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Ptolemaic Terrascope - Label Discography

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The Flyte Reaction

A1: Carousel

Psychos Mum

A2: I Don't Remember

Mick Wills

B1: Untitled

The Bevis Frond

B2: The 99th Very Last Time
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 1May 1989Bonus 7"0 
Adrian Shaw

A1: Paths Of Time

The Outskirts Of Infinity

A2: Eyes In The Back Of My Head

Pete Pavli

A3: Cello Piece

The Walkingseeds

B1: Gates Of Freedom

Pete Pavli

B2: Time Centre
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 2Sep 1989Bonus 7"0 
The Ectomorph

A1: Diverse Humours

The Bevis Frond

A2: Somewhere Else

Tangle Edge

B1: The Pinworm Era (Stroganoff Version)

Rustic Rod

B2: Rest Assured
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 3Jan 1990Bonus 7"0 
Barry Dransfield

A1: Be Your Own Man

Green Pajamas

A2: My Photographs

Todd Dillingham

B1: Lament

Flyte Reaction

B2: Won't Be Long
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 4May 1990Bonus 7"0 
Phil Schoenfelt

A1: Devil's Hole

Dead Moon

A2: Walking On My Grave

Audio Murphy

B1: Ask Don't Get

Napalm Beach

B2: Pugsley
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 5Sep 1990Bonus 7"37.0
Randy California

A1: American Society
A2: The Whale Song

Current 93

B1: Broken Birds
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 6Jan 1991Bonus 7"0 
The Catatonic Periscope E.P.

T. S. McPhee

A1: Meet Me In The Bottom

The Overcoat

A2: Cinderella

Bevis Frond

A3: Mystery Track (Countdown Theme)

Sun Dial

B1: Slow Motion

Dave Jackson

B2: Hazard Dream Sequence
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 7May 1991Bonus 7"2 
The Mnemonic Fire Escape E.P.

Richard Sinclair's Caravan Of Dreams

A1: Keep On Caring

Nurse With Wound

A2: Red Flipper

The Underworlde

B: Raw Satellite Country
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 8Aug 1991Bonus 7"0 
Tectonic Ptolescope E.P.

Robert Wyatt And Carla Bley

A1: Intro

Mick Hutchinson

A2: Ragamag

Robert Wyatt And Carla Bley

A3: Outro

The Green Pajamas

B1: Emily Grace


B2: Bluff?

Robert Wyatt

B3: Outro
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 9Jan 1992Bonus 7"0 
Gin & Tonic Bathyscope E.P.

Shirley Collins

A1: The Blacksmith

Mooseheart Faith

A2: Soul Train Of Thought


A3: Czechoslovakian Moomin

Dr Brown

B: Across The Border
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 10Apr 1992Bonus 7"1 
Embryonic Stethoscope E.P.

The Jim McCarty Band

A1: Goin' Down

The Magic Mushroom Band

A2: Hubbly Bubbly

Iain Matthews

B1: Rains Of '62


B2: K
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 11Jul 1992Bonus 7"0 
The Misanthropic Dufflecoat E.P.

Kaleidoscope [USA]

A: I'm A Hog For You

The Alchemysts

A2: Blind Side

Kaleidoscope [USA]

B1: Little Orphan Annie

White Heaven

B2: Silver Current
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 12Nov 1992Bonus 7"1 
The Harryconnick Kennethcope E.P.

Ant Bee

A1: Lunar Egg Clips

Laughing Trees

A2: Reason Misguided

Andy Roberts

B1: Picnic
B2: Home At Last

The Redding Factor

B3: Video Show
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 13Apr 1993Bonus 7"4 
Poomaster Receptical E.P.

Wall Of Sleep

A1: Slacker


A2: I'm Looking

Medicine Ball

B1: Roomis D'Gloomis

Jane Pow

B2: Cycles
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 14Aug 1993Bonus 7"0 
Pimps Toe Accelerator E.P.

The Mike Gunn

A: Primal Burp

Strapping Fieldhands

A2: Just Too Much

Pearls Before Swine

B1: Transluscent Carriages (Alt. Version)


B2: The Cowboy Who Ate Vietnam (Unreleased)
B3: Ring Thing (Alt. Version)
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 15Dec 1993Bonus 7"0 
The Polite Cream Tea Corps E.P.

Flying Saucer Attack

A1: All About Dreams

Guided By Voices

A2: Chicken Blows


B1: Ganglat Fran Knap
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 16May 1994Bonus 7"110.0
The Prostate Care Polemic E.P.

The Bevis Frond

A1: Off My Shoes

Fiona Joyce

A2: Trees

Crome Syrcus

B1: The Weather Report


B2: Appetite For Mystery
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 17Sep 1994Bonus 7"0 
The Lace Trappist Roe Come E.P.

Tiny Tim

A1: Devil May Care
A2: Tiptoe Thru The Tulips (Live)

Robyn Hitchcock

B1: Creatures Of Light
B2: As Lemons Drop
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 18Mar 1995Bonus 7"1 
The Wellwater Conspiracy

A Metal Creep's Portico E.P.

A1: Germanium
A2: Telescopic
A3: The Solar Know
B: The Roots Of Echo - All Times Goes By
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 19Sep 1995Bonus 7"0 
Meat Pie Toe Cloth Scraper EP


A1: Fairground (Demo)

Mayo Thompson

A2: Woof


B1: Live @ Off The Record

Brother J.T.

B2: Slowly
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 20Apr 1996Bonus 7"0 
Master Pete Capitol And His Magic E.P.

The Hampton Grease Band

A: Upper And Lower Dresden

Neutral Milk Hotel

B1: Untitled

Tom Rapp

B2: Blind
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 21Sep 1996Bonus 7"0 
The Toastier Leper Camp Co. E.P.

Roy Montgomery

A1: Liverpool 82

Tangle Edge

A2: Hesperus

Silver Apples

B1: Parkinmeter Mojo

Witch Hazel

B2: Farewell To Cheyenne
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 22Feb 1997Bonus 7"0 
The Complete Sepia Carrot EP

Alastair Galbraith

A1: Flickering Too

Fifty Foot Hose

A2: Bad Trip


A3: You Should Never Be Alone In This World


B1: Jazzshite

Damon And Naomi

B2: Spirit Of Love

The Monks [60s]

B3: I Can't Get Over You
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 23Jul 1997EP1 
The Terminal Spin E.P.

Guided By Voices

A1: Scorpion Lounge Shutdown

The Lazily Spun

A2: Old Guy

The Electric Prunes

B1: Hideaway


B2: Zinc Mine
Ptolemaic Terrascope UKPOT 24Jan 1998Bonus 7"3 

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