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Pye - Label Discography

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In late 1972 Pye closed their operations in Ireland and Polydor took over responsibility for pressing and distribution
  UK  2705
  Ireland  352
  Netherlands  306
  New Zealand  295
  Germany  294
  France  201
  Australia  181
  Canada  121
  Norway  111
  Italy  81
  Sweden  81
  South Africa  74
  Denmark  63
  Japan  59
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The Ludlows

A: The Last Thing On My Mind
B: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Pye Ireland7N.1594619657"0 
Derek Dean And The Freshmen

A: La Yenka
B: Don't Say Love
Pye Ireland7N.1596419657"0 
Brendan O'Brien And The Dixies

A: I Love You More To-Day
B: Oh Boy
Pye Ireland7N.1597519657"0 
Dickie Rock And The Miami

A: Wishing It Was You
B: Georgie Porgie
Pye Ireland7N 1597719657"0 
The Honeycombs

A: This Year Next Year
B: Not Sleeping Too Well Lately
Pye Ireland7N 1597919657"2 

A: Torquoise
B: Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
Pye Ireland7N.1598419657"1 
Sandie Shaw

A: How Can You Tell
B: If Ever You Need Me
Pye Ireland7N 1598719657"0 
Ramblers Two

A: Today Is The Highway
B: Mountains And The Sea
Pye Ireland7N 1598919657"0 
Petula Clark

A: You're The One
B: Gotta Tell The World
Pye Ireland7N 1599119657"0 
The Searchers

A: Take Me For What I'm Worth
B: Too Many Miles
Pye Ireland7N 1599219657"1 
Medical Missionaries Of Mary Choral Group

A: Angels
B: Spring
Pye Ireland7N.1700919657"0 
The Overlanders

A: Michelle
B: Cradle Of Love
Pye Ireland7N 1703419657"0 

A: Josie
B: Little Tin Soldier
Pye Ireland7N 1706719657"1 
Nini Rosso

A: Il Silenzo
B: Il Clown
Pye IrelandDRS.5400019657"07.0
The Kinks

Kwyet Kinks

A1: Wait Until The Summer Comes Along
A2: Such A Shame
B1: A Well Respected Man
B2: Don't You Fret
Pye IrelandNEP 242211965EP1 
Butch Moore And The Capitols

A Christmas Wish

A1: Silver Bells
A2: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
B1: What Child Is This
B2: The Christmas Song
Pye IrelandNEP.242351965EP2 
Joe Dolan And The Drifters Showband

A: Don't Ever Let That Little Chance Go By
B: My Own Peculiar Way
Pye Ireland7N 15902Jul 19657"6 
Butch Moore And The Capitol Showband

A: Our Love Will Go On
B: Words
Pye Ireland7N 1591023 Jul 19657"0 
Sandie Shaw

A: Mesage Understood
B: Don't You Count On It
Pye Ireland7N 15940Sep 19657"0 
Petula Clark

A: Round Every Corner
B: Two Rivers
Pye Ireland7N 1594524 Sep 19657"0 
Alan Dee And The Chessmen

A: There's Nothing To It
B: What In The World's Come Over You
Pye Ireland7N 15976Oct 19657"0 
The Searchers

A: When I Get Home
B: I'm Never Coming Back
Pye Ireland7N 159501 Oct 19657"1 
Joe Dolan And The Drifters

A: Aching Breaking Heart
B: The Wrong Impression
Pye Ireland7N 17003Nov 19657"2 
Benny Hill

A: What A World
B: I'll Never Know
Pye Ireland7N 159745 Nov 19657"07.0
Brendan O'Brien And The Dixies

A: Together Again
B: You Always Hurt The One You Love
Pye Ireland7N.1700519667"1 
The Cadets Featuring Eileen

A: If I Had My Life To Live Over

The Cadets Featuring Jimmy

B: Best Of All
Pye Ireland7N.1702419667"1 
Sandie Shaw

A: Tomorrow
B: Hurting You
Pye Ireland7N 1703619667"0 
Petula Clark

A: My Love
B: Where Am I Going
Pye Ireland7N 1703819667"08.0
The Boomerangs [Ireland]

A: Dream World
B: Upgraded
Pye Ireland7N 1704919667"1 
Dickie Rock

A: Come Back To Stay
B: Can't Make Up My Mind
Pye Ireland7N 1706319667"2 
Petula Clark

A: Sign Of The Times
B: Time For Love
Pye Ireland7N 1707119667"08.0
Tony And The Graduates

A: Just My Baby And Me
B: Another You
Pye Ireland7N 1707719667"0 
Sandie Shaw

A: Nothing Comes Easy
B: Stop Before You Start
Pye Ireland7N 1708619667"0 
The Searchers

A: Take It Or Leave It
B: Don't Hide It Away
Pye Ireland7N 1709419667"0 
Gerry And The Ohio

A: A Little Bit Of Heaven
B: Among The Wicklow Hills
Pye Ireland7N. 1709819667"2 
Brendan O'Brien And The Dixies

A: It Doesn't Matter Anymore
B: Ebony Eyes
Pye Ireland7N 1712119667"0 
The Cadets Featuring Gregory

A: More Than Yesterday
B: Walk With Faith In Your Heart
Pye Ireland7N 1712819667"0 
Petula Clark

A: I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
B: Your Way Of Life
Pye Ireland7N.1713319667"0 
Alan Dee And The Chessman

A: Michael Murphy's Boy
B: An Ordinary Fellow
Pye Ireland7N.1714219667"0 
The Johnstons

A: Going Home
B: The Travelling People
Pye Ireland7N 1714419667"110.0
The Debonaires [Ireland]

A: A Love Of Our Own
B: The Night Meets The Dawn
Pye Ireland7N 1715119667"1 
Sandie Shaw

A: Run
B: Long Walk Home
Pye Ireland7N 1716319667"0 
The Rambler [Johnny McEvoy]

A: Love Minus Zero
B: An Bonnan Bui
Pye Ireland7N 1716419667"0 
The Searchers

A: Have You Ever Loved Somebody
B: It's Just The Way (Love Will Come And Go)
Pye Ireland7N 1717019667"0 
Petula Clark

A: Who Am I
B: Love Is A Long Journey
Pye Ireland7N 1718719667"0 
The Millionaires [Ireland]

A: The Merry Ploughboy
B: The Sea Around Us
Pye Ireland7N.1719019667"0 
The Rambler [Johnny McEvoy]

A: Muirsheen Durkin
B: Those Brown Eyes
Pye Ireland7N 1719619667"0 
Muriel Day With The Dave Glover Band

A: A Petal From A Faded Rose
B: I Wear His Heart
Pye Ireland7N.1719719667"0 
Brendan O'Brien And The Dixies

A: Save The Last Dance For Me
B: Baby I Don't Care
Pye Ireland7N.1720019667"0 
The Johnstons

A: The Alamo
B: The Life Of The Rover
Pye Ireland7N 1720519667"0 

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