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Pye - Label Discography

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  UK  2694
  Ireland  345
  Netherlands  306
  Germany  285
  New Zealand  281
  France  198
  Australia  181
  Canada  117
  Norway  109
  Italy  79
  South Africa  74
  Sweden  74
  Denmark  59
  Japan  55
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Lonnie Donegan And His Skiffle Group

A: Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On The Bedpost Overnight)
B: Aunt Rhody (The Old Grey Goose)
Pye Canada7N.1518119597"0 
Lonnie Donegan And His Group

A: My Old Man's A Dustman (Ballad Of A Refuse Disposal Officer)
B: The Golden Vanity
Pye Canada7N.1525619607"2 
David Kinnaird

A: The Legend Of Scotland
B: Bonnie Firth Of Clyde
Pye Canada1539319617"0 
The Brook Brothers

A: Warpaint
B: Sometimes
Pye Canada7N.15333Apr 19617"0 
The Three Viscounts

A: Everybody's Got A Ya Ya
B: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum
Pye Canada1728119627"2 
Ray Adams

A: Walk Hand In Hand
B: Cry Cloud
Pye Canada2512919627"0 
Ray Adams

A: Hear My Song, Violetta
B: You Belong To My Heart
Pye Canada7N. 2509919627"2 
Jimmy Justice

A: When My Little Girl Is Smiling
B: If I Lost Your Love
Pye CanadaPYE 70119627"08.0
Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen

A: So Do I
B: All Through The Night
Pye CanadaPYE 70219627"0 
The Saints [UK]

A: Husky Team
B: Pigtails
Pye CanadaPYE 71919637"0 
The Searchers

A: Sugar And Spice
B: Saints And Searchers
Pye CanadaPYE 717Oct 19637"0 
The Breakaways

A: That Boy Of Mine
B: Here She Comes
Pye CanadaPYE 721Nov 19637"0 
The Searchers

A: Love Potion No. 9
B: Hi Heel Sneakers
Pye CanadaP. 76619647"1 
Daryl Quist With The Sundowners

A: Above And Beyond
B: True To You
Pye CanadaPYE 72819647"0 
The Undertakers

A: Stupidity
B: Just A Little Bit
Pye CanadaPYE 72919647"0 
The Dave Clark Five

A: First Love
B: I Walk The Line
Pye CanadaPYE 73119647"5 
The Searchers

A: Don't Throw Your Love Away
B: I Pretend I'm With You
Pye CanadaPYE 73319647"0 
The Searchers

A: Ain't That Just Like Me
B: I Pretend I'm With You
Pye CanadaPYE 73519647"0 
The Searchers

A: Some Day We're Gonna Love Again
B: No One Else Could Love You
Pye CanadaPYE 74119647"0 
The Honeycombs

A: Have I The Right
B: Please Don't Pretend Again
Pye CanadaPYE 74919647"0 
The Searchers

A: When You Walk In The Room
B: (I'll Be) Missing You
Pye CanadaPYE 75219647"0 
Sandie Shaw

A: (There's) Always Something There To Remind Me
B: Don't You Know
Pye CanadaPYE 75819647"09.5
The Rockin' Berries

A: He's In Town
B: Flashback
Pye CanadaPYE 76019647"0 
The Searchers

A: Needles And Pins
B: Saturday Night Out
Pye CanadaPYE 723Feb 19647"0 
The Kinks

A: You Really Got Me
B: It's All Right
Pye CanadaPYE 750Oct 19647"0 
Sounds Orchestral

A: Cast Your Fate To The Wind
B: To Wendy With Love
Pye CanadaPYE 76119657"1 
The Honeycombs

A: Is It Because?
B: I'll Cry Tomorrow
Pye CanadaPYE 76319657"0 
The Honeycombs

A: I Can't Stop
B: I'll Cry Tomorrow
Pye CanadaPYE 76719657"1 
The Searchers

A: What Have They Done To The Rain
B: This Feeling Inside
Pye CanadaPYE 76819657"0 
Sandie Shaw

A: Girl Don't Come
B: I'd Be Far Better Off Without You
Pye CanadaPYE 76919657"09.0
The Searchers

A: Bumble Bee
B: A Tear Fell
Pye CanadaPYE 77219657"0 
Sandie Shaw

A: I'll Stop At Nothing
B: You Can't Blame Him
Pye CanadaPYE 77419657"0 

A: Catch The Wind
B: Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do
Pye CanadaPYE 77519657"0 
The Honeycombs

A: Something Better Beginning
B: I'll See You Tomorrow
Pye CanadaPYE 77619657"0 
Jackie Trent

A: Where Are You Now
B: On The Other Side Of The Tracks
Pye CanadaPYE 77719657"0 
Sandie Shaw

A: Long Live Love
B: I've Heard About Him
Pye CanadaPYE 77919657"0 
The Riot Squad

A: I Wanna Talk About My Baby
B: Gonna Make You Mine
Pye CanadaPYE-78019657"0 
The Searchers

A: He's Got No Love
B: So Far Away
Pye CanadaPYE 78219657"0 

A: Colours
B: To Sing For You
Pye CanadaPYE 78319657"0 
Sounds Orchestral Featuring Johnny Pearson

A: Canadian Sunset
B: Have Faith In Your Love
Pye CanadaPYE 78419657"0 
The Kinks

A: Who'll Be The Next In Line
B: Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
Pye CanadaPYE 78519657"0 
Bubbles And Co.

A: Underneath My Pillow
B: Just One Girl
Pye CanadaPYE 78619657"0 

A: Universal Soldier
B: Do You Hear Me Now
Pye CanadaPYE 78819657"0 
The Kinks

A: All Day And All Of The Night
B: I Gotta Move
Pye CanadaPYE 762Feb 19657"0 
The Searchers

A: Goodbye My Love
B: Till I Met You
Pye CanadaPYE 770Mar 19657"0 
The Kinks

A: Tired Of Waiting For You
B: Come On Now
Pye CanadaPYE 771Apr 19657"0 
The Kinks

A: Set Me Free
B: I Need You
Pye CanadaPYE 778Jul 19657"0 
Sounds Orchestral Featuring Johnny Pearson

A: A Boy And Girl
B: Theme From Thunderball
Pye Canada794Dec 19657"1 
The Searchers

A: Take Me For What I'm Worth
B: Too Many Miles
Pye CanadaPYE 79719667"0 
The Koobas

A: Take Me For A Little While
B: Somewhere In The Night
Pye CanadaPYE 80319667"0 

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