 
Willie Parker

A: You Got Your Finger In My Eye
B: I Live The Life I Love
President Germany14 006 ATMar 19687"0 
The Equals

A: I Get So Excited
B: The Skies Above
President Germany19 946 ATMar 19687"09.0
The Equals

A: Laurel And Hardy
B: Giddy Up A Ding Dong
President Germany14 066 ATAug 19687"27.7
The Equals

A: Softly, Softly
B: Lonely Rita
President Germany14 159 ATNov 19687"09.0
The Equals

A: Green Light
B: Love Potion
President Germany14 240 ATMar 19697"08.0
The Exception

A: Jack Rabbit
B: Keep The Motor Running
President Germany14 272 ATMar 19697"0 
Terry Lindsey

A: It's Over
B: One Day Up Next Day Down
President Germany14 275 ATMar 19697"0 
The Equals

A: Michael And The Slipper Tree
B: Honey Gum
President Germany14 287 ATApr 19697"05.0
The Equals

A: Viva Bobby Joe
B: Instant Love
President Germany14 402 ATSep 19697"08.0
She Trinity

A: Hair
B: Climb That Tree
President Germany14 525 AT19707"0 
Barbara Ruskin

A: Merry-Go-Round
B: For The First Time In My Life
President Germany14 782 AT19707"0 
The Iron Maiden

A: Falling
B: Ned Kelly
President GermanyC 14 64119707"1 
The Equals

A: Rub A Dub Dub
B: Butterfly Red And White And Blue
President Germany14 486 ATJan 19707"07.0
The Seychelles

A: Baker's Daughter
B: Did You See Her Again
President Germany14 527 ATMar 19707"06.0
The Equals

A: Soul Brother Clifford
B: Happy Birthday Girl
President Germany14 539 ATApr 19707"2 
The Explosive With Del Taylor

A: I'm Gonna Use What I Got To Get What I Need
B: Am I A Fool?
President Germany14 585 ATMay 19707"0 
Anna Laura Lee

A: Yellow Taxi

Marianne (Olivestone)

B: Yellow Taxi
President Germany14 601 ATJun 19707"1 
The Equals

A: I Can See You, But You Don't Know
B: Gigolo Sam
President Germany14 620 ATJul 19707"0 
The Ghost

A: When You're Dead
B: Indian Maid
President Germany14 642 ATJul 19707"09.0
The Equals

A: Let's Go To The Moon
B: Watching The Girls
President Germany14 712 ATOct 19707"0 
John And Jerry

A: Mitternacht
B: Years May Come Years May Go
President Germany10 259 AT19717"1 
Rick Price

A: Top Ten Record
B: Beautiful Sally
President Germany14 832 AT19717"0 
The Equals

A: Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys
B: Ain't Got Nothing To Give You
President Germany14 791 ATJan 19717"1 
Wilson Pickett

A: I Can't Stop
B: Down To My Last Heartbreak
President Germany14 792 ATJan 19717"0 
Winston Groovey

A: Please Don't Make Me Cry
B: Motion On The Ocean
President Germany14 794 ATJan 19717"0 
The Equals

A: Help Me Simone
B: Love Potion
President Germany10 125 ATJun 19717"1 
The Equals

A: Funky Funky
B: Let´s Do It Again
President Germany10 747 ATNov 19717"09.0
The Equals

A: I Can't Let You Go
B: Lonely
President Germany12 034 ATApr 19727"0 
The Equals

A: Have I The Right
B: Lover Let Me Go
President Germany12 217 ATAug 19727"0 
Little Richard


A: Jenny Jenny
B: Tutti Frutti
President Germany12 241 ATAug 19727"0 
Richie Valens


A: La Bamba
B: Donna
President Germany12 242 ATAug 19727"0 
Barbara Ruskin

A: Beautiful Friendship
B: Yesterday's Coffee
President Germany12 283 ATSep 19727"0 

A: Come On Round
B: Take It From Here
President Germany12 465 ATDec 19727"510.0
The Equals

A: Honey Bee
B: Put Some Rock And Roll In Your Soul
President Germany12 943 ATSep 19737"0 
The Equals

Pop Gold

A: I Won't Be There
B: Baby, Come Back
President Germany13 017 ATOct 19737"0 
The Equals

A: Diversion
B: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
President Germany13 214 ATMar 19747"07.0
The Equals

A: Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes
B: She Lives For Today
President Germany13 366 ATMay 19747"1 
Dooley Silverspoon

A: Bump Me Baby ( Part 1)
B: Bump Me Baby ( Part 2)
President Germany13 876 ATMar 19757"0 
Betty Everett

A: It´s In His Kiss (The Shoop-Shoop-Song)

Joe Simon

B: When I´m Gone
President Germany16 161 ATJul 19757"0 
Paul Davidson

A: Midnight Rider

The Organization

B: Organized Version
President Germany16 746 ATApr 19767"1 
Captain Rock And The Skyriders

A: Lupy Lu
B: Together
President Germany11 305 ATJun 19777"0 
The Equals

A: Beautiful Clown
B: Daily Love
President Germany11 893 ATMar 19787"0 

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