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Pressure Sounds - Label Discography

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Pressure Sounds

Big Youth

A: Town Without Pity
B: Youth In The Garden

Pat Francis

C: Guys Get A Blow

[no artist listed]

D: Version


E: Brimstone And Fire

[no artist listed]

F: Cool Fire

Joe Higgs

G: Let Us Do Something

Higgs Gallery

H: Instrumental

Joy Lindsay

I: This Child Of Mine

[no artist listed]

J: Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSB 0119 Apr 2014Box Set 7"1 
Scratch Box

Orlando Kirkland

A1: Hit Me Back

The Upsetters

A2: Rock Away

Count Sticky And The Upsetters

B1: Move And Groove

Chanel 5

B2: Soul Bounce

Lee Perry

C1: Inna Iwah (Original Jamaican Mix)

The Upsetters

C2: Inna Iwah (Original Jamaican Mix)

Junior Byles

D1: Another Moses

Bob Marley, Lee Perry And Dave Barker

D2: Shocks Almighty (Unreleased Mix)

Jah Lloyd

E1: The Lama

The Upsetters

E2: Bird Bird Skank
Pressure Sounds UKPSB 0226 Nov 2015Box Set 7"1 
Horace Andy

A: Problems

Augustus Pablo

B: Lovers Mood
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 00119957"09.0
Jackie Mittoo

A: Disco Jack
B: Disco Jack (Version)
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 00219977"08.0
Lloyd Parks

A: Mafia
B: Mafia (Version)
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 00319997"0 
Little Roy

A: Tribal War
B: Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 00420007"0 
Jimmy Riley

A: From The Ghetto
B: Ghetto Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 0057"0 
The Overnight Players

A: 'Shaka The Great' Part 1
B: 'Shaka The Great' Part 2
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 00620047"0 
Augustus Pablo With Herman

A: Aquarius Rock
B: Jah Rock (Version)
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 00720047"110.0
Dennis Brown

A: Song My Mother Used To Sing
B: Song My Mother Used To Sing (Version)
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 00820047"0 
The Travellers [Reggae]

A: South Africa

King Tubby

B: From Cape To Cairo
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 00920057"0 
The Black Aces

A: Close The Gate Dread
B: Gate Dread Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 01020057"0 
Ras Ibuna

A: Diverse Doctrine

The Village Bunch

B: Diverse Doctrine Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 01120067"0 
Bongo Gene

A: Skyjack

Bongo Gene All Stars

B: Skyjack Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 01220067"0 
Devon Irons

A: Jerusalem

The Talent Crew

B: Jerusalem Rock
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 01320067"0 
President Shorty And Keith Hudson

A: Barbican Heights

Keith Hudson

B: Barbican Dub
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 01420077"0 
The Revolutionaries

A: Kunta Kinte
B: Kunta Kinte Version Two
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 0152 Jul 20077"0 
Bim Sherman

A: Tribulation
B: Tribulation Dub
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 01620077"0 
Bim Sherman

A: My Whole World
B: Dub World
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 01720077"0 
Native / Little Maddness

A: Mother Country
B: Mother Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 01820077"0 

A: Jah Creation

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 01920077"0 
Joe Higgs

A: Let Us Do Something

Higgs Gallery

B: Instrumental
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 02020087"19.0
Karl Masters And Joe Higgs

A: Freedom Journey

Joe Higgs

B: Journey To Freedom
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 021Jan 20087"0 
Junior Byles

A: Lorna Banana
B: Straight To Scratch Head
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 02220087"0 
Hugh Mundell

A: Jah Will Provide
B: Ital Slip
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 02320087"0 
U Roy

A: Linger You Linger
B: Linger You Linger (Version)
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 02420087"0 
George Dekker

A: Foey Man

Delroy Wilson

B: This Life Makes Me Wonder
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 025Jun 20097"19.3
Glen Adams

A: She's So Fine

Val Bennett

B: Soul Survivor
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 02620097"08.0
Slim Smith

A: Let's Get Together

The Webber Sisters

B: My World
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 02720097"29.0
Horace Andy

A: Problems

Augustus Pablo

B: Peace And Love Dub
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 02820097"0 
Paul Whiteman [reggae]

A: I Don't Want To Lose You

King Tubby And The Santic All Stars

B: Santic Meet King Tubby
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 02920107"0 

A: Brimstone And Fire

[no artist listed]

B: Cool Fire
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 03020107"0 
Freddie McKay

A: Rock A Bye Woman

[no artist listed]

B: Rock A Bye Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 03120107"0 
Wayne Smith

A: Time Is A Moment In Space

Prince Jammy

B: Life Is A Moment In Space
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 03220107"0 
Big Youth

A: Town Without Pity
B: Youth In The Garden
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 03320107"0 
Pat Francis

A: Guys Get A Blow

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 03420107"0 
Lee Perry And The Upsetters

A: Dub Plate Pressure
B: Dub Plate Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 03520107"0 
The Upsetters

A: Chim Cherie

Dub Organiser

B: Chim Cherie
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 03620107"0 
Cornell Campbell

A: Mr Cop

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 03720107"1 
Delroy Wilson

A: Ease Up

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 03820107"0 
Vin Gordon

A: Roots Of Zion

Toney Asha

B: Lion Of Zion
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 03920107"0 
Jackie Mittoo

A: Disco Jack

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 0407"0 
The Upsetters

A: Lama Lava Mix 1
B: Lama Lava Mix 2
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 04120117"0 
The Upsetters

A: Strong Drink
B: Strong Dub
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 04220117"0 
Augustus Pablo

A: Credential Instrumental
B: Black Black Dub
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 04320117"0 
Augustus Pablo

A: A Java Instrumental
B: A Fool Says Dub
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 04420117"0 
Augustus Pablo

A: Ammagiddeon Dub

Pablo And The Rockers International Band

B: Fight The War Dub
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 04520117"0 
The Overnight Players

A: Shaka The Great
B: Version
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 0467"0 
Horace Hinds

A: Black Man's Country

Peter Austin

B: Time Is Getting Harder
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 0477"1 
Hemsley Morris And Phil Pratt

A: Little Things

Tommy McCook

B: Bigger Things
Pressure Sounds UKPSS 04820117"0 

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