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Pye - Label Discography

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  UK  2695
  Ireland  345
  Netherlands  306
  Germany  285
  New Zealand  281
  France  198
  Australia  180
  Canada  118
  Norway  111
  Italy  80
  South Africa  74
  Sweden  74
  Denmark  59
  Japan  55
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Sandie Shaw

A: Long Live Love
B: I've Heard About Him
Pye GermanyDV 14363Aug 19657"08.0
The Searchers

A: He's Got No Love
B: So Far Away
Pye GermanyDV 14379 PAug 19657"010.0
Sandie Shaw

A: Du Weisst Nichts Von Deinem Glück
B: Das Ist Unmöglich
Pye GermanyDV 14381 PAug 19657"07.0
The Kinks

A: See My Friends
B: Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
Pye GermanyDV 14397 PSep 19657"110.0
The Sorrows

A: You've Got What I Want
B: No No No No
Pye Germany7N 35277Oct 19657"0 
The Cops 'N Robbers

A: I Could Have Danced All Night
B: Just Keep Right On
Pye GermanyDV 14402 POct 19657"06.0
Sandie Shaw

A: Message Understood
B: Don't You Count On It
Pye GermanyDV 14413 POct 19657"07.0
The Sorrows

A: Take A Heart
B: We Should Get Along Fine
Pye GermanyDV 14414 POct 19657"2 
The Searchers

A: When I Get Home
B: I'm Never Coming Back
Pye GermanyDV 14421 POct 19657"09.0
The Kinks

A: Till The End Of The Day
B: Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Pye Germany7N 15981Jan 19667"010.0
Sandie Shaw

A: I Don't Need That Kind Of Lovin'
B: Oh No He Don't
Pye GermanyDV 14448 PJan 19667"09.0
The Sorrows

A: Nimm Mein Herz (Take A Heart)
B: Sie War Mein Girl (We Should Get Along Fine)
Pye GermanyDV 14449 PJan 19667"0 
Clem Quinn

A: Bucks Polka
B: O Sole Mio
Pye GermanyDV 14451 PJan 19667"0 
Ben Cash

A: My Generation
B: It's My Life
Pye GermanyDV 14457 PFeb 19667"0 
The Searchers

A: I'm Ready
B: Don't You Know Why
Pye GermanyDV 14458 PFeb 19667"17.0
Sandie Shaw

A: Hurting You
B: Tomorrow
Pye GermanyDV 14469 PFeb 19667"07.0
Sandie Shaw

A: So was nennt man nun Liebe (I Don't Need That Kind Of Lovin')
B: Mir ist alles klar
Pye GermanyDV 14475 PFeb 19667"17.0
Ian Menzies And His Clyde Valley Stompers

A: The Fish Man
B: Salty Dog
Pye GermanyDV 14479 PFeb 19667"0 
The Overlanders

A: Michelle
B: Cradle Of Love
Pye GermanyDV 14480 PFeb 19667"07.0
Orchester John Schröder

A: Soul Destroyer
B: Hungry For Love
Pye GermanyDVS 14468 PFeb 19667"0 

A: Universal Soldier
B: Oh Dee I Do
Pye GermanyDV 14486 PMar 19667"210.0
The Kinks

A: Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
B: Sittin' On My Sofa
Pye GermanyDV 14500 PApr 19667"09.0
The Overlanders

A: My Life
B: Girl From India
Pye GermanyDVS 14521 PApr 19667"2 

A: Josie
B: Little Tin Soldier
Pye GermanyDV 14498 PMay 19667"08.0
Jackie Trent

A: Love Is Me, Love Is You
B: This Time
Pye GermanyDVS 14529 PMay 19667"0 
Sandie Shaw

A: Nothing Comes Easy
B: Stop Before You Start
Pye GermanyDV 14534 PJun 19667"0 
Boy Sea

A: Shotgun Wedding
B: Hey Girl
Pye GermanyHT 300003 PJul 19667"0 
The Kinks

A: Sunny Afternoon
B: I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Pye GermanyHT 300006 PJul 19667"010.0
The Honeycombs

A: It's So Hard
B: I Fell In Love
Pye GermanyHT 300016 PAug 19667"0 
Episode Six

A: Here, There And Everywhere
B: Mighty Morris Ten
Pye GermanyHT 300020Sep 19667"4 
David Garrick

A: Dear Mrs. Applebee
B: You're What I'm Living For
Pye GermanyHT 300027 POct 19667"36.0
The Kinks

A: Dandy
B: Party Line
Pye GermanyHT 300032Oct 19667"310.0
The Searchers

A: Have You Ever Loved Somebody
B: It's Just The Way (Love Will Come And Go)
Pye GermanyHT 300033 POct 19667"010.0
Sandie Shaw

A: Wir sehen uns ja wieder
B: Ich Denke An Morgen (Tomorrow)
Pye GermanyHT 300034 PNov 19667"05.0
The Ivy League

A: My World Fell Down
B: When You're Young
Pye GermanyHT 300044Nov 19667"010.0
The Spectres

A: Hurdy Gurdy Man
B: Laticia
Pye GermanyHT 300048 PDec 19667"18.5
The Kinks

A: Dead End Street
B: Big Black Smoke
Pye GermanyHT 300040 PJan 19677"810.0
Geno Washington And The Ram Jam Band

A: Que Sera Sera
B: Hi Hi Hazel
Pye GermanyHT 300042 PFeb 19677"29.0
The Gates Of Eden

A: Mini Skirts
B: Ya Da Da
Pye GermanyHT 300057 PFeb 19677"0 
The Brass Wind

A: Music To Watch Girls By
B: Sugar Sweet
Pye GermanyHT 300061Feb 19677"0 
Clinton Ford

A: Run To The Door
B: Best Job Yet - Made You Mine
Pye GermanyHT 300056Mar 19677"06.0
Sandie Shaw

A: Puppet On A String
B: Had A Dream Last Night
Pye GermanyHT 300081Apr 19677"07.0
David Garrick

A: Please Mr. Movingman
B: (You Can't Hide) A Broken Heart
Pye GermanyHT 300082 PApr 19677"08.0
Eboney Keyes

A: Sitting In A Ring
B: If You Knew
Pye GermanyHT 300083 PApr 19677"0 
Sandie Shaw

A: Wiedehopf Im Mai (Puppet On A String)
B: Was Kann Ich Dafür
Pye GermanyHT 300085May 19677"04.0
The Kinks

A: Mr. Pleasant
B: This Is Where I Belong
Pye GermanyHT 300086May 19677"010.0
David Garrick

A: A Certain Misunderstanding
B: I'm Looking Straight At You
Pye GermanyHT 300090May 19677"06.0
Gates Of Eden

A: 1 To 7
B: Hey Now
Pye GermanyHT 300091May 19677"0 
The Slade Brothers

A: What A Crazy Life
B: For A Rainy Day
Pye GermanyHT 300097May 19677"0 
David Garrick

A: Hey Mr. Möbelmann (Please Mr. Movingman)
B: Zeig' Den Andern Nicht Dein Herz
Pye GermanyHT 300098Jun 19677"0 

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