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Pulse-8 - Label Discography

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Lose Your Mind

A: Lose Your Mind
B: Ride The Breeze
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 115 Oct 19907"0 
Sue Chaloner

A: Answer My Prayer
B: Answer My Prayer (Technoprayer Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 919917"09.0

A: Faith (In The Power Of Love)
B: Faith (In The Power Of Love) (Teknokraft)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 7Apr 19917"1 

A: Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)
B: Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (Free Bemba Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 13Aug 19917"3 
Sue Chaloner

A: I Wanna Thank You (7" Mix)
B: I Wanna Thank You (Club Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 14Sep 19917"0 

A: Faith (In The Power Of Love)
B: Faith (In The Power Of Love) (Teknokraft Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 15Nov 19917"210.0
Intuition Featuring Keith Nunnally

A: Greed (When Will The World Be Free) (Club Edit)
B: Greed (When Will The World Be Free) (Instrumental Mix)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 20Feb 19927"0 

A: Are You Ready To Fly (Rainbow Edit)
B: Are You Ready To Fly (Marauder Acapella Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 21Feb 19927"010.0
Sue Chaloner

A: It's Over Now
B: It's Over Now (Insrtumental)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 23Mar 19927"0 

A: Love Breakdown (Original Mix)
B: Love Breakdown (Breakdown Mix)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 25Apr 19927"0 
Juliette Jaimes

A: We Got It All (Original Smooth Edit)
B: We Got It All (Northern Lights Vocal Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 2622 Jun 19927"1 

A: In 4 Choons Later (Radio Edit)
B: Are You Ready To Fly (Killer Remix 7" Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 29Aug 19927"0 
Rage [90s]

A: Run To You
B: Ease The Pain (Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 33Oct 19927"010.0

A: I Lift My Cup (Spirit Divine Edit)
B: I Lift My Cup (Altered State Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 37Jan 19937"0 
Rage [90s]

A: Why Don't You (Original Edit)
B: Why Don't You (Instrumental)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 39Feb 19937"0 
Captain Hollywood Project

A: Only With You (Radio Mix)
B: Only With You (Faze-2 Edit.)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 40Mar 19937"0 
Sue Chaloner

A: Move On Up (Groove Edit)
B: Move On Up (Phil Kelsey's Full Philly 7" Mix)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 41May 19937"0 
Rage [90s]

A: House Of The Rising Sun (7" Edit)
B: House Of The Rising Sun (Instrumental)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 43May 19937"110.0
Ava Cherry

A: Gimme Gimme (No Face Edit)
B: Gimme Gimme (West End 7")
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 46Jun 19937"0 
Captain Hollywood Project

A: All I Want (Single Mix)
B: All I Want (Kamoflage Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 47Jun 19937"0 
Urban Cookie Collective

A: The Key The Secret (Glamourously Developed Edit)
B: The Key The Secret (Kamoflage Club Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 48Jun 19937"210.0
Captain Hollywood Project

A: More And More (7" Edit)
B: More And More (Single Mix)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 50Oct 19937"010.0
The Source [UK]

A: Sanctuary Of Love (The Requiem Edit)

The Source featuring Candi Staton

B: You Got The Love (Eren's Bootleg Mix)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 51Oct 1993Promo Only 7"0 

A: Don't Play With Me (Glamorously Developed Again Edit)
B: Don't Play With Me (Original Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 52Oct 19937"0 
Urban Cookie Collective

A: Feels Like Heaven (Maximum Edit)
A: Feels Like Heaven (Maximum Mix)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 551 Nov 19937"210.0
Raspberry Rocket

A: Wonderland (Rocket Mix Radio Edit)
B: Wonderland (Rocket Mix Dub Version)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 5719947"0 
Jaki Graham

A: Ain't Nobody (Classic Paradise Radio Mix)
B: Ain't Nobody (Original Album Mix)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 6419947"0 

A: Groovin' (Original Mix)
B: Groovin' (Love To Infinity's Radio R'n'B Mix)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 6519947"0 
Voodoo Blue

A: All I Do (Original 7" Edit)
B: Now And Then
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 6919947"0 
Captain Hollywood Project

A: Impossible (Radio Edit)
B: Impossible (Kamoflage Club Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 54Jan 19947"0 
Urban Cookie Collective

A: Sail Away (Maximum Development 7")
B: Sail Away (The Cookied Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 56Feb 19947"08.5
Urban Cookie Collective

A: High On A Happy Vibe (Original 7" Edit)
B: High On A Happy Vibe
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 60Apr 19947"110.0
Secret Life

A: She Holds The Key (Original 7")
B: She Holds The Key (Play Boys 7" Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 5825 Apr 19947"0 
Maxx [Germany]

A: Get-A-Way
B: Get-A-Way (Piano Mix)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 59May 19947"29.0
Captain Hollywood Project

A: Only With You (Radio Mix)
B: Only With You (Faze-2 Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 62May 19947"0 
Jeanie Tracy

A: If This Is Love (Band Of Gypsies 7" Edit)
B: If This Is Love (Play Boys Bingo Bongo Vocal Edit)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 63May 19947"0 
Maxx [Germany]

A: No More (I Can't Stand It) (Airplay Mix)
B: No More (I Can't Stand It) (Mr. Gee's Mix)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 66Jul 19947"09.0
Urban Cookie Collective

A: Bring It On Home (7" Edit)
B: Bring It On Home (7" Instrumental)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 73Oct 19947"18.0
Maxx [Germany]

A: You Can Get It (7" Edit)
B: You Can Get It (Airplay Mix)
Pulse-8 UKLOSE 75Oct 19947"0 
Shut Up And Dance

A: Save It Til The Mourning After (Club Mix Radio Edit)
B: Save It Til The Mourning After (Original 7" Edit)
Pulse-8 UKPULS84SMar 19957"17.0

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