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PWL - Label Discography

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  UK  124
  Netherlands  23
  Australia  9
  France  9
  Germany  5
  Ireland  2
  South Africa  1
  Spain  1
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Mandy Smith

A: I Just Can't Wait
B: You're Never Alone
PWL UKPWL 119877"61.0
Carol Hitchcock

A: Get Ready
B: More Than Words Can Say
PWL UKPWL 219877"1 

A: Positive Reaction (Our Mandy's Mix)
B: Positive Reaction (A Man Das Mix)
PWL UKPWL 419877"11.0

A: Boys And Girls
B: He's My Boy
PWL UKPWL 1119887"21.0

A: Victim Of Pleasure
B: Say It's Love (Love House)
PWL UKPWL 1819887"12.0
Kylie Minogue

A: I Should Be So Lucky
B: I Should Be So Lucky (Instrumental)
PWL UKPWL 8Jan 19887"28.8
Stock Aitken Waterman

A: S.S. Paparazzi (The Boys Have A Go Back Mix)
B: S.S. Paparazzi (The Short Crowning King Mix)
PWL UKPWL 22Feb 19887"1 
Pat And Mick

A: Let's All Chant
B: On The Night
PWL UKPWL 10Mar 19887"18.5
Kylie Minogue

A: Got To Be Certain
B: Got To Be Certain (Instrumental)
PWL UKPWL 12May 19887"18.3
Kylie Minogue

A: The Loco-motion
B: I'll Still Be Loving You
PWL UKPWL 14Jul 19887"58.3
Jason Donovan

A: Nothing Can Divide Us
B: Nothing Can Divide Us (Instrumental)
PWL UKPWL 17Aug 19887"09.0

A: All Of Me
B: All Of Me (Instrumental)
PWL UKPWL 19Sep 19887"2 
Kylie Minogue

A: Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
B: Made In Heaven
PWL UKPWL 21Oct 19887"16.8
Kylie Minogue

A: Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
B: Made In Heaven
PWL UKPWLP21Oct 1988Special Edition 7"0 
Kylie Minogue And Jason Donovan

A: Especially For You
B: All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine
PWL UKPWL 24Nov 19887"48.3
Jakie Quartz

A: A La Vie, A L'Amour
B: Bye Bye L'Ennui
PWL Continental UKPWL 3019897"2 
Debut De Soiree

A: Nuit De Folie
B: Tout Pour La Danse
PWL UKPWL 3119897"0 

A: One Step At A Time (Radio Version)
B: One Step At A Time (Hot Cole And Clivilles Club Mix Edit)
PWL UKPWL 4019897"1 
Johnnie O

A: I'm Not Gonna Stand For This (No More)
B: Blood And Soul
PWL UKPWL 4419897"2 
Jason Donovan

A: Too Many Broken Hearts
B: Wrap My Arms Around You
PWL UKPWL 32Feb 19897"07.0
The Reynolds Girls

A: I'd Rather Jack
B: I'd Rather Jack (Instrumental)
PWL UKPWL 2513 Feb 19897"47.0
Pat And Mick

A: I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet
B: You Better Not Fool Around (Instrumental)
PWL UKPWL 33Mar 19897"0 
Kylie Minogue

A: Hand On Your Heart
B: Just Wanna Love You
PWL UKPWL 35Apr 19897"37.0

A: Don't You Want Me Baby
B: If It Makes You Feel Good
PWL UKPWL 37May 19897"1 
Jason Donovan

A: Sealed With A Kiss
B: Just Call Me Up
PWL UKPWL 39May 19897"17.0
The Christians, Holly Johnson, Paul McCartney, Gerry Marsden, And Stock Aitken Waterman

A: Ferry 'Cross The Mersey

The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Choir, Liverpool And Everton Football Teams

B: Abide With Me
PWL UKPWL 41May 19897"08.3
Kylie Minogue

A: Wouldn't Change A Thing
B: It's No Secret
PWL UKPWL 42Jul 19897"36.0
Jason Donovan

A: Every Day (I Love You More)
B: I Guess She Never Loved Me
PWL UKPWL 43Aug 19897"17.5
Kylie Minogue

A: Never Too Late
B: Kylie's Smiley Mix
PWL UKPWL 45Oct 19897"29.0
Jason Donovan

A: When You Come Back To Me
B: When You Come Back To Me (Instrumental)
PWL UKPWL 46Nov 19897"210.0
Jason Donovan

A: When You Come Back To Me (The Yuletide Sleigh List Mix)
B: When You Come Back To Me (Instrumental)
PWL UKPWLP 48Nov 1989Special Edition 7"0 
Jason Donovan

A: When You Come Back To Me
B: When You Come Back To Me (Instumental)
PWL UKPWLX 46Nov 1989Picture Disc0 
Pause 4 Thought

A: You're Gonna Get All My Love
B: Keep On Keepin' On
PWL UKPWL 4919907"0 
Marc Alex

A: Quick Quick
B: Starvin' Love
PWL UKPWL 5919907"1 
Kylie Minogue

A: Tears On My Pillow
B: We Know The Meaning Of Love
PWL UKPWL 478 Jan 19907"57.6

A: Walk On By
B: Here Comes My Love
PWL UKPWL 4815 Jan 19907"210.0
Jason Donovan

A: Hang On To Your Love
B: You Can Depend On Me
PWL UKPWL 51Mar 19907"16.5

A: Crazy For You (R&B Radio Mix)
B: Crazy For You (King To King Mix)
PWL UKPWL 53Apr 19907"0 
Pat And Mick

A: Use It Up And Wear It Out
B: Star Teaser
PWL UKPWL 55Apr 19907"38.0
Kylie Minogue

A: Better The Devil You Know
B: I'm Over Dreaming (Over You)
PWL UKPWL 56May 19907"28.6
Jason Donovan

A: Another Night
B: Another Night (Instrumental)
PWL UKPWL 58Jun 19907"17.5
Jason Donovan

A: Rhythm Of The Rain
B: Story Of My Life
PWL UKPWL 60Aug 19907"0 
Kylie Minogue

A: Step Back In Time (Edit)
B: Step Back In Time (Instrumental)
PWL UKPWL 64Oct 19907"17.7

A: Make It Easy On Me
B: Living For The Moment
PWL UKPWL 65Oct 19907"0 
Jason Donovan

A: I'm Doing Fine
B: I'm Doing Fine (Instrumental)
PWL UKPWL 69Oct 19907"06.0
Errol Brown

A: Send A Prayer (To Heaven)
B: Family Christmas Time
PWL UKPWL 71Dec 19907"33.5
The Cool Notes

A: Make This A Special Night
B: Where Do We Go From Here
PWL UKPWL 20019917"18.0
Paul Varney

A: So Proud Of You
B: If Only I Knew (Hurley's House Mix)
PWL UKPWL 20119917"0 
Paul Varney

A: If Only I Knew
B: If Only I Knew (DUB)
PWL UKPWL 20119917"0 
R.A.F. [Italy]

A: We Gonna Get (Scratch Mix)
B: We Gonna Get (Atmosphere Mix)
PWL Continental UKPWL 20219917"1 

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