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Probe - Label Discography

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See also their re-issue label Probe Goldies 45.
  UK  123
  Germany  80
  Netherlands  72
  New Zealand  61
  Australia  56
  USA  31
  Japan  26
  France  17
  Ireland  7
  Belgium  3
  Sweden  3
  South Africa  2
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Bush [Canada]

A: I Can Hear You Calling
B: The Grand Commander
Probe UKPRO 501Oct 19707"0 
James Gang

A: Funk 49
B: Thanks
Probe UKPRO 5029 Oct 19707"1 
The Grass Roots

A: Come On And Say It
B: Something's Comin' Over Me
Probe UKPRO 50316 Oct 19707"0 
Freedom [UK]

A: Frustrated Woman
B: Man Made Laws
Probe UKPRO 50423 Oct 19707"2 
Tommy Roe

A: We Can Make Music
B: Gotta Keep Rolling Along
Probe UKPRO 50630 Oct 19707"0 
Country Coalition

A: Take To The Mountains
B: Age Of Angels
Probe UKPRO 5076 Nov 19707"0 

A: Comin' Back To Me
B: Minus-Plus
Probe UKPRO 50813 Nov 19707"0 

A: Rip You Up
B: Will We Get Together
Probe UKPRO 5096 Nov 19707"1 

A: Who Needs Ya
B: Earschplittenloudenboomer
Probe UKPRO 51013 Nov 19707"0 
Three Dog Night

A: One Man Band
B: It Ain't Easy
Probe UKPRO 51120 Nov 19707"0 
Mama Cass Elliot

A: The Good Times Are Comin'
B: Welcome To The World
Probe UKPRO 5128 Jan 19717"0 
Mason And Cass

A: Something To Make You Happy
B: Next To You
Probe UKPRO 51319717"1 
Lancelot Link And The Evolution-Revolution

A: Sha-La Love You
B: Vibrations
Probe UKPRO 51419707"1 
The Grass Roots

A: Temptation Eyes
B: Keepin' Me Down
Probe UKPRO 51529 Jan 19717"0 
B. B. King

A: Chains And Things
B: King's Special
Probe UKPRO 516Feb 19717"1 
Tommy Roe

A: Little Miss Goody Two Shoes
B: Traffic Jam
Probe UKPRO 51712 Feb 19717"0 
John Barry

A: The Last Valley
B: Main Title Theme
Probe UKPRO 51819707"0 
Mama Cass Elliot

A: Easy Come, Easy Go
B: Ain't Nobody Else Like You
Probe UKPRO 519Mar 19717"07.0
Emitt Rhodes

A: Fresh As A Daisy
B: You Take The Dark Out Of The Night
Probe UKPRO 52012 Mar 19717"18.0

A: Morning Of Our Lives
B: Rhythm Of The People
Probe UKPRO 52119 Mar 19717"0 
Blues Magoos

A: Can't Get Enough Of You
B: Sea Breeze Express
Probe UKPRO 5222 Apr 19717"0 
Three Dog Night

A: Joy To The World
B: I Can Hear You Calling
Probe UKPRO 5238 Apr 19717"28.5
Ray Charles

A: Don't Change On Me
B: Sweet Memories
Probe UKPRO 52416 Apr 19717"1 

A: Snow Blind Friend
B: Hippo Stomp
Probe UKPRO 525Apr 19717"0 
Jimmy Witherspoon

A: Handbags And Gladrags
B: It's Time To Live
Probe UKPRO 52614 May 19717"0 
Tommy Roe

A: The Greatest Love
B: King Of Fools
Probe UKPRO 5274 Jun 19717"0 
B. B. King

A1: Ask Me No Questions
A2: Help The Poor
B1: Hummingbird
Probe UKPRO 528Jun 19717"0 
Emitt Rhodes

A: With My Face On The Floor
B: Somebody Made For Me
Probe UKPRO 529Jun 19717"78.0
Hamilton, Joe Frank And Reynolds

A: Don't Pull Your Love
B: Funk-In-Wagnal
Probe UKPRO 530Jun 19717"0 
The Grass Roots

A: Sooner Or Later
B: I Can't Turn Off The Rain
Probe UKPRO 5319 Jul 19717"29.0
The Tams

A: Hey Girl Don't Bother Me
B: Take Away
Probe UKPRO 532Jul 19717"128.8
The James Gang

A: Walk Away
B: Yadig?
Probe UKPRO 53316 Jul 19717"0 

A: Ride With Me
B: For Madmen Only
Probe UKPRO 534Aug 19717"2 
Gayle McCormick

A: Gonna Be Alright Now
B: Save Me
Probe UKPRO 5351971Promo Only 7"010.0
Three Dog Night

A: Liar
B: Can't Get Enough Of It
Probe UKPRO 536Sep 19717"2 
Mama Cass Elliot

A: One Way Ticket
B: Words Of Love
Probe UKPRO 5373 Sep 19717"0 
Tommy Roe

A: Stagger Lee
B: Back Streets And Alleys
Probe UKPRO 5381 Oct 19717"2 
Ray Charles

A: The Long And Winding Road
B: Wichita Lineman
Probe UKPRO 5391 Oct 19717"0 
Richard Harris

A: My Boy
B: Why Did You Leave Me
Probe UKPRO 54015 Oct 19717"1 
Andrea Robinson

A: Fire And Rain
B: Presence Of The Lord
Probe UKPRO 54115 Oct 19717"1 
The Tams

A: What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)
B: Laugh It Off
Probe UKPRO 54229 Oct 19717"0 
Gayle McCormick

A: It's A Cryin' Shame
B: If Only You Believe
Probe UKPRO 54312 Nov 19717"09.0

A: For Ladies Only
B: Sparkle Eyes
Probe UKPRO 54419 Nov 19717"0 
Emitt Rhodes

A: Really Wanted You
B: Love Will Stone You
Probe UKPRO 54526 Nov 19717"09.0
B. B. King

A: Ain't Nobody Home
B: Alexis' Boogie
Probe UKPRO 54626 Nov 19717"1 
Jimmie Haskell

A: William Tell Overture
B: Zachariah (Main Title)
Probe UKPRO 54710 Dec 19717"0 
Three Dog Night

A: An Old Fashioned Love Song
B: Jam
Probe UKPRO 54810 Dec 19717"0 
Hamilton, Joe Frank And Reynolds

A: Daisy Mae
B: It Takes The Best
Probe UKPRO 54914 Jan 19727"0 

A: Girl, I've Got News For You
B: Write To You
Probe UKPRO 55021 Jan 19727"2 
Eddie Holman

A: (Hey There) Lonely Girl
B: It's All In The Game
Probe UKPRO 5514 Feb 19727"0 

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